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Netanyahu Summoned To China, Cabal Purge Begins In UK

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Ben Fulford (May 6 2013) ~ Netanyahu Summoned To China, Cabal Purge Begins In UK

Posted on May 6, 2013

Benjamin Fulford

One of the world's leading terrorists, the Satan worshipping mass
murderer Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been summoned to China where
he will be confronted with evidence of his involvement in the March 11,
2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan, according to
Chinese government sources. The evidence is a tape recorded phone call
to then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan in which Netanyahu threatened
to destroy all of Japan's nuclear reactors if Kan did not order the
Japanese government to write off its holdings of US government debt,
according to Japanese military intelligence. In exchange for sweeping
this issue under the carpet, the 180 nation BRICS alliance will demand
an end to all further war-mongering in the Middle East. The Israeli use
of a nuclear bunker buster bomb against Syria just before Netanyahu's
departure was a futile gesture of defiance as the worldwide crackdown on
the Sabbatean Satanic mafia unfolds.

In a related development, the UK Police and Crime Commission have
opened an investigation into the Thames Valley police, Sara Thornton in
particular, concerning, among other things, the murder of bio-weapons
specialist Dr. David Kelly. This is part of a wider police investigation
into the cabal that fooled the UK government into participating in the
invasion of Iraq. The heads of MI5, the London Metropolitan Police
counter terror squad and of UK Special Forces have all left their posts,
according to an MI5 source. Several journalists have also been
arrested, he said. Many witnesses of substance (military) are coming
forward in support having realized the UK police have been acting
outside correct procedures in many instances, according to an MI5
source. "The emphasis will now be on internal investigations of
corruption in the Police and Civil service," the source said. The
Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, Head of the Civil Service, will
also find his position under close scrutiny. Then Prime Minister Tony
Blair has already been investigated and has basically sung like a
canary. Blair has already implicated many EU leaders as having accepted
bribes in exchange for allowing the Soviet Union modeled EU to gradually
usurp the sovereignty of European nation states.

This of course, is a preliminary to investigations that will finally
bring justice to the perpetrators of the 911 terror and mind-control
attack against the US. The wheels of justice will roll towards George
Bush Jr., Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Frank Carlucci, Michael
Chertoff and the entire fascist cabal that seized control of the US
following the rigged year 2000 election, according to patriotic CIA and
Pentagon sources.

The question remains just how far down the rabbit hole the whole
crackdown on the perpetrators of 911, 311 and related events will go.
The problem is concentrated at the top and it is very difficult for
military and law enforcement types used to following orders from above
to take action against their "superiors."

When you have a supreme court that has been threatened and
intimidated into submission, a Congress and Senate that have been mostly
bribed and a President who is a puppet, then going through them is not a
realistic option in dealing with the criminal fascist takeover of the

My understanding is that the joint chiefs of staff of the Pentagon
are the best hope for restoring the US Republic and freeing the American
people. What they need to understand is that it is not going to be any
court case that will settle the problem.

If the American people are to be freed, the military need to
temporarily take over the key centers of power. They need to send troops
to occupy the following places: the Federal Reserve Board branches, the
Congress, the Senate, the White House, the Supreme Court, the Justice
Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, the
NSA, the major media companies and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Once this is done, it will be a fairly simple job to figure out who
has been part of the fascist cabal: follow the money. Anybody who is
living way beyond their salary and cannot explain the source of money
should be suspended pending further investigation.

There is also a need to remove all US/Israeli dual citizens from any
government offices. Dual loyalty and service to your government are not

The Pentagon types rightly point out the lesson of history that the
military are not good at running governments as the reason they have not
taken action yet. That is true but, the military are very good at
restoring order and then returning to their barracks.

The military take pride in the fact they have never interfered in
government since the founding of the United States. However, they need
to realize that never before in the history of the United States has the
country been surreptitiously taken over by a foreign power.

This of course brings us back to Israel. Israel was founded by Jews
who murdered other Jews in order to force them out of their European
homeland as part of a criminally insane project to carry out ancient
biblical prophecies. It sounds too far-fetched for us normal people to
fathom, but history makes it clear this is exactly what has been going
on. That is why there has been no solution to the Palestinian issue
despite over 5 decades of "peace negotiations." Peace would prevent
their planned Armageddon.


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