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1 COMPLETION OF ALL COMPLETENESS on Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:41 am



Posted by Andy on April 26 2013



Channel: Ashtar/Athena

This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Beloved Family, Greetings,

Remember, in one of my previous messages, dear ones, of me stating to
you of the beautiful butterfly into which you are transmuting? Yes!
This is one of the next steps to becoming the real You. It is called

First you want to be complete. And you have never felt complete, thus
far, have you, dears? To feel complete, you must get in touch with your
twin flame.

A twin flame occurs when your Creator, who is Mother/Father God,
throws out a spark, a soul (you), and you became aware. Then, your soul
split into male and female. Then, you traveled through all of your
incarnations until you completed a circle, experiencing and mastering
every lesson until you came upon your closing and your ascension, which
is where you are at this moment.

When you are going into your stillness each day, focus on getting in
touch with your other half. Try to call on him/her with sincere
intentions and loving feelings and then listen and you may find that
they are talking to you. So have a pad and pencil ready and listen. They
will give you a message.

Once, dear ones, you get in touch… then, you can have a conversation.
What happiness that will be! You won’t be able to put it into words.

Dear ones, when you have gotten in touch with and spoken with your
other half, you will eventually know who you really are. You will find
out what beautiful beings you have become… that you are. In becoming
friends with and merging with your twin flame, you will create a
beautiful relationship and, my dear ones, when you meet on that ship,
you will already know them and love them.

There will be so many tears shed when all of us join our twin flames! What a joyous time that will be.

Dear ones, I also have a twin flame and we have been having
conversations for some time. She is incarnated on Earth now. I am also
longing to join and be with her once more. And I’ll tell you, sweet
ones, she has my heart. I am not complete without her. And I wish the
same for you, so that you can experience the joy that you all deserve.

We all, up here, are biting at the bit, so to speak, longing to join
our twin flames and be complete. Know, that when you step on our ships,
your memory will return. Then you will remember all things.

Beloved ones, we are right now, planning a celebration and dancing
and parties because the long journey has ended. And unity and oneness is
complete. Balance and harmony, peace and joy, and most of all… Love.
You sweet ones are at your completion of your completeness.

Love, from the bottom of my heart, your beloved Galactic brother,


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