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4-30-13 Semaphore: I just got off the phone and the info I received concurs with the Wolf man.

1. There are NO delays.

2. There is no shenanigans coming from any outside group (FINALLY) as we have experienced in the past which caused weeks of delays.

3. It is finished. DONE!

4. The rates are known inside and have been a closely guarded secret. The Wolman did not say he knew the rates, only he stated that his intel source told him the rates were still high.

5. See # 4

6. The RV is on a predetermined schedule of roll out. No one on the outside knows what that is. IMO that is likely been the communications going out to the involved parties the past few hours.

Think of it in terms of a pre-launch sequence inside a flight control center. We all in the USA have witnessed these countless times on television. We can see the rocket, gleaming in the sun on the launch pad. This object just stands still. The only sign of activity is escaping gases.

Inside the control room the countdown is placed on hold and the various flight systems managers acknowledge one by room that all systems go based on the data from their data displays.

They each state clearly, "GO FLIGHT". One by one this is done as they go around the room, as well as from data and tracking systems from around the room. Then the flight director exclaims to the room, "WE ARE GO FOR FLIGHT." Countdown will resume in.....

Now without an audio feed such as we don't have we don't hear the system checks, and we don't hear the countdown. We only know that the rocket launches when the ground vibrates and the engine lights up and we see the thunderous rocket rise upward.

There are no flight delays, all systems are GO FOR LAUNCH. THE COUNTDOWN HAS RESUMED.


Thanks Yman I hope this info is accurate, how good would that be!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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