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Know That You Know, And You Will know! – 10 April 2013

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RemovingTheShackles – Know That You Know, And You Will know! – 10 April 2013

Posted on April 10, 2013 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment


This article was emailed to me last week and almost got gobbled by my junk folder! Thank you Dana and Crystal!



In the beginning was God, nothing else was, only God. So all that
there is had to come from God, is of God. There was nothing with which
God made everything from except Himself. So everything IS the expression
of God. God expresses everything from Himself since He is the only
source of everything . Everything IS GOD being expressed in different

This is the greatest TRUTH! This is what we need to remember
(re-member). We knew this truth and deep inside we KNOW this truth. This
is what Jesus meant when He said “you shall know the truth and the
truth shall set you free”. Sometime back we decided to forget and
experience our creation of separation when in truth we can never
separate from the only source. All we could do is create the appearance
of separation, the illusion of separation. So here we are living our
lives not knowing who we are and what we have created. We have been
trapped in our own creation of separation thinking there is nothing we
can do to change it. Since we are God expressing in the form of a human,
we also have the power of creation. You see it’s not really you or me
that is creating it is God expressing and experiencing His own creation.
You and I are individualized centers in God Consciousness with all the
power of God to express however we choose. Learning through experiencing
is the way we have chosen to express. Our quest has been to express,
experience and remember (re-member).

Know that you know…………..and you will know, it will return, you will
remember who you are and why you chose to come here and express and
experience your expression.


Source works through the
principle of WORD. God said, thought and acted and it was so. Every
thought is a seed that is creative. The universe is mental, everything
exist within the mind of God. There is only one mind and that is the
mind of God. You and I use the same mind that’s why we can communicate.
If you had your mind and I had my mind we couldn’t understand. Every
single word we think is powerful! (Jesus taught more about our belief
system than anything else. Many times He said “according to your
belief”, or “be it unto you even as you have believed”. He fully
understood the power of belief. What we believe governs our creation.
Beliefs are ways of thinking, patterns, a thought we keep thinking
about. Much of our belief system has been spoon feed to us, we have not
spent much time creating our own personal beliefs, based on our own
understanding). It’s been said everyone has between 50-60,000 thoughts a
day. Each of these thoughts are powerful seeds. When many thoughts are
of like kind that kind is created. Once we understand the powerful
concept of Word we will guard our words more closely. Now we can begin
to see why things happen the way they do and we can stop wondering why.
We know why!

All of these 50-60,000 thoughts we have had
have attracted together and created. Don Miguel Ruiz in the Four
Agreements talks about “the impeccability of our word”. Once 51% of our
thoughts are of a positive nature, the creation will be positive but the
opposite is also true. We have been so long in the illusion that it is a
challenge to guard our thoughts properly. 50-60,000 thoughts are a lot
to keep track of. The Abraham-Hicks teachings talk about our Emotional
Guidance System. Our emotions can show us how we are thinking at each
moment. The guidance system works like this. You know when you are
having a great day and everything is going great, you are “feeling”
great. When you “Feel” bad you know something is up, you are “feeling”
bad…it has been a thought that created how you feel. It’s been said our
emotions were created to show us how we are doing, directing us and if
we listen to them we can make corrections along the way. We can think
better thoughts and change how we “feel”. So we have extra help to fine
tune our thinking, our creating. With practice we can design our lives
more to our liking.


Thoughts go into the mind, the universe, the energy and as more like
thoughts gather together those thoughts materialize. In our world
everyone’s thoughts gather together and we see its manifestation. Only
you can create your individual world, but you can be influenced by
others and think their thoughts and create based on those thoughts.
(accepting others beliefs). There are many in this world who know these
principles and use them to manipulate others, to create their desire to
control others and use power over them. Remember NO ONE can invade your
space without your permission. It seems like they can but they can
not…some how or way we give them permission through thoughts or actions.
Some would use fear (false evidence appearing real) as a means of
control. We just need to Re-member who we are and we can then “free”
ourselves from our own false creation. In the creation process thoughts
go into the energy and the energy uses the Law of Attraction to add more
thoughts to those thoughts and that idea begins to form, (thought
form). Energy uses information to create form. The mind of God is
consciousness and energy. Every thought is like a snow flake, individual
and unique, no two alike. Each thought has its own individual
vibration. For example, love vibrates differently then fear and we can
physiologically “feel” the difference. As we think more loving thoughts,
loving situations are formed. As we think more fear based thoughts,
more fear based situations appear. We are Energy being expressed in
form. It’s much like the movie Avatar. We are individualized centers in
God Consciousness connected to five sensors in the body (sight, smell,
taste, touch hearing). We give information to the body and arms move,
breathing takes place and thousands of other functions take place. We
are not the body because the body is just a bunch of vibrating atoms. We
are the Consciousness directing the atoms that form the body. Remember
all there is, is God, Consciousness and Energy. There really are no
solids, they appear as solids because of the sensors we are connected
to…but there is no solid!

