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Poofness 3-31-13…”Now the Phoenix Rises”

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Poofness 3-31-13…”Now the Phoenix Rises”

Posted on 2013/03/31 by kauilapele

Greetings and Salutations;

So, I see some of you had your heads blown about some mis/dis…put out
by a couple of the talking heads, one is certain to be a talking head
for the cheney group. Therefore, we’re still looking for weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq. I bet when he passes and get’s his karmic payment
for deeds done, he’ll be arguing for his rights to tell those lies. What
happened to ‘debt doesn’t matter?’ Common sense says it matters to they
you owe. Mr wanta has backup to getting that 27T spread out. The other
signatory is setting on ice right now, ready to initiate the
reagan/mitterrand protocols. Because they’ve tried to kill the man on a
few occasions, he thought it best to remain where he is until the all
clear is sounded. As the phoenix rises, the eggs will start cracking
open and you’ll notice, the world will notice…one thing that will be
noticed is folks exchanging their dinars and dongs. RVs Have to happen,
new banking system based on precious metals, the rvs happen accordingly.

Something this huge can’t be laid on the head of the president or a
prime minister. All have signed off as the docs have been presented.
They all need the money…duh! Old banking is over, the robber barons of
banking are looking at their waterloo. Go with the flow or be jobless
and black balled from ever being in banking again. BTW, the one person
not screaming about anything out here is Lee Wanta, think the man knows
something? If you can, catch ‘wanta be free’, published interviews with
him. Butts are puckering in Wisconsin.

This is the end of the long march to true freedom and every fate ego
will be dumping crap on the net so you lose your mind or confuse you.
I’m really Not the roses and feel good messenger I have been portrayed, I
have know the truth for years now, I was put in this position because
‘my hand was too heavy’ as I was told, liars and thieves are simply that
and I’m not in the game of redemption. Take that up with your maker.
I’m about removal and freedom, real freedom not that ‘patriotic’

The meaningless prattle coming out of DC. Everybody gets their own
vine and fig tree, remember, unless the dragons, etc, did what they did
with the less than nice guys. You’d have got your money and the bad guys
would have just stole it back. Some things you Have to use explosives
on! Nothing like somebody in a $5000 suit sitting in prison, eating gov
cheese and drinking powdered milk. That’s justice. How’s that working
out for ya fellas?

Consultations until the door bell rings.

Have fun. Be a baby phoenix and rise, baby, rise

Love and Kisses;

Thanks to:


Herb Lady

Thanks again!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


Thx Purple. Heard anything else about this..?

Heard anything about Omega being involved in this..?


fairwind... last week there was a post that did mention Omega...

I did not contact you as this was on a dinar posting and I had nothing to substantiate this. But it was the first time that I saw the word Omega, so I am assuming that it will be included. Sure hope all of the PP's etc. will be mentioned in the 3 hour speech that Obama is said to be giving today.

Fingers crossed here!!!!!



Thx for the quick response Purple. Much appreciated.

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