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 Montague Keen – 14 April 2013

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PostSubject: Montague Keen – 14 April 2013   Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:17 pm

Montague Keen – 14 April 2013

Posted on April 14, 2013 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

will come a time in the near future when you will have to make a
decision as to whether to stand up for truth, or be a coward, and go
with whatever you feel is the easier path. Let me assure you now, there
is no easy path. The cabal has no intention of creating an easy path for
anyone. When enough of you are prepared to stand together for truth and
light, then the cabal will know, without doubt, that it has failed in
its effort to establish the New World Order that it has spent years

Ireland has just done this. The people of Ireland have come together
en masse and have said a big NO! As a people, we refuse to comply with
your demands. We want justice !

What is stopping other countries from coming together in this way.
Ireland has created the template. They have led the way. The sooner
other countries follow this example, the quicker all the suffering and
fear caused by the banksters will be wiped out. There is a huge campaign
going on (which involves many countries) to start World War 3. This,
you can see on your televisions everyday. You are being fed so much
disinformation, some of which is so ridiculous that it is hard to
believe that some of you actually believe it. It is just history
repeating itself over and over again. They just alter the world
slightly; the name of the country changes, but it is always the same
formula. Their attitude is that it has worked in the past, so why change
it? The SHEEP fall for it every time. This is how controlled you are.

You need to clear your minds of all this propaganda. This can be done
with meditation and by going into your hearts. Your minds have been
manipulated to accept what you are told by those you believe rule you.
It is important for your survival that you think with your heart and act
with your heart. Leave all the mind controlled rubbish behind you.
Become the sovereign beings you know that you are.

Pray for guidance and do not use the words of religions. Open your
hearts and use your own words to connect with your spiritual side. Each
one of you has an angel whose purpose is to be there for you. There are
also spirit guides who have been assigned to help and guide you. You
only have to ask. You may be surprised at the response you receive. All
this can be done in the privacy of your own homes. All you need is to
open your hearts to all possibilities. This is the most important step
you can take at this time. It is time to become who you are – a spirit
having an experience on Planet Earth. Your mission is to rescue the
Earth from the evil ones who want it for themselves. You are responsible
for each other. You must stand together: one for all and all for one.

The cabal knows no bounds. It has plans to control the SEEDS that
produce your food. This cannot be allowed to happen. When on Earth, I
did much research and lectured on this subject extensively. You must
protect the Earth. You need to understand the extent to which they have
destroyed your planet already. They could not have done this without
your assistance.

How can you do this to your fellow man? You are actually doing it to
yourselves as well. Can you not see this? You breathe their poison also.
How can you look at yourselves in the mirror? When you do . . . what do
you see? Are you not ashamed of what you do? What you are upholding is
destroying humanity as well as your planet. Do not think for one moment
that the cabal would stand up for you. You are not, nor could you ever
be, one of them. They just use you. You sell your soul to them. One day
this fact will become abundantly clear to you. Then, who will you look
to, for help and support?

Your world is in crisis. This crisis is being carefully manipulated
to cause as much pain and hardship as possible. You – the 99% – can
change this situation overnight. Do not hide behind closed curtains
hoping that it will go away. This is not going to happen. It is time to
say, enough is enough. Find your voice: you do have one, so use it. All
you need is love in your hearts. When you join together and feel the
power of that love, you will be amazed at the beautiful energy it
produces. You know exactly what I mean. You experience it at the Opera,
when the music opens your hearts and souls. It is evident at great
sporting events. This is the energy that happens when people come
together with a common cause or purpose. Forget all the labels. Humanity
needs to come together when one of you is attacked because it is an
attack on all of you.

You have seen how the cabal has picked off one country after another.
Who will stand up for you when they come for you? Do not leave it to
the David Icke’s of this world to fight your cause. Rather, follow his
example and speak out for truth and justice. Connect with those of the
light and be open to those who may need your assistance to see the light
for themselves.

The Great Awakening is happening. Be part of it and enjoy it. The rewards are enormous.

All that was hidden from you will be brought to light. This is part
of the process: it’s all in hand. There are few on Earth who fully know
and understand what was done to bring your planet under the control of
the cabal. Your planet is surrounded by those who want to rescue you.
The cabal will try to frighten you, by telling you that you are being
attacked. But you know this is not true. They come in peace. They are
your friends. Show no fear and stand in your truth. The cabal knows that
its days are numbered, it cannot survive. It is based on lies and
corruption. It is a house of cards that is ready to fall . . . and fall
it will.

Veronica, I have talked many times in seance about the world of
spirit. How amazing it is ! The word I used was glorious. Everything is
thought, you do not need language. You experience harmony that surpasses
all expectation and the love knows no bounds. The beauty and the colour
need to be experienced in order to comprehend them. One’s family,
friends, and ancestors, are all just a thought away. Everything is

I watch over you, my dear, to guide you on your path. Many come to
you, talking the good talk, offering help, but whose purpose is to
disrupt and try to control you and your team. You must be aware and
awake at all times. Check everyone who wants to get close to you. You
know who you can trust and who you can depend upon.

Those with ulterior motives are being exposed and removed. Let the
love of family, friends, humanity, and your planet, guide you to say NO
to the cabal. Do not support their corrupt regime; then see for
yourselves just how powerful they are ! Without your support, they are
nothing: just empty vessels claiming to have the right to control you.
It is up to all of you, now, to take back the power which you foolishly
gave to them. It is the end of the road for them. Do not waste your
energy being angry or revengeful. Pity them as you wave them goodbye.

Enjoy the adventure that awaits you.

Our love is forever. Your adoring, Monty. / link to original article

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Montague Keen – 14 April 2013
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