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» UFO Filmed Over Hoboken, New Jersey. -UFO OVNI-
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» The Way of the Warrior: Synergizing the 3 Aspects of Being - David Whitehead
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» NIBIRU FOOTAGE under a tinted filter over camera lens
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» 10,000 Year Old Statue Contains Coded Message About Human Origins
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» Anand Varma: A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life
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» Multi Colored Object.
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»  Cyberfetus Rising The Star Larvae Hypothesis: Nature's Plan for Humankind (Addendum )
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» Okay NASA, What's This Please?
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» POOFness for MAY 24: TRIBUTE
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» Crop Circle At Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. Reported 24th May 2015
Yesterday at 9:25 pm by WTF

» Earth Key Dates Explained
Yesterday at 5:08 pm by PurpleSkyz

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