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Ascension through Sacred Geometry: A Conversation with Thomas Morton

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(Snip) Ascension through Sacred Geometry: A Conversation with Thomas Morton

Apr 29

Posted by Wes Annac

Ascension Through Sacred Geometry

A Conversation with Thomas Morton by Julia Griffin

From Spirit of Ma’at, Ascension, Vol 4, December 2003, Used with Permission ©2003, Spirit of Maat, LLC

Thomas Morton is speaks widely on understanding and
the application of Sacred Geometry. Here, he talks of how, through
utilizing sacred geometry, we can create a vortex of energy that acts as
our own inner temple. Upon entering that sacred space in meditation,
we can access the deep silence, becoming empowered to recognize lower
thoughtforms and ascend in consciousness and being. From there, he
teaches, we become alchemists, transmuting intent into physical

Julia: Just to begin, could you explain for our readers the importance of Sacred Geometry?
Thomas: Most of us who have an interest in Sacred
Geometry have a burning desire to understand Creation — to know how
everything comes into existence. When we have the desire to understand
these things, the path takes us to higher vibrations and frequencies,
colors and sounds, as both are one and the same, being but different
expression of Energy.
In studying the Sacred Geometry of Creation, we first understand that
creation takes place in what is known as “no time and space,” and that
it then enters into dimensionality through the intra-dimensional
doorway known as the Golden Mean Spiral.
Why do we utilize Sacred Geometry? The purest answer is because it
creates for us the frequencies of a controlled place of deep silence,
the place of The Silent Watcher, that has no beginning or end. The
Golden Mean is the doorway to this place known as “no time and space,”
where we can interact with Creation. It is the sacred doorway to the
intuitive, the space to where we once again are God in action.

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