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Unlocking the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Meaning and Benefits of Mystical Symbols

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Unlocking the Secrets of Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Meaning and Benefits of Mystical Symbols

Posted by admin on April 29, 2013 in 2013, Ascension, Ascension 2013, Higher Consciousness, Light Technologies, Lightworker, mastery consciousness, Metaphysics, Multidimensional Self, Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, spiritual evolution, Spiritual Healing, Spirituality · 0 Comments

HJ: The philosophy and science behind sacred
geometry is absolutely fascinating and few have explained it as simply
and beautifully as David Weitzman does in this illuminating piece.
Sacred Geometry permeates literally everything in existence, and so,
anyone who seeks a greater understanding of themselves and the world
around them is highly encouraged to study the sacred science, for it
will certainly reveal to them various aspects of themselves, which is a
priceless gift indeed.

- Truth

The Esoteric Meaning and Benefits of Sacred Geometry

By David Weitzman | Ka Gold Jewelry

As plainly as it can be stated, geometry is a branch of mathematics.
It is generally described as the study of shapes and patterns and their
sizes and positions. For the majority of us, geometry is something we
learn while in school only to be forgotten soon after. What then is
Sacred Geometry? When did “sacred” enter into the picture? Sacred means
something holy or connected to God, and just when is any lowly
geometric shape ever sacred? To the uninitiated, the very idea may be
totally absurd. Sacred Geometry after all is a kind of philosophy not
very many people can easily wrap their minds around especially when
contemplating about it for the first time.

Ancient teachings of Sacred Geometry
believe that the sacredness of absolutely everything in the universe
can be described and explained in terms of geometrical patterns that are
handed unto us directly from God. The harmony and interconnectivity of
all things and the events that happen around them have a hidden geometry
that unfortunately are lost on most people.

Consider the many mysteries behind the seemingly magical structure of
crystals; the planets and their orbits around the sun; the many
measurements and proportions in the design of the human body; the growth
of mighty gigantic oaks from tiny acorns; the shape and number of
petals of a flower etc. Anything that describes and explains these
mysteries is nothing if not sacred.

How far back in the history of man does Sacred Geometry go? What use
do we have for it in our time? Are there any real benefits to learning
and understanding it other than being able to choose a nice-looking
symbol for a logo or a piece of jewelry?

Brief History of Sacred Geometry

Many ancient civilizations demonstrated (a somewhat uncanny)
fundamental awareness that humankind’s existence is intimately connected
to the world we live in. They recognized the repeating shapes and
patterns in almost anything; like geometric fingerprints that point to
the universal forces that shaped the universe and all that’s in it. They
may not have called it Sacred Geometry but they understood it for what
it was.

Across the ages the Minoans, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the
Chinese and the Phoenicians all have used some form of Sacred Geometry
way before the ancient Greeks came and introduced it to the world. They
all saw the recurring patterns throughout life and understood them to be
the laws of nature.

These laws of nature are represented in numbers, symbols and formulas
that the ancients put to good use in many of their magnificent
monuments whose space-age precision never fail to baffle modern
builders. Some of the most famous and globally recognizable examples of
these amazing feats of construction are the pyramids of Egypt and the

Ancient societies believed that by observing nature and understanding
the patterns found all around them, they also gain understanding of
spirituality, their life and ultimately, death. These patterns
eventually found their way from their architecture to their art and
spiritual practices. They further developed into the various math and
sciences that we know today.

Sacred Geometry in Modern Times

As the times gave way to more modernistic beliefs, societies gradually
began to move away from their deep connection to their environment,
slowly losing the gift of awareness, intuition and reverence. We are
born into an era that chooses “rational” explanations for life. As a
result, some aspects of Sacred Geometry are now lost to the majority of
our generation. We exist with no real sense of our place in our world,
not realizing that Sacred Geometry is very much intertwined into the
very fabric of our daily lives.

The human body is designed according to a precise and uniform ratio,
Phi (1.618), also known as The Golden Ratio. The ratio of the
measurement from the top of the head to the navel and the measurement
from the navel to the floor approximates this golden ratio. Each section
of our fingers is longer than the preceding section by roughly the
ratio of 1: 1.618. The ratio of the length of an eye and the length of
our mouth also approximates Phi, etc.

Recurring measurements and patterns are also found all over nature
and they have a message for us. If we see flowers with 5 petals, we can
be sure they produce edible fruits. If we see 3-fold or 6-fold plants,
we know not to eat them as they will most likely be inedible or toxic
and will require further processing in order to be used for medicinal

The laws of Sacred Geometry are also followed in modern-day stealth
technologies which harness the mechanics needed to deflect
electro-magnetic waves in just the right way in order to avoid
detection. Countless contemporary products are designed with the
fundamental principles of Sacred Geometry, like the seemingly ordinary
wine glass, whose shape actually harnesses positive flow of energies.

Sacred Geometry and Healing

As controversial as it has always been since being introduced by the
plant geneticist Dr. Derald Langham in the 1940s, the Genesa Crystal
(though not at all a crystal) is widely believed to promote overall
well-being, positivity and wellness. The 5 Platonic Solids are
incorporated into its design. All organic life is believed to be created
from these building blocks. Dr. Langham found that these shapes
symbolize the growth patterns that allow life energy to flow. The Genesa
crystal eliminates unbalanced energies in the environment, allowing the
people there to live more joyful lives, promoting productivity,
happiness and healing.

There are many other practices that have stemmed from the basic
principles of Sacred Geometry to promote healing; healing of the body;
healing of relationships and interactions with other people; healing of
spaces in order that all negative energies are eliminated and positive
energies are invited in and enhanced.

This ancient wisdom has been lost for thousands of years. It is
resurfacing from under the heavy cover of denial we call modern living.
We are slowly becoming aware again of that thread of connection to our
world that the centuries have allowed to thin to near obscurity. Perhaps
with this promising trend of things to come, humankind will once again
flourish as the true steward of this earth, promoting balance and
effecting the healing of the world that we have brought down to its
knees by our unlearned actions. Let us embrace Sacred Geometry and the
lessons we will inevitably learn from it about our planet, our
spirituality, our life.

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