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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » RETIRED JUDGE SPILLS THE BEANS: How Your Birth Certificate and Marriage License Ties You to the Corporate Slavery System

RETIRED JUDGE SPILLS THE BEANS: How Your Birth Certificate and Marriage License Ties You to the Corporate Slavery System

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RETIRED JUDGE SPILLS THE BEANS: How Your Birth Certificate and
Marriage License Ties You to the Corporate Slavery System

1 Vote
corporate agenda and structure ( the conspiracy ) based on your birth
certificate, using you as a slave for their system, is now shut down by
THE ONE PEOPLE ( former OPPT ) using the structure of Uniform Commercial
Codes (UCC) filling Universal Laws / Common Law as the new laws for the
Universe. We are back to PRIME.

No One stands between you and the creator.
During the month of May the IUV-ExChange goes online, and very soon.
You will Experience massive changes and the ending of these wars
and this former corporate slavery systems.


Roger Indigo-sacredwavesoftheocean

Thanks to:



Reality is something I look at every single day and the reality has not changed in the so called modern world. The demons are still hanging on to their war field and their agenda's are still moving forward! See Obama's recent agenda concerning your children and birth control, just makes my point! He is operating under the UN Charter, who claims to own your children. read it.

People wake up, enough is enough!

Retired Judge or not, come out of hiding and help with leading the People, help with leading other fooled judges and attorneys out of the present system. The attorneys are the problem in today's world!

Attorneys should be shunned from being legislators, judges and jurors on any level of government!

OPPT prove to the People your system really has force and effect. All unconstitutional laws revolked.

I go to the message on the link above for the retired judge and it is coded, decode it so that we can read it.

God Help this Country or give it the rath of the 9th harbinger so "We The People" can restructure,

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With U on this AJ, except need clarification on the " rath of the 9th havenger" ??

"force and effect" is imminent, imo, via SwissIndo's Order to provost marshall(s). Keep the faith.

Lord give us eyes to see that those WITH us are so much Greater than those against us and You are manifesting Your Divine Plan and Provision in and through Your obedient people in myriad manners not yet visible to many, but REALITY, nonetheless.

All Praise, Honor & GLory to YOU Forevermore, Author of all Life, eternally... Halleluyah! ☀


The rath of the 9th Harbinger is the complete collapes of the US monatary system for the governments wrong doings to others over the years. AJ


Sorry, Habinger was spelled wrong. Below is the prayer stated to the US government at Obama's inauguration breakfast.


AJAnderson wrote:The rath of the 9th Harbinger is the complete collapes of the US monatary system for the governments wrong doings to others over the years. AJ

"IT IS FINISHED!" Words of Yeshua upon the cross.

“Debt” is the LIE keeping us in bondage to “world system”. The Key for me was learning TRUTH: In Lord’s prayer the word for “sin” is sometimes translated “debt” or “trespass”; Forgive us our debts (sins, trespasses), as we forgive …. Jesus (Y’shua, Messiah, Savior) lived, died, & rose victorious to set believers FREE from the power of sin, debt, bondage in our lives; Jubilee is His concept, celebrate His Spirit revealing His Truth, Forgiveness, Love, Peace, Joy, Redemption, Justice, Freedom to, for, in and through us--- All to His Honor and Glory on earth as Heaven … Forever. … Think about how much grief (love of) money causes on this planet & try to imagine a world where all you need to do is ask and everything you need will be provided. Matthew Chapter 5 for those who are interested is where you will find the answers. Down with the money changers!! Y’shua threw them out of the temple in righteous anger, taking advantage of His worshipping people. Do we have the courage to throw them out of our lives as violators of “equal weights and measures” {and full disclosure of truth in our dealings with our fellow men and women}- Biblical law???! …

excerpted from my "Resurrection Gift of Good News-Freedom, Discovery, Jubilee, Prophecy 4/2/2013"

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