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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » ALERT! End of April Marks Illuminati Sacrifices

ALERT! End of April Marks Illuminati Sacrifices

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ALERT! End of April Marks Illuminati Sacrifices

It's time to start Visualizing and Shinning
Our Divine Light on All negative and evil situations that exist on this
planet. We need to start this Now. We will then concentrate our efforts
June 6th - June 9th, when the Illuminati get together for their

end of April is often full of Illuminati sacrifices.. What's even more
disturbing, is the fact that most of the people that end up sacrificed
around that time, are children. It's not a coincidence so many children
die throughout history between the dates of April 19th and May 1st.
They've been performing mass human sacrifices for THOUSANDS of years,
and they have always preferred to use children over adults for their
rituals. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling this year will be no
different.. Especially since they've already killed so many children
this week. Looks like they're starting their sacrifices early this

Occult Dates April 19 - May 1

To the Illuminati,
this 13 day period is known as 'The Blood Sacrifice To The Beast'. April
19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire -
the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also frequently
known as the Roman God, Saturn. (Fire sacrifice is required on April 19
for this reason) This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire
sacrifice with an emphasis on children especially. This day is one of
the most important human sacrifice days, and as such, has had some very
important historic events occur on this day.

Remember, the Illuminati considers war to be a most propitious way to sacrifice, for it kills both children and adults.

Some of the historic events that were staged according to this blood sacrifice day are:

(1). April 19, 1775 - Battle of Lexington & Concord, which made the Masonic-led Revolutionary War inevitable

April 19, 1943 - After trapping the last Jewish Resistance Fighters in a
storm drain in Warsaw, and holding them for several days, Nazi Storm
Troopers began to pour fire into each end of the storm drain, using
flame-throwers. They continued pouring the fire into the drain until all
fighters were dead. Blood sacrifice brought about by a fiery

(3) April 19, 1993 - 50 years later, to the day,
government troops, tanks, and other military equipment stormed the
compound of David Koresh and his followers at Waco, Texas. Certainly,
this operation fulfilled the basic requirements for a human sacrifice:
trauma, fire, and young sacrificial victims.

(4) April 19, 1995 -
Oklahoma City bombing - Once again, many young children were killed
this day. The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children
under the age of 6, and injured more than 680 people.

There are so many more examples than this. If you'd like to read more, check out the links below.

More info:
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