Everything is energy being expressed
through vibration. When we look at something the vibration of the light
goes into the eyes and sends an electric signal to the brain. The brain
interprets in a way we can understand, it appears as a solid. Now
something else is also happening. As we are looking at something, in the
back of our minds we are also Aware that we are in the act of looking.
There is the awareness and the act of looking, both are happening at the
same time. If we can deeply understand that we are consciousness having
a physical experience then we can begin to direct our creations more to
our liking and not “feel” that we are victims.

Here’s how I see the universe, creation.
The universe is full so it does not collapse. There is no empty space.
Again it appears empty when we look at it but it can not be or it would
collapse. Energy with no form is resting, silent, but has the potential
to form into anything based on the information given to it. It’s much
like a stem cell. Dr. Bruce Lipton a cellular biologist since the 60′s
found that identical stem cells would form differently based on the
environment it was given. One cell would form lung tissue and another a
toe based on the environment (information) it was given. Identical cells
with two different outcomes. Each cell has the possibility to become
anything…pure potentiality as Dr. Depok Chopra says.

Another example is creating a new life. It
starts with a single cell and divides, one becomes two, two become four,
four become eight and it keeps multiplying. The same identical cell has
the potential to become every organ in the body. Remember in the
creation process everything starts with one cell. It is the same cell
duplicating itself yet in turns into all sorts of different organs in
the finished body. (It is interesting that once the cell growth has
reached 512 cells it forms the basis of the heart. The heart is the
first organ to grow. You might find this interesting that the next organ
to form is the tongue after the heart). Remember that each cell is
identical and has the potential to become what ever information it is
given. This is how all creation works. Each cell of God, so to speak,
has the potential to form anything based on the information given to it.
Creation is pure possibility. Everything and anything is possible since
it is ALL mental.

When our arm moves we would say the arm is
moving through the space but it is not. What is actually happening is,
since the universe is full, the essence of the arm fills the space in
the next spot. It could be like; what appears as all space is tiny balls
of pure energy filling the space. As the arm signals to move, the next
tiny ball of energy fills with the essence of the arm. Remember all
there is, is energy no solids. Each tiny ball of energy transforms into
the information of the arm and it appears to move through space. Since
the universe is full there is no space only the transformation of


When we look at this world and everything in
it, we know everything is made of vibrating energy in the form of
atoms. Each atom receives information and vibrates at a particular
frequency forming that information. Each atom has subatomic parts, the
proton, neutron and electron. The neutron and proton form the center and
the electron orbits the center. It appears that the electron spins
around the nucleus but again it does not. The essence of the electron
fills the next space then the next and the next etc. Just like the tiny
balls of energy being filled as the arm moves. To give us perspective of
size, if the nucleus was the size of a basket ball, the electron would
be stretched out 25 miles in its orbit. We would say the proton, neutron
and electron are part of the mass we believe to be solid the part we
see. However they are photonic, light, vibrating energy and not solids.
When we look at the total space that the atom occupies, the mass, the
part we see, represents only 1/10th of 1% of the overall 25 mile orbit
of the electron. That means we only see 1/10th of 1% of everything we
look at. 99.99% we do not see. There is a lot of information and action
taking place in the 99.99% that we never see.

We don’t have to understand all the creation
processes because it is already designed to work. The principle of Word
knows its function and Source Energy knows its. All we need to know is
that our every thought (consciously or unconsciously) is acted upon and
the Law of Attraction builds upon all thoughts. Our Emotional Guidance
System helps us to be aware of what thoughts we are thinking, (by how we
feel) so we can correct as needed. We are here to relearn the process
of creating and to realize who we are…Remember, all there is, is God and
Him expressing Himself as you and me and everything else. All there is
proceeded from God because God is the only Source of All. God creates by
becoming the thing created.

Here is what our TRUE nature is. As God Beings expressing, we are
are full of LIFE, able to give and receive LIFE. LIFE expresses in the
form of LOVE. In LOVE, we are all KNOWING, INTELLIGENCE which leads to
WISDOM. We always KNOW, there is nothing outside our understanding,
because we are WISDOM. We are continually CREATING through the
principle of Word. The creation process works perfect. This leads to
BEAUTY, creating BEAUTY leads to PEACE. PEACE IS OUR ESSENCE and because
we are PEACE there is ONLY JOY!

If our creation is not to our liking, we can
always change it! We are POWERFUL CO-CREATORS WITH GOD, creating
within the Mind of God (whether conscious of it or not). At anytime we
can change, re-member with who we really are. The world that we see with
our sensors is only temporary, changing moment by moment and all
happening within the Mind of God. So, there is no reason to get all
excited about what we have created, for it is only for a moment. Time as
we know it, is only for us to experience our creations now. There is no
need to worry or be ashamed or sorry because everything is Mental and
designed in LOVE for us to learn and experience the art of CREATION. We
are Centers in God Consciousness. It was our Idea to create this way of
experiencing our own creation, by becoming the thing created. We have
learned what we came to learn. NOW let us consciously co-create, on
TRUE nature.


Dana Salisbury – / link to original article

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