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How to Become a Conduit for Miracles

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1 How to Become a Conduit for Miracles on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:05 pm


How to Become a Conduit for Miracles

Written by Robert Rosenthal, M.D. | |

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In the fall of 1976, I was a college student in Connecticut living in
a big house off campus with nine other students. We were preparing a
festive Sunday dinner and had invited our parents to drive up and join
us. Judy Skutch, the mother of my best friend and housemate, had
promised to bring apple cider.

Judy was driving up from Manhattan and assumed she’d have plenty of
opportunity to pick up a few gallons along the way. But it was Sunday,
and every place she looked was either closed or fresh out of apple
cider. Growing increasingly anxious, she stopped at a farmer’s roadside
stand — only to learn they’d just sold their last bottle. At that point,
Judy knew she needed help — not to manifest the cider, though that
would be nice — but to release her attachment to it and her fear of
disappointing her son. She went inward and asked for help.

The Road Less Traveled?

As her car exited I-95 only a few miles from our house, she felt a
sense of calm. She could let go and accept that there would be no cider.
The Sunday dinner would have to proceed without it. There would be love
aplenty, with or without cider.

That’s when Judy spotted a solitary man sitting dejectedly in a lawn
chair next to an old car parked by the side of the road. Concerned that
his car had broken down, she pulled over to ask if he was okay. He was
fine, he said, and needed no help. On a whim, she asked if he had any
idea where she might find some apple cider at this late hour. His eyes
went wide. He stared at her in disbelief, and then said, “Lady, you must
be a miracle.”

He went on to explain that he had four gallons of cider in the trunk
of his car and absolutely had to sell them before he could return home
to his wife. He really needed the cash. He had been sitting there in the
cold the entire afternoon. He’d just given up and loaded it all back in
his trunk when Judy appeared.

What was the real miracle here? Was it the sudden appearance of apple
cider for our Sunday dinner? Or was it the realization that what helps
one helps the other? That, at the deepest level, we are all
interconnected — all one in Spirit — and so we partake equally of the
miracle. The man selling cider needed cash. Judy needed cider, but far
more, she needed peace of mind. By shifting her perception of the
situation and releasing her fear of disappointing her son, she received a
dramatic demonstration of “I will be with you.”

Miracles Are For Everyone

people think that miracles are reserved for only the most exalted of
saints and gurus. According to this belief, the majority of humans are
unworthy of miracles. Saints are a special case. God smiles upon them.
The rest of us don’t even come close.

Remember, however, that in Exodus the Red Sea parts for Moses and the
Hebrews, not to prove their worthiness, but to help them escape
Pharaoh’s slavery. The Red Sea parts as an object lesson that, on the
spiritual journey, even the seemingly greatest of obstacles can
disappear overnight.

As with the Hebrews, miracles come to us, not as proof of
saintliness, but as a means of transformation. They carry us to a
different perception, a new understanding of who we are and our
connection to Spirit.

We no longer need to fear for our survival. We no longer need to
search for meaning. We’ve become a conduit for miracles. This is our new
purpose. In this sense, once we’ve committed to the spiritual journey —
truly committed — miracles are inevitable.

Miracles: A Better Way to Travel

Miracles work at all times, in all places, and under all
circumstances. They cannot be limited by anything of this world. And
they’re always available. All we need to do is shift from ego-mind to
Moses-mind. That’s our part. That’s what’s asked of us — nothing more.
Once we change our mind, quite literally, we welcome in the miracle.

But how does this work? From our limited human perspective, we can’t know the answer. It’s enough to know that it does work, that it cannot fail to work. But let me offer an analogy.

Picture a stream. Its waters flow easily and naturally downhill. Now,
picture a spot in the stream choked off by a mass of dead leaves and
tangled twigs. The water can’t flow. It’s backed up in a stagnant pool.
Now imagine clearing away the debris, gently pushing it aside with your
foot. The stream begins to flow again, all on its own, powered by the
force of gravity. All that was necessary was to remove the obstacle.

That obstacle is the ego-mind. It keeps us stuck and stagnant. It
blocks the flow of miracles that would otherwise be ours. When we remove
the blockage by changing our mind, miracles flow forth freely and
naturally, like the stream. And there’s nothing remarkable about it.
It’s how things are supposed to work. It’s the very nature of miracles.
As A Course in Miracles states: “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”

Synchronicity and Flow: The World of Miracles

Once we’ve experienced miracles, it’s impossible to see the world
ever again in the same way. Miracles free us from fear. For what is
there to fear when we know firsthand the power of Spirit?

We become citizens of another world that follows different laws,
those of synchronicity and flow. It’s a world where we can receive
guidance and miracles directly from Spirit, free of fear.

©2012 by Robert S. Rosenthal, M.D.
All rights reserved. Excerpted with permission
of the publisher,
Hay House Inc.
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2 Re: How to Become a Conduit for Miracles on Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:18 am


Thanks Prpl.. what a delightful find ☀

I have found expectant faith a precursor to experiencing miracles on a continuous basis. Knowing who (and Whose) I am & His Love and Provision of ALL good gifts for me as His trusting child allows His Provision to flow freely on my behalf, along with my willingness to freely give to others what I receive, knowing I am a conduit of blessing for others.

Blessed to be a blessing.... as I'm obedient to His SPirit within....

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