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Changing in the Face of Change

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1Changing in the Face of Change Empty Changing in the Face of Change on Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:25 am


Changing in the Face of Change

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Consciousness human interest Inspiration Just Zen

Changing in the Face of Change Change-heart11

by Zen Gardner

Things change more than we think. Way more and in more ways. Even
when we’re aware of the underlying reality of constant change, we
reference new changes by our memory and perception of old changes. Those
are based on previous reference points. And they’re all in transition.

We’re judging change by points of attachment. That cannot be very accurate. Nor fully conscious.

I’m continually shocked to realize how attached I am to my various
“points of view” while thinking I’m not. But that’s how the mind is
wired and what we’re up against.

The Subtle Reflex

Simply put, everything’s shifting. And in shifting ways. In a
shifting perception of change. What I realized I was comparing to was an
emotional imprint. I was looking back to different periods of time in
my life in comparison to what I’m going through now. Consciously
conjuring up old impressions in contrast to a current experience.

All relative.

And for whatever reason. Understanding, nostalgia, encouragement,
comparison. There’s so much that flows through our minds as we seek
meaning and definition.

I realized how I frequently use old imprints to gauge comparative
changes. Not necessarily bad in themselves as there’s no doubt something
to learn, but I shouldn’t compare to times in my life when I was
relatively unconscious. That’s the catch.

On top of that, these current vibrational changes are completely new,
as am I. Recalling old imprints only reinforces my attachment to them.
Good reminders of my unconscious past, but nothing more.

Conscious Climbing

Another analogy might be a rock climber who won’t fully let go of his
gear attached to the lower rungs he made in his ascent. He’ll only get
so far. As you go higher your perspective shifts phenomenally, but it
won’t get to those really inspiring views if he won’t let go of those
lower footholds that got him started.

And psychically these memory reference points are embedded in
emotions and memory clusters. Very similar to the crystalline knots a
massage therapist works out of muscle tissue that then have to be
flushed from the system.

Memory can be an anchor. Beware.

But never stop climbing.

Changing in the Face of Change How_to_change-words-255x169

Letting Go in a Shifting Reality..or Not

It’s all good…if we let go into this shifting reality. A lot of
people are fighting it. I’m seeing it in people I’m close to, and
hearing this happening to folks from many sources. We knew the shift was
hitting, but as we get further into it and our noses are closer to the
details it starts getting very personal.

I should hope so. But when it hits it can be a stinker.

It’s again like the mountain analogy where it’s easy to see the full
mountain range from afar but up close to the big climb and vast range of
mountains you get all caught up in the foothills and the real climbing
work begins as you bear down on the climb ahead. A total change of head.

It’s really a lifestyle shift. Or it should be. That’s what grabs the
stubborn souls by the throat. Practicality. If someone doesn’t budge
and they keep refusing to acknowledge the evident Truths around them and
then yield to those Truths by consciously making the needed changes in
their lives, it can be pretty tough.

These include disengaging from the system more, letting go of
unfruitful and hindering relationships, adopting a healthier lifestyle
both physically and mentally, and preparing spiritually and practically
for the upcoming economic and social storm.

Those who refuse to see this will not be peaceful people or happy
campers. You can spot them by their stress levels, and a fundamentally
angry, confrontational attitude. They also vigorously put down anyone
pointing out these evident Truths being made manifest.

You know who they are. Hopefully this will help spot them faster and
better, as we don’t need to be subjected to their demeaning behavior or
tainted information.

Changing in the Face of Change Breakrules

Defying the Control System

There’s really no reason not to disengage from the matrix, at least
in stages. Those imaginary handcuffs of the mind are weaker than cooked
spaghetti. It’s the habitual fear programming that keeps people from
doing the obvious.

That’s the design, to paralyze humanity.

One of the real toughies has to do with relationships. There are many
a couple who have diametrically opposed attitudes and perspectives,
leaving very lonely and isolated individuals feeling lost in spiritually
unfulfilling situations that wear on them pretty heavily. People do
wake up all the time, but that type of situation I find particularly
saddening and I know it’s taxing on the individual as well as collective

There’s no blanket solution, everyone has to go according to how
they’re led. But if you’re in one of those relationships, always do
everything you can to keep strengthening your spiritual convictions and
conscious awakening. Some local meet up groups can be very encouraging.
The internet of course is the meeting place for most of us. I’m very
blessed with an amazing mate who has gone through much of the same
stages of awakening as myself and we now share every nuance together and
can really talk about anything and everything.

I’ve also developed many wonderful relationships via the internet
that’s an expanding, amazing community of awake, aware and loving souls
that I’m so very privileged to know. I know that’s the case with many
other people.

Our little email communities are the seed and fruit of the awakening.

Keep on and keep growing!

Changing in the Face of Change Conscious-choice2

A Time of Change and a Time to Choose

But overall, it’s a challenge, especially for those caught in
compromised situations. Reach out to those in need. Don’t necessarily
meddle, but be there for their encouragement and a listening ear. Just
letting someone know you understand and care is so very powerful. As
things take shape in people’s lives, more choices present themselves and
as consciousness raises we’ll all know what to do, or not to do.

The awakening cannot be thwarted.

More often than not ours is to simply defy the system
programming…disobey, disconnect, disengage, from anything they throw at

The rest will follow.

No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river, and it is not the same man.

There is nothing permanent except change.

- Heraclitus
Much love, Zen

Thanks as always to Zen


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