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New Age Seer

New Age Seer
“With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on Earth God's work must truly be our own.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I’m not drinking from the punchbowl – I swear. However, one must be available to viewing the world from many directions – much like the cock above the weather vane, we must be capable of seeing all sides of every situation to arrive at a complete view. Too many are ready to jump upon one single perspective and get caught up in the web of that narrative that they lose sight of the encompassing truths that surround it. There is, after all, a world beyond that single tree…

The greatest question ever put to humanity was made by former President J. F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” We all remember it – even those of us who are too young to remember the man. But we all remember his legacy and vision.

The individual today is now asked to adopt a collectivist view of the world – that our money, our homes, our property, our possessions, our children, achievements and sacrifices are no longer those of our individual selves, but are a shared burden of all of us under one flag, one nation.

There is merit to this – on the battlefield, a fallen comrade should not be left to die in the mud, alone. If there is a chance, no matter how slim, for his life to be saved, every risk should be made to assure that success – in most cases, even at the risk of our own life and limbs… The ultimate price should be paid for the protection of both Life and Liberty…
Yet what about the field commander who charges past the fallen to push his way towards the front of the battlefield to lead his men? Is he not too bound by those same unerring virtues? Is he after all not above reproach?

We are all children of the dust, all equal under heaven.

But should the leader fall in battle, who then will carry on the battle plans? There are many who follow, but not many are endowed with the knowledge, virtue and intelligence to lead men into battle. Fewer even have been initiated into the closely guarded secrets of the Military Brass and their strategies that they hope will save the day; push the enemy back and allow the ‘good guys’ to gain control of the battlefield and save lives…

Imagine then a coach pulling out his star quarterback before the game and replacing him with a linebacker to take his place – regardless of the years of experience that linebacker may have in the field, no matter how many practices he participated in with that star quarterback – unless he is naturally skilled and sufficiently experienced, that linebacker is less likely to lead his team to victory than the skilled and noble quarterback.

Victory is the cause – not ideology, not pride, and certainly not survival.

The life of one man is not worth more than that of the entire army.

But in the way, the Field Commander is, because his security is necessary to assure that the orders are carried out as ascribed. If you are not the Field Commander, then your job is to protect that man, even with your life, at any cost.

As absolute power corrupts absolutely, that man will quickly see himself as a god amongst men, and begin to look down upon them – this is the loss of humility. Arrogance breeds in his heart and mind, and he begins to believe himself in-despicable – that is until he has served his purpose, then he is just as dispensable as anyone and anything else.

Hubris is a mortal sin. We are all prone to it – throw enough pomp and circumstance at any of us, and we will begin to believe in our own hype.

We have arrived at a crisis – another turning point in humanity – and though the species will survive the war, we will lose many in the individual battles. The casualties will be amongst the countless.

The US Government has, since the first Desert Storm War, learned about the dangers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. General Patton in the Second World War would walk into the battlefield, through the medical tents and disgrace any who showed cowardice – in those days, they suffered from Shell Shock – a symptom suffered by those who were shelled by mortar rounds. In later years, it came to be called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today, more than 1 in 3 soldiers returning from active service in the Middle East are said to suffer by some degree of PTSD – whether or not they’ve been injured in action. Military Psychologists predict that there are just as many undiagnosed cases as diagnosed…
All of which brings into question the Mental Health of our Veterans and active service people.

The Disorder is wide sweeping, suffered by soldiers of any nationality – who are active in the Middle East and Northern Africa… As it was widespread in all past theatres... Today, it has a name and an identity within the daily lexicon.

The Government is then forced to question the Mental Health of its citizens – are they capable of making rational thoughts? Are they capable of assuring their own security and safety, let alone that of their neighbors? Perhaps then, the world needs to rely more on its Government…

But every region has its own Laws and Customs. Therefore, if we can consolidate all Laws and Customs to incorporate a single vision, we streamline the basic care needs of every citizen. For this to work, we must look at ourselves as a part of a collective.

Your habits and behaviors don’t only affect you, but everyone around you, be it directly – or indirectly. The alcoholic that drinks until they are no longer in control of their faculties, and takes the wheel of a motor vehicle, takes the risk of endangering everyone on the road and even within its vicinity.

The individual may make the choice, but others are at a risk of paying a price for their lack of judgment… And punishment isn’t enough, because the habit is repeated by countless others, who are themselves incapable of taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions…

We are all affected by Climate Change, Economical Bubbles, Health Pandemics… And as our Natural Resources begin to dwindle, our ability to pay for the cost of these calamities is seriously hampered – millions will be abandoned to suffer and die and their bodies becoming environmental contaminants that spoil land and water.

