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Gnawing On Time….

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1Gnawing On Time…. Empty Gnawing On Time…. on Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:24 pm


Gnawing On Time….

Saturday, April 27th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Big Brother Consciousness National Emergency Preparedness The Awakening World at War

Gnawing On Time…. Suntzu_2


by Clif High

with respect…a bit of advice

disturbing days are just ahead.

As the planetary fiscal/[color:5a17=blue !important][color:5a17=blue !important]financial
infrastructure melts down, the ‘powers that be’ will push the various
elements of GUS (gov’mint of The United States of America, a
corporation, chartered illegally by congress in 1877…) to react badly.

How you react to these disturbing days is entirely up to you…the advice….do not be goaded into reactions that your enemies may desire.

During such times of social [color:5a17=blue !important][color:5a17=blue !important]stress, my personal motto serves well to remind me that harmonization with universe provides the greatest potential for success:

i am a dog who gnaws his bone.
i sit here, in my repose, gnawing alone.
There will come a day, which is not yet,
when I will bite him, by whom i am bit.

As Sun Tzu notes, if your enemy knows you better than you know
yourself, they have already won. So the admonition to ‘know thyself’ has
never been so timely.

The disturbing days ahead are the beginning of real ‘times of challenge’ as our [color:5a17=blue !important][color:5a17=blue !important]solar system, and our world changes under our feet.

Many humans will run around losing their minds in various and
unsettling ways. Avoid being in their path or engaging with their
insanity. You will not be able to aid them if you do not first secure
your own future.

Many humans will insist on leaving corporeal earth at this time.
Endeavor to not be caught up in their frenzied departing as some may
insist on going in crowds.

Within my heart-chosen [color:5a17=blue !important][color:5a17=blue !important]art,
aikido, the first (for my personal harmonization) of the four
principles is ‘extend ki’. This extension of personal life energy (ki)
out to your ‘partner’ in the contention (they will call themselves your
enemy) allows one to sense the motions of the encounter such that when
your ‘partner’ strikes, you are simply not there.

The sum total of my advice comes down to that idea….extend ki…and work harmoniously with universe to be simply, ‘not there‘.


Thanks to Zen at:


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