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1Angels Among Us... Empty Angels Among Us... on Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:58 am


Did you know that there are Angels around us everywhere? Everyone has Guardian Angels who are with you from birth and throughout your life. They are also known as Spirit Guides, Holy Spirit, Ascended Masters, etc. All these terms refer to the same thing: beings who have evolved beyond the earth plane. As part of their continuing evolution, they are helping people here on earth. Angels vibrate at a different level to us and so it is not always possible for us to see them or connect with them until we change our vibration and let them come close to us. Although you might not see them you may notice their signs, hear their gentle whispers, feel the nudges they give you to walk in the right direction on your path in life. Angels are pure energy and you may sense that they are around you in the form of chills or goosebumps on parts or all over your body. This physical sensation is a sign that your guides are near you. Your angels and guides communicate with you through your sixth sense. As you know you have five physical senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch. In addition to this you have four psychic senses - the "clairs". These are clairvoyance (psychic seeing), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognisance (knowing). When you want to communicate with your angels just poor out your hearts concerns to them and they will listen. If you ask them a question you will receive an answer in form of a sign, someone might tell you something relating to your question, a book might fall down the shelf for you to read, you might have a dream, or the answer will come in some other way. The Angels might want to let you know that they are near you. Notice their signs such as repetitive thoughts, items returned ot you at unexpected times, sensations after thoughts (hairs standing on arms, etc), dreams, clean white feathers in unusual places, ringing in the ears. Angels are very crafty in terms of getting their message through. The Angels will not interfere with your life because you have what is called free will. Therefore it is important to remember it is up to you to ask the Angels for the help you require. Remember to thank them for their assistance. Gratitude is the key to attracting more of what you desire. The only time the angels will interfere is if something happens to you where you might die before your time. Sometimes we ignore our angels guidance but don't worry, the angels don't judge anyone and they won't get offended when we don't listen. They just gently overlook our course of action. It is important to ensure that the guidance you receive is from the highest source. Guidance from the light will be non-directive, respecting free will, loving, focused, consistent, and will have the highest good at its foundation. Angels listen to you . They comfort you. They lift you up when you are feeling down. They cheer you on when you struggle. They celebrate your success. They truly want what is best for you. Trust that the angels are always with you. [/img]

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