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Accidents and Synchronicity

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1 Accidents and Synchronicity on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:59 am


Accidents and Synchronicity

Synchronistic Events

The soul often whispers to us through synchronistic events. A
synchronistic event occurs when we recognize that two or more causally
unrelated events resemble each other and catch our attention. For
example, you're trying to remember the name of a childhood classmate. In
the course of conversation, somebody mentions the very name you had
been searching for.

Synchronistic events can be a powerful "heads-up", calling us to pay
attention. Another example that many have experienced is the thunderclap
that resounds just as we are making some very important statement. Of
course, not all synchronistic events are so transparent, and sometimes
we do not recognize a synchronistic series until we look back and see
all the clues.

For example, one patient kept noticing advertisements for exercise
cycles. Time and again, he opened the newspaper and there was a store
advertising exercise equipment, including cycles. Then, he reported that
his neighbor had an exercise cycle in his garage sale, but my patient
did not buy it. For six months, he noticed no exercise cycle ads. Then
he had a mild heart attack. As part of his rehabilitation program, his
doctor prescribed exercise, specifically on an exercise cycle!


When we don't pay attention, the message has to be more powerful,
perhaps in the form of an accident. Once, when I was on a radio talk
show discussing dreams, a listener called in to report that, for several
years, he had a recurring dream of falling off a roof, but never
hitting the ground. Then he no longer had the dream. He asked me what I
thought. To answer his question, I had to find out more about him -- how
he lived, what sort of work he did. He told me that he worked as a
roofer. He liked to live it up -- no challenge was too outrageous, no
risk too great. "Doc, there's nothing I wouldn't try at least once!" he
boasted. "Well," I said, "sounds as if, for you, the sky's the limit."
"Oh, yeah! Try anything at least once." "So," I continued, "what was
going on about the time you no longer had the falling dream?" "Well," he
said, "I don't know. I was out of work for a while there. Seems as if I
didn't have that dream after that." "Oh, you were out of work? How did
that come about?" I asked.

"You see," he said, "I was up on this roof one day and just stepped
off the edge. Dumbest thing I ever did! Hit the ground and broke my
pelvis. Laid me up for months. Hurt, too."

"I think I understand," I replied. "Seems as if you took lots of
risks without considering the consequences; always pushing the envelope.
Dreams try to show us an image that balances and corrects our conscious
view of things. Repeatedly, you had the falling dream. Then, when you
fell, or stepped, off the roof, you no longer had the falling dream. It
looks as if the dream were trying to show you how risky your lifestyle
was. When you didn't get the message from the dream, the next step was
the accident."

"Well, Doc," he said, now more thoughtfully, "I guess you're right. That fall sure did knock some sense into me."

Symptoms and Illnesses

What happens if we don't pay attention to dreams, collapsed
projections, synchronistic events, or accidents? Often, we develop
symptoms and fall ill (as did my patient who suffered the mild heart
attack). Illnesses often develop over time, heralded by symptoms. We
don't feel well, aren't as energetic as we are accustomed to be.
Symptoms alert us that our body is not functioning properly, that we are
not taking care of ourselves adequately, or that we have contracted
something noxious. Of course, medical conditions call for medical
diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment. But we also do well to
consider that medical and psychiatric symptoms may be encoded messages
from the soul. In other words, symptoms may also be symbols.

It is important to clarify what is and is not a symbol, and why a
symptom may mean more than the medical condition to which it refers. As I
use the term, a symbol is the best possible expression for something
otherwise unknown to us. Something whose meaning or reference is fully
known -- like the red octagon bearing the word "STOP" -- is not a symbol
in my usage. An image becomes a symbol for us only when we still find
the image fascinating and meaningful, even though we are at a loss to
say what its unexpressed meaning is. In this sense, a person to whom we
have a powerful emotional response or reaction that we cannot account
for becomes a symbol. In other words, the carrier of our projection (of a
part of ourselves we don't recognize) is, for us, the best possible
representation of that unknown aspect of ourselves.

Likewise, a medical symptom can be symbolic. We have all heard
someone say, "It's all in your head!" when the doctor has been unable to
identify a medical condition even though we feel miserable. The term
often applied to these sorts of complaints is "psychosomatic".
Fortunately, medical practitioners are becoming more sensitive to the
reality of "psychosomatic" complaints, although many people fear being
labeled as crazy when no organic problem can be identified. While we
should exhaust all the possibilities of medical diagnosis, we should
also seriously consider these sorts of conditions as messages from our
soul encoded in the body. The hard-driving executive (or middle-manager
trying to survive) who has a heart attack at 40 or 45 is a classic
example in our society.

Working sixty to eighty hours a week leaves very little time for
anything but eating, showering, commuting, and a little sleep. Usually,
the overworked person in our society neglects personal health and
"matters of the heart" -- meaningful relationships, compassion, empathy.
Eventually, the heart protests against such mistreatment in the form of
cardiac problems, sometimes preceded by noticeable symptoms. When
people see their doctors about symptoms, we hope that they find one who
knows that lifestyle has an effect on physical conditions, and who will
listen to the symbols.

The Soul Speaks Through the Small Stuff

The Primal Soul often presents itself to us in seemingly
insignificant events and experiences. It is the "still small voice",
something we can easily overlook in the rush of modern life. It may
speak to us in a dream, a chance encounter, a meaningful coincidence, or
even an accident or illness. Yet if the Primal Soul is to help us, we
must help it by listening carefully, by nurturing its message, and
building a place for it in our conscious lives.

We do not travel the path to the soul by leaps and bounds. The path
to the soul is a life's work made up mostly of seemingly trivial acts
and events. The devil, as people say, is in the details. So also is the
higher power. C. G. Jung tells the story of the person who asked the
rabbi why it was that, although people used to hear the voice of God,
now nobody does. The rabbi responded that perhaps they did not stoop low

People usually manage the "big" events of life pretty well. It's the
daily challenges that get many people down. The big events -- births,
deaths, catastrophes, all of which are ancient experiences of the human
race and are therefore appropriately called archetypal -- lift us out of
the daily round. Big events, archetypal events, cut through our
personal idiosyncrasies to our human core where archetypal responses to
archetypal challenges take over. The seemingly "small stuff" of life
challenges us because we have to learn to respond from our essence, from
our soul. We all know how to manage "big" events in life, but how we
spend time listening to a friend in need when we are preoccupied, or
help a child with homework when we are tired, or play with a dog when we
would rather watch the ball game are the times when our soul can speak
the loudest.

When we look back over our life history, or when someone writes our
brief obituary, the big stuff is often glossed over. What is recognized
as important are the "small" encounters of life through which our soul
spoke. A spiritual life honors the small, the seemingly insignificant,
the undervalued, the marginal. As Jesus said, "I tell you solemnly, in
so far as you neglected to do this to one of the least of these, you
neglected to do it to me" (Matthew 25:45).

For most of us who are seeking the Primal Soul in the "big" events,
in momentous enterprise or magnificent insights, it is worthwhile to
remember that, often, the soul speaks through those aspects of our
experiences and relationships that may be considered marginal, devalued,
and insignificant. Many of us look for clues to the soul in the joys or
tribulations of the past or seek a reflection of our individual soul in
glorious events, experiences, and endeavors in the future. Yet,
clinical experience and spiritual wisdom reiterates time and again that
we discover the soul only here and now, or not at all.

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