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The 144 Light Pulse Meditation Technique: Powerful Healing Tool for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Planet

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The 144 Light Pulse Meditation Technique: Powerful Healing Tool for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Planet

Posted by admin on May 2, 2013

This simple, but profoundly powerful, historic meditation
technique is given in its entirety for use by a new generation of
Healers and mystics.

By Truth | The Healers Journal

When I come across something truly unique, simple and powerful, I
feel compelled to share it with a wider audience. I know there are many
out there who are also looking for something similar — looking to cut
through all of the light-hearted, new-agey techniques and get into
something with a bit more ‘oomph’ so to speak. There’s nothing wrong
with the more light hearted stuff, it’s just that many of us are
reaching more advanced stages of awareness and ability and are ready for
more powerful esoteric practices.

This meditation technique originally came through in 1977 — over 30
years ago as of this writing. For all intents and purposes, it was
‘buried’ or lost in the archives of the Cosmic Awareness newsletter. In
this sense, we are reviving it for the benefit and use of another
generation, who is eagerly searching for simple, but powerful techniques
to advance the progress of humanity in attaining higher levels of
healing, spirituality, and awareness at this time.

Benefits of the 144 Light Pulse Meditation Technique

My personal experiences with the meditation have been nothing short
of profound and transformative. It is an incredibly powerful technique
that works on many levels. I am still in the process of experiencing
the unfolding of its myriad effects in my life, so I cannot speak to
them all here, however, some readily noticeable benefits have been:

- Level of profound contentment and tranquility reached immediately after using the meditation, which lasted for days

- Brings subconscious patterns and beliefs into the conscious mind for review and healing

- Detoxifies the physical and emotional bodies

- Rejuvenates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

- Decreases time to manifestation and potentiates intention/manifestational abilities

General Guidelines on How to Practice
The 144 Light Pulse Meditation Technique: Powerful Healing Tool for the Mind, Body, Spirit and Planet Sound-Healing-Banner-300x250-HJ

The meditation can be practiced at any time, although it is
recommended to do so at night. Sit or lay down in a comfortable
position. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to get centered
and disconnect from any previous activities or thoughts. Once you feel
centered and relaxed, begin the technique below.

The 144 Pulse Light Meditation Technique

This Awareness asks that entities who read this message, to spend
approximately five minutes prior to falling asleep each night for a
period of one week, imaging the world floating in space, and visualizing
this world as having certain areas of darkness, and feeling the
presence of this world floating in space, likened unto the pictures of
the earth taken from the moon.

This Awareness asks that entities then begin visualizing the earth as
gathering a type of “halo” around itself: an aura of light; and to
watch this light as it grows, and see this light pulsating.

This Awareness suggests that entities then count the pulsations of
light, and that they count silently to 144 one hundred and forty-four
pulsations; and as this is completed, that they move themselves back
into the light and back on to the earth and experience the light which
they have created.

This Awareness asks that entities do this for at least seven days;
that this needs to be done nightly, throughout the rest of the year, if
entities can bring themselves to putting out that much energy. This
Awareness indicates that the action of putting forth this energy will
bring many rewards to entities under the Law of Gratitude, and they
shall find themselves being healed on many levels as they move into the
light. [HJ Note: Even if you cannot commit to doing
this nightly or even consecutively, do not be discouraged -- it is still
worth practicing whenever possible. Benefits can be experienced even
from doing the meditation as little as one time.]

This Awareness suggests that after entities move back into the image
of the earth now lighted, they may also begin feeling the pulsations
around their own body, feeling themselves pulsating as light, and may
also count 144 pulsations.

This Awareness suggests this may also be used on other entities who need healing.

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