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Steve Beckow: Calming the Predictable Storm

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1 Steve Beckow: Calming the Predictable Storm on Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:30 pm


Steve Beckow: Calming the Predictable Storm

Mar 30

Posted by Wes Annac

Written by Steve Beckow

Disclosure occurs, it’s quite possible that we’ll see a social response
repeated over and over again that I’d like to direct your attention to,
if you’ll permit me.

When people see something new, those people with a history of
traumatizing events (abductions, sexual assault, military service,
torture, imprisonment, etc.) will probably respond on a scale ranging
from wariness to panic.

Those people with no such history, who’ve merely been shocked,
swindled, cheated, etc., may respond positively for a while but the
moment something happens that triggers their wariness, they may shift
from positive to oppositional.

I believe we operate more as a herd than we might care to admit. When
someone “screams” a headline, alleging criminality or a lack of
integrity, we – even lightworkers – often jump on board and get very
riled and demand action. We seldom take the time to look into the

That’s what makes stories so successful like the recent spoof that
said that Jamie Dimon quit. Many people seem not willing to take the
time to see if a story is accurate and I think the satirists bank on

In my opinion, the galactics have gone out of their way to do nothing
that would “spook” or rile us. They’ve observed the tenets of freewill
rigorously, more rigorously than often fits into our understanding or
meets with our liking. They’ve observe the other natural laws.

If in doubt, they don’t go ahead with a plan. And they seek the
counsel of the highest orders of beings before taking any major action.
Of course on their planes of life, it doesn’t take time to consult the
higher councils. Communication can be instantaneous.

They’ve seen to it that everyone we interact with is human by a
mammalian line of descent. No strange faces here, although they do exist
and even in the Galactic Federation (why would they not?). (2)

They’ve served us selflessly and continuously, drawing radioactive
elements out of the air, chemtrail constituents, pollutants, etc.
They’ve mitigated earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, allowing Gaia
to release negativity but with the least harm and countering Illuminati
attempts to cause severe weather events to panic us and harm us.

When was the last time you heard there was an earthquake? It’s no accident that you haven’t.

They’ve even brought gold and other precious materials from other
planets to augment our reserves in preparation for the change of
economic structure.

They’ve counselled us week after week via the Internet on the need
for balance, equanimity, equality, love and the other divine qualities.

They’ve beamed transformative energy to this planet, raising our
frequencies and introducing more happiness and joy into our lives than
we’ve ever had.

They’re our mentors and it is they who are engineering the planetary shift in consciousness.

But we have very short memories and the first accident, the first
event that makes too loud a noise or frightens someone could wake our
latent fears and send the human population into a tailspin.

The antidote to this, in my view, is other humans – like us – who
remain sane and calm while the rest of the world is upset. We can state
the case for what is happening and for the essential goodness of our
galactic family.

For us to do that, we have to reach the point of trusting the
galactics, if we’re not there yet, of knowing the history of their
interaction with us, of knowing what they’ve done for us, etc.

We have to settle the matter of trust within ourselves so that we too
are not impacted by the first thing that goes wrong. But “settling” the
matter of trust is not a case of, well, I trust them at this moment but
I won’t trust them if they screw up.” That isn’t trust. Trust is what
sustains us exactly at the times when it looks like people screwed up.
Faith is what allows us to bridge the gaps

Of all the divine qualities, trust and faith are those that are
designed to see us through uncertainty, absence, failed efforts, etc.
Our trust has to be unshakeable (I repeat: unshakeable) if we are to
anchor the situation for the rest of the world when the galactics show
up. I’m not sure if we’re aware of that.

Part of what being an individual is in our 3D world is to suddenly
take exception to something. We say, “No, I don’t agree with that” and
congratulate ourselves on being an individual, our own man, strong and
courageous. But in this instance, it’s humility and commitment that’ll
be required. We’ll need to pass by the occasions on which it would be
comfortable to be one of the herd. We’ll have to stand out from the herd
and say “The galactics are not here to harm us. They’re here to help
us.” That will be quite challenging for many of us.

Here I am saying these things and yet I’ll have as much trouble as
anyone else of living up to them. But I’m determined to do so. I’m
determined not to lose my way under any circumstances – not for sex, not
for money, not for power, and not for comfort.

As far as I can see, if we’re to serve as lightworkers, we’ll have to
make the shift at some point from being merely consumers of the
galactics’ beneficence to being representatives of Earth and the
galactics’ goodwill ambassadors, willing to speak to the human
population from a standpoint of maturity, balance, and love on the
subject of our star brothers and sisters.

We have to have let go of the drama in our lives and accustom
ourselves to living in the middle, the center, the heart where balance
and equanimity exist. That alone makes us useful. If we lapse into drama
ourselves, we’ll have to be tended to rather than tending to others.

So far I think we may have been mainly observers. We may be sitting
back and watching things develop or unfold. But it’ll fall to us, soon
enough, to calm the storms that can predictably break out when the first
ship lands.

So we need to know the history of First Contact, of the fall of the
cabal, and of Ascension. (All of that can be read in the articles in the
righthand column: see the “Library.”)

My dawning awareness (1) (as opposed to yours) is telling me that we
need to understand how upsets work so as to stay out of them ourselves,
to source (or complete) them when they arise, and to help other people
with theirs. Although I write on the subject, that doesn’t mean that I’m
not captured by my own upsets too. I have to struggle along with
everyone else.

Let me leave those other topics for another time but just say here
that we lightworkers and starseeds will most likely be pivotal in
ensuring that the overall population remains calm because people will
look to whoever the calm voice is to hear a reasoned and helpful
explanation of what in the world (or off it) is going on – and that is
you and me.


(1) “Dawning awareness” refers to the insights, promptings and other
forms of knowledge that show up in the mind, probably coming from our
guides, Higher Self, etc,. and representing either new learnings or else
remembrances that prove useful to the subject at hand or what needs to
be learned at this moment.

(2) It would be chauvinistic and inaccurate to think that the only
good and decent beings in the universe are those humans who look like
us. Many, while human, have descended from reptilian, bird, insect, and
other lines. They wear the Adam Kadmon body but they have some features
that don’t look like us. But they, if they are higher dimensional, will
be every bit as good and decent as us, and in many cases more so.

Thanks to:


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