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The Cosmic Thread: Be All That You Can Be

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1 The Cosmic Thread: Be All That You Can Be on Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:07 pm


The Cosmic Thread: Be All That You Can Be

Written by Dave Lappin | |

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Be all that you can be! No, I'm not talking about the
US. Army, although, maybe they were onto something. Lately, I have come
across what I consider a cosmic thread that has been intertwined in much
of what I have been reading. This thread may represent the next step in
our spiritual evolution. And perhaps its not a new concept, but it has
been rearing its head lately. And when that happens for me, I pay
attention. This cosmic thread may have just been stated in such a way
(or ways) that have made it abundantly clear, this is where we are to go
as a species, as spiritual beings.

It began when I was reading the offering by Neale Donald Walsch, called Friendship with God,
as well as some of his earlier books. The books insisted that we really
have nothing to do in life. Rather we just need to "be". What? But,
hey, we are such doers in our society that we will keep doing something
until we get it right. In trying to create our lives, we "do" because we
may not know of anything else to do. This message was emphasized in a
booklet by Walsch as well, called Bringers of the Light.
This booklet stated that doingness will flow from beingness, naturally.
This concept has been reflected in other works as well.

In the release from James Twyman, The Secret of the Beloved Disciple,
the message revolves around the reemergence of the "feminine principle"
as embodied by Mother Mary and that it is time for humanity to take its
next step and "be" the Second Coming, if you will. The book states that
it is time for us all to "be" what it is that we wish to be. It is time
for us to "be" the Divine Light rather than insist that it must come
from outside of us. Mother Mary insists that we are the "miracle." And
in order to open the door to our next level we must realize (make real)
that which we already are.

Becoming What You Want To Have

One of the gifts I gave to my wife, Brenda, for Christmas was the book, Walking Between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion
by Gregg Braden. Actually, I had my eye on this book for sometime ,
when my wife asked for it for Christmas. One of the messages in the book
is that that which you "most choose to have in your life, you must
first become." When I read this, I almost could not believe it. It was
like the universe saying, "listen up!"

I had also begun re-reading a book that was published in the 30's called the "I AM Discourses".
The book asks us to call forth that which we choose to be and invoke
the "I AM" presence. It asks us to be the spark of God that each of us

I couldn't help but recognize the synchronicity at work
here. Why was this message coming to me (and us) at this time? In
actuality it is a very simple message: "be that which you seek to be." I
remember a few years ago hearing (and paraphrasing here) what one wise
soul said, "In order for there to be peace in the world, there must be
peace in the nation. In order for there to be peace in the nation, there
must be peace in the family. And in order for there to be peace in the
family, there must be peace in the individual." Yes, it all begins with
each one of us.

Where Can We Find Our Answers?

often do we look outside of ourselves for our answers when all we have
to do is be that which we seek to have in our lives? This "cosmic
thread" of beingness is asking us to recognize its weaving into our
lives. How simple! For a long time in much of what I have read, we have
been told that we are already Masters, all we have to do is recognize

I decided from all of this that I would "be" at least
one thing that I would choose to have in my life, each day. This
beingness means embodying the feeling, the essence of what I choose to
become. I could actually feel my heart center opening more and more,
revealing who I really am, that which I choose to be when I did this.

As I choose and become loving, I begin to see this
reflected in my life. As I choose and become peaceful, I begin to see
this reflected in my life. As I choose and become compassionate, I begin
to see this reflected in my life. It is the Universal Law of Attraction
that is operating here. Our thoughts and feelings become the magnetic
force which "pulls" these experiences to us in life.

When I hear all of the calls for worldwide meditations
from James Twyman, Marianne Williamson and others, (primarily over the
Internet) I recognize this spark, this beingness is being called forth.
This beingness becomes a catalyst for great change, for the individual,
the family, the nation, and the world. But until we recognize and
embrace this beingness, we may continue to look outside ourselves for
our answers.

What I Am Choosing To Be Right Now?

Some questions you might ask yourself are: "What am I
embodying now, what am I being now?" It is a conscious choice? Did you
deliberately choose that which you are being right now? As is pointed
out in the Conversations with God books,
we are human beings, not human doings. It is not that we don't "do",
but again, let it flow naturally from what we choose to be.

It is interesting to note also that Pope John Paul II
remarkably stated that there is NO hell (that hell is a state of mind)
and that God is NOT a punishing deity. (Of course, the Pope was just
verifying what a great many people already knew). This is certainly
quite a shift. For centuries, the Catholic Church has claimed just the
opposite. The point is that a great many people put their faith in false
concepts that religious leaders were putting forth. And now people
don't have to "be" fearful any longer.

The test of truth is putting it into your being. Do we
dare to be all that we can be? In dream language, an army represents
disciplined aspects of the self. So it is interesting that the "be all
that you can be" slogan relates so well to the shift in consciousness we
all are seeking. As we dare to discipline what we are being, what we
are feeling, like the troops, we march in rhythm and begin to remember
who and what we truly are.

Making the Shift

So, the cosmic thread comes full circle, beckoning us to
let it weave its way into our lives. It is asking us to finally make
this shift and make real what is already real within us. As we have
entered this new era, it symbolically offers us opportunities for
unparalleled spiritual experience and understanding.

As we begin this new year, may you all be blessed beyond
your wildest dreams. May you all truly be all that you can be, and are

Recommended book:

Before You Think Another Thought: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding How Your Thoughts and Beliefs Create Your Life
by Bruce Doyle.

Info/Order book

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