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The Occult and 10 Year Planning to Bring Down Syria!

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The Occult and 10 Year Planning to Bring Down Syria!


The Occult and 10 Year Planning to Bring Down Syria!

From Alexandra

General Wesley Clark is the former Commanding General of U.S.
European Command, which included all American military activities in the
89 countries and territories of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
Additionally, he was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR), which
granted him overall command of NATO military forces in Europe 1997 –

Clark was awarded awarded a Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Purple
Heart for his service in Vietnam, among numerous subsequent medals and
citations. He graduated Valedictorian of his class at West Point.

Flashback: At a Democracy Now! event held on March 2, 2007,
former presidential candidate and Four-Star General, Wesley Clark
(Ret.), described a memo he was shown that the Bush Administration
planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,
Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran between 2007 and 2012.

Although these alleged plans appear to be moving slower than
initially intended, Bashar al-Assad’s days as the Dictator-for-Life of
Syria do appear to be numbered – and the plans noted in the memo cited
by Clarke would appear to be on track.
(As an aside, there appears to be a strong occult connection with the
date, March 19. The invasion of Libya via the UN and the 2003 invasion
of Iraq were both done on March 19, as with many other military
conflicts, cited in the video.

March 19

The Occult and 10 Year Planning to Bring Down Syria! Denver Airport NWO Capstone

took the above photo of a freemasonry capstone in 2010. Whilst taking
the photo he noticed behind the capstone a 26 foot high statue of
Anubis, the Egyptian god of death!

The Occult and 10 Year Planning to Bring Down Syria! Anubis Denver Airport

“The capstone was laid by the Prince Hall
Grand Lodge F and A. M. of Colorado and Jurisdiction. The grandmaster of
this lodge is Claude W. Gray, Sr. A second lodge, the Grand Lodge of
A.F. and A.M. of Colorado, is listed with Benjamin H. Bell, Jr. as Grand
Master. In the middle of the dedication names is the Masonic square and
compass symbol. Under the symbol and date is “New World Airport

The occult elite practice blood sacrifice in accordance with
astrological and numerological forces steeped in interpretations of
‘practices’ from ancient civilizations, New Age movements, and many
psychotherapies. The number 19is an end of one cycle and the
beginning of a new cycle or in reductionist’s terms death and
birth/rebirth. There are 19 cycles/revolutions of the moon, after which
she returns on the same day of the solar year.

In Chaldean Numerology, the number 19, is regarded as fortunate and
extremely favourable. It is symbolized as “the Sun” and promises
happiness, success, esteem and honour and promises success in one’s plan
for the future.

Exploration of the significance of this date to the evil forces that govern our lives brings up the following:

  • The month of March is named after the planet Mars which features symbolically when it comes to warmongering.

March 19 The Feast Day of Joseph

  • March 20 – Vernal/Spring Equinox: A feast day involving orgies and animal or human sacrifice.

  • March 21 – Animal/human sacrifices to saturate the ground with blood to avenge God’s decision over the Biblical Cain and Abel dispute

  • April 1 – All Fool’s Day, 13 weeks since New Year’s Day.

  • April 19 – May 1: Blood Sacrifice To The Beast.

  • April 30 – May 1 – Beltaine Festival, also called Walpurgis Night.
    This is the highest day on the Druidic Witch’s Calendar. Is the 13th
    day of the annual “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” – the number “13″
    represents to them an “extreme rebellion” to the laws and the rule of
    God and what greater way to rebel than to unleash fear and death!

  • From April 30 – July 4 of every year there are 66 days. April 30-May 1 is the Satanic two-day spring rite of Beltaine.

  • In 1776, the U.S. Declaration of Independence was issued precisely
    66 days after the beginning of Beltaine that year. Adam Weishaupt
    declared his Masters of the Illuminati on the second day of Beltaine.

“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped the creature rather than the Creator…” Romans 1:25

The Occult and 10 Year Planning to Bring Down Syria! Kudurru_Melishipak_Louvre_Sb23_Ishtar-star star of Ishtar



American Civil War: The Battle of Bentonville began on March 19 1865
Irish War of Independence 1,300 British forces encircle 100 IRA members on March 1921
WWII 1943: German troops enter Warsaw
ghetto to round up the remaining Jews, starting the Warsaw Ghetto
Uprising.Nazi forces occupy Hungary March 19, 1944

Adolf Hitler issues the “Nero Decree,” a scorched-earth directive
calling for the destruction of all German infrastructure presumed in
danger of falling to the Allies, March 19, 1945
The Pope was inaugurated on Tuesday, March 19th
Falklands War: Argentinean forces land on South Georgia Island, precipitating war with the U.K. March 19, 1982a new Bank of Japan governor March 19th
Invasion of Libya March 19, 2011 a new Israeli government taking office on March 19th
Invasion of Iraq March 19, 2003
The CIA told congress that Iraq was to blame for the 9-11 attacks, March 19th 2002.
Spring Equinox – March 20
Obama first time in Israel – March 20 2013Precession Of The Equinoxes – not the Solstices – March 20
March 21-22 – Goddess Ostara, Satanists Human Sacrifice NightsOstarawas Semiramis, wife of Nimrod, founder of the Satanic Babylonian Mysteries. Ostara/Ishtar/Eostre /Easter – Easter practices originate here!March 21-22 – Goddess Ostara


“Invasion By Numbers”

“No Kidding…. March 2013… The New 12-21-2012… 25 Events to Watch.” http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/02/no-kidding-march-2013-the-new-12-21-2012-25-events-to-watch-2565128.html

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