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Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism*

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1 Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism* on Fri May 10, 2013 10:27 am


Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism*


Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism*

The debate over vaccines continues as an Italian court ruled in favor
of the Bocca family who’s nine-year-old son became autistic after
receiving the MMR (Measles/Mumps & Rubella) vaccine. I came across
this case and felt it was a good idea to report on this as the vaccine
debate has been a hot topic here lately. Although the case concluded in
2012, the information is just as relavent today.

Valentino Bocca was given the MMR vaccine when he was 15 months old
in 2004. The family has stated that immediately after the jab their son
began showing signs of serious discomfort. The Bocca family decided to
act and took the case to court. Judges determined the vaccine did cause
the autism after new evidence was presented and awarded the Bocca family
174,000 euro (£140,000) after the Italian Health Ministry conceded the
MMR vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son Valentino. After
the ruling, Italian lawyers began examining around 100 similar cases
which they believe could lead to more families pursuing court cases.

Of course this case does not come with two sides to the argument. In
Britain, doctors and health experts insist that the onset of autism
after the vaccine was merely a coincidence and that other children
develop autism around the same time. The official statement of the
Department of Health is that ‘there is a wealth of evidence showing
children who receive the MMR vaccine are no more at risk of autism than
those who don’t.’

The Bocca case is not the first case where children have been
allegedly damaged by vaccines. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
has paid out over $2 billion in compensation to families who have been
damaged by vaccines. The Bocca case ruling will likely re-open much
debate over vaccine safety and effectiveness. This was largely made
popular when the respected medical journal The Lancet published an
article in 1998, making a connection between the triple vaccine and
autism. Later on, the author’s methods were discredited but this of
course came with controversy as well. Luckily, the news of it alone was
enough for families to re-question the vaccine when thinking of their

Though the debate is still ongoing, many people are seriously
questioning vaccines and this isn’t just the average person. Medical
doctors have been educating themselves further on vaccines as the
evidence continues to pile up about the ineffectiveness and lack of
safety associated with vaccines. The number of autism cases has risen
greatly since the 1970s, as the number of vaccines a child receives
continues to rise dramatically.

Although it is not yet clear what the new evidence was that concluded
the Bocca case, it is almost certain that it will continue to build the
case for re-thinking vaccines.

The black out in US media is a prime example of how much medical
information is censored in North America. This may add to the fact that
it seems North America is a lot more unaware of healthy practices
regarding medicine, lifestyle and diet. Of course this isn’t to say that
everyone is like this in North America, but when you look at the
numbers we can see that North America is among the unhealthiest when it
comes to developed countries.

A great example of how the medical industry tends to avoid new
vaccine science comes in the case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He has been
involved in extensively reviewing the MMR vaccine and its safety, and
has found not only some scary results, but also a great opposition and
blacking out when it comes to the medical field looking at his evidence.

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