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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » KESHE FOUNDATION - SPACESHIP INSTITUTE » Keshe Foundation Update : Announces Receipt Of New Non-Nuclear Reactor And Next Step In Global Energy Plan – 6 May 2013

Keshe Foundation Update : Announces Receipt Of New Non-Nuclear Reactor And Next Step In Global Energy Plan – 6 May 2013

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Keshe Foundation Update : Announces Receipt Of New Non-Nuclear Reactor And Next Step In Global Energy Plan – 6 May 2013

Posted on May 6, 2013 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment

This post is a little late, so things should be under way now or any day. Fabulous news!

What’s happening in cabal-land, the USA? Anyone know what became of that USB stick?


MT Keshe Wrote on April 17, 2013The Keshe Foundation making the
following announcement regarding the development of the power generator:

The non-nuclear reactor that is the basis of the power generator was received from the manufacturers this week.

The reactor will be put through the setting and start-up processes in the next 2- 3 weeks.

Following this the Foundation starts the full testing of the new
system and during this phase starts developing the plasma in the core
using the non-nuclear material core.

We will report the results to the forum by the end of May.

From time to time we will post on this forum videos of the tests or pictures of the results from the Foundation’s lab.

As we promised, we gave the USB sticks to governments and waited for their response.

Last year we started negotiations with several organizations and
governments to bring the power generator into mass production in
different nations and into the hands of the public.

Now in most cases the technology has gone from government to
industrial partners and from this point on the technology is in the
hands of each nation.

The scientists from these nations will come to the Foundation
research center or we will go to them and they will develop their own
prototype for their nation.

The Foundation with their commercial partners has guaranteed mass production in six nations.

The next step after June will be the process of certification in each nation.

From this point on the knowledge and know-how is in the hands of more
than 100 scientists around the world and the new technology is
available to the world of science.

In time we will make the technology available to the general public.

From now on it is the responsibility of the commercial partners in
each nation to announce who they are and where they are with regard to
the commercialization.

As part of our agreement with all partners, the Foundation will
deliver power generators to those who do not have the financial
resources to afford them easily and thus the technology will reach the
poor at the same rate as the rich.

Thus class division will be overcome through science and we will
allocate all profits from our commercial stake in the production of the
generators in each nation to the benefit of its own citizens, so that
the comfort of all will be improved at the same speed.

This principle of spending of profits on its citizens is written into
the mandate for the commercial activities of the companies in each
country and hence our ethos is adhered to.

M T Keshe

Director of the Keshe Foundation / link to original article
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THanks 4 this, Prpl ☀

Do U know if USA one of 6 mentioned? Not surprised if not......

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