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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "official announce tomorrow afternoon around 3pm":Late Saturday Night I4U Members Chatter

"official announce tomorrow afternoon around 3pm":Late Saturday Night I4U Members Chatter

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Late Saturday Night I4U Members Chatter

goldman] update on debtarheelgirl...someone got the licenses plate number on the vehicle that hit her and the police are on the way to their house...she is ok...just shaken up.

[Aliro] Alabama on her open call in progress now, has called the RV! She said that it would not show until tomorrow.Rate she quoted was $3.47...just passing info along.

[Aliro] 559-726-1300 CODE 364876#

Replay should be 559-726-1399 CODE 364876# If Recorded

1biz4u] Aliro So Alabama has called the RV??? :whoohoo:

[Aliro] She just said her source said it started yesterday at 5 PM and finished today..go figure

[trailblazer1] Alabama has been around a very long time

[spiritfilled] Aliro well relax ..probably has similar info to WD and Jester if she has the right is all good we are on our way...breathe!!

[sananddan24] Spiritfilled on the call she says Monday morning 3cst should be over with

Aliro] Alabama said the person had 17 texts saying RV

[dollarbill] Alabama just stated $3.47

[sananddan24] Alabama says VND is .47

[1biz4u] Aliro Wow!! I wonder who her sources are?? :confetti:

[Aliro] 1biz4u wish I had those sources lol

[mrsdinar] 1biz4u 1biz4u high up government

[1biz4u] mrsdinar Really?? For sure?? Thanks hi

[sananddan24] GeorgiaBoy on call now

[mrsdinar] 1biz4u sananddan24 yep, she has some really good sources...

[heyu288] Georgia boy has been around for a long time......... That's all i got...

[raven] heyu288 sounds like Georgia Boy tried to tone things down a bit

[bryan1972] So there is no one that will tell me what she said? or where I can read her? ok thanks for helpin a brotha out!1 lol

[sandytob] bryan1972 there is no forum or chat, so I guess you just have to listen to the calls. They are about 4 hours long I've heard.

[weathernut] nolaspice. speckled trout from the ocean is Awesome!!!!

[jroot] hi bryan1972 i think it was on a call earlier she said she got a bunch of texts saying it RV. If you are looking for actual validation of fact then ..... well....

[okrocks] bryan1972 alabama got a call at 5 am from GeorgiaBoy got 17 texts telling him RV RV RV, Laguard went to Canada and started it about 5 pm yesterday and was in progress this morning and completed today... official announce tomorrow afternoon around 3pm but not seen on CBI til monday... 3.47 was seen..


........And we wait.


Well it's Monday here and I can't see anything! Where is it damn you lol!


Indeed- :x :x


LOL terbs now don't be naughty LOL!


I can show you 'naughty' if you want! LMELAO!! lol! yes yeah


Bahahahahahah Yes I know you can LOL!

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