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Reports Coming In..... Texas & New Orleans Courts Shutting Down

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reports Coming In..... Texas & New Orleans Courts Shutting Down

For those of you who haven’t seen this from Ken Bartle:
Date: 6 April 2013 6:30:38 PM AWST
To: “Ken”
Subject: RE: US Courts close but not in the media!!!

Hi Ken,

I thought you might want to tell everyone that here in Austin, Tx
last night I was speaking with a man who was perplexed. He said his
brother had gone to court yesterday and when he got there, no one was
there and there were no docs!

I also know someone in New Orleans who works at the court house. She
says they shut down. A very powerful attorney is assisting and says he
is happy he is no longer an attorney. She said they can not talk about
details but they are closed and burning all records. She says they are
making private calls to inform folks of the changes.


Also I live in this hotel with government officials staying here for
some supposed graduation preparing to happen with the FBI, the secret
service, the state troopers, the police and the military. We can all
hear each other from our hotel rooms. I overheard them talking about how
the war is over. How there will not be another war. How we have entered
into a time of peace. How he can not give orders because he does not
know how to go forward.

This is all a HUGE wow and the media is not speaking a word!!!

Thought you may like to know!

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Ye an’ thar scurvy dog Charlie Cooper be enjoyin’ this.

Jane Evershed

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4/06/2013 09:01:00 PM

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