Our Governments are asked to anticipate these calamities before they happen, and have plans in place to protect the majority of its citizens – after all, no plan is perfect. It just has to be as near to perfect as can be conceived and rationally afforded…

But we all know that this is a scam – right from the top. Because, we are all sold this bill of goods that tells us that all life is important – and then shown that some lives are merely a bit more important than others… That equality and fairness are illusions; balances that are controlled by those who have the authority and power to write laws and introduce bills that protect them and forsake all others.

The disparity of wealth has occurred because there are the few that see themselves as being that much more than everyone else – and because we all have within us the seeds of corruption, any of us can be corrupted with promises of fame, wealth and security to assure the security of these elite few above all others…

The sense of community is only applicable to the middle class and poor – all of whom have all wars declared upon them – one Economical and the other, Political… And we are all told to believe that it is for our best interest…

This isn’t a cynical perspective – many professionals in many social science fields agree. Noted philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, medical doctors and engineers agree… This is all evidenced online on the great grand archive of the interweb. One merely just has to look for it and find it for themselves.

Though there is a social need – affordable solutions are rarely accepted because they do little to promote new industry. The Global ideal is to debase the world economy to one level, so that all are equal – in this case, poor and indebted to a monetary system that controls all wealth and political power… Makes you wonder how much of ‘The Hunger Games’ is fictional?

The cry for food shortages was answered by introducing resistive plants that required ‘less’ fossil fuel fertilizers to meet social demands of all communities. Though world poverty and hunger is at an all time high, the promise is that everyone will be guaranteed one good meal a day – a far cry from the traditional idea of three square meals a day that included the 5 major food groups…

On one hand, Genetically Modified foods meet those demands, but are met with great social resistance in developed countries because the idea just seems too ‘Strange.’ We’ve removed nature from our food – therefore, how can we trust our foods to be ‘natural?’ Yet, the fact remains that it has less to do with the soya bean itself – but the integrity of the people who developed the modified food in the first place… Their strong arm tactics to copyright all seeds making food a legal issue – ‘if you want to eat, you have to pay us royalties…’
A handful of wealthy corporations control our drinking water – ‘if you want to drink, you will have to pay our royalties…’

Every aspect of our society has been corporatized that there remains very little that is natural that remains in our world…

Yet, when left to our own devices, we’ve squandered it. Give a poor man a million dollars and he’ll waste it all and be poor again in no time… He lacks the sophistication to understand the nuance of rank, fame, and fortune… After all, he began poor – poor in mind, spirit and body…

We are all debased to the state of animals and our illustrious elites are there to save and protect us – but only if we submit to bondage to their will.

In no other time in human history has the faith of the Global Community been so low in its Government… The world is in crisis…

But the crisis isn’t the diminishing of our Natural Habitat, our Food and Water, our Atmosphere, our Monetary System… The crisis is in our Ideals.

We’ve outgrown our human ideology and we are ready to fabricate a new matrix of reality… There are merely pockets of people who are at varying states of acceptance – those who are unwilling to change, those who are willing to change, but only if they are leading that change… And many strata in between…

We are a world who has forgotten GOD – We’ve been brainwashed in the notion that God is defined as one image or another. We’ve lost sight that we are all one under that Glorious Being – we are all connected to that single point of illumination.

Global Collectivism is a natural state – however, we must all submit and understand that we are all equal – Plant, Animal and Person… Our wealth and identity cannot be found in pits in the ground, in clouds in the sky or beneath the waves of the oceans… Because they are all merely visible extensions of the self – our every action and thought affects every cell and nucleus in every moment and place…

The crisis is our lack of understanding that we are all one people under one Sky, one Sun, one God…

And we will fight each other until we are made to understand it – God written in blood.

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2NAS Entry #29 Empty Re: NAS Entry #29 on Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:57 pm


Welcome back NAS!!

Wonderful and compelling entry.

We are ONE. It is the very truth of this that we need to absorb.

I have many conversations that end in me trying to make others see that until we insist that ALL barriers such as countries, money, units of measure etc. are united we will never have a peaceful society anywhere on the planet. The terms of Communist and Socialist are always used to describe this way of thinking. Makes me realize it is correct. :)

Glad you could visit and thanks for your perspective. Always intriguing and thought provoking.


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