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1 POST RV ADVICE: on Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:55 am


SpecialAgentGibbs in OOM Chat 4-13-2013 Evening

SpecialAgentGibbs Today at 11:48 am
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] Now, lets cover a few things......] When you folks go in for your CE appointment, you already know there will be a FINCEN form (104 I believe it is). There MAY also be an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) form you must sign......
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] Aside from those, you should NOT need to sign anything else!
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] IF you are presented with ANY form or agreement that contains legal mumbojumbo you do not understand, DO NOT sign it without your own personal attorney reading it FIRST!!!
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] About this possible NDA....
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] IF you sign an NDA, make SURE you have a copy to retain....
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] DO NOT take the terms of an NDA lightly!!!
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] The penalties for violating and NDA CAN be severe!!!
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] DO NOT let a slip of your tongue cost you your blessings OR, your freedom!!!
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] At the time of your appointment, no doubt you will be nervous and excited....
[COWBOY4LIF3] .~SpecialAgentGibbs Understood and Amen! Should we bring them with us if that is even allowed?
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] Get your head screwed on straight....there will be plenty of time for whooping it up afterwards
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] COWBOY4LIF3 If at all possible, good idea
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] DO NOT, DO NOT...I repeat, DO NOT sign ANYTHING that refers to this CURRENCY EXCHANGE as an investment!
[COWBOY4LIF3] .~SpecialAgentGibbs What if you don't have the funds at the point and time you would like to bring them? give them an I.O.U? Or, would you just inform them of the blessing and let them know they will be paid substantially?
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] COWBOY4LIF3 think about will have PLENTY of funds when your appointment concludes
[COWBOY4LIF3] .~SpecialAgentGibbs That is true, thank you for your insight! I just wasn't sure if they need funds beforehand, thanks!
[jesusfirst] .~SpecialAgentGibbs Can you post this in the forum for those that may not be in the chat right now.
[.~SpecialAgentGibbs] jesusfirst see what I can do.

2 Re: POST RV ADVICE: on Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:21 am


Thanks Yman I dont think any of this will apply to us in Aus. I wonder what's going to happen to us over here? No one seems to know. Apparently we have to us the term exchange and not cash in and we will pay no tax, hmmmmmmm got my doubts there!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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