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The Ascended Masters: Positive Change is Unavoidable

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The Ascended Masters: Positive Change is Unavoidable

May 10

Posted by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The Divinity and sovereignly of humanity will be understood in the
time ahead and currently, a plethora of awakening souls upon the surface
of your dear Earth are already beginning to find and discover their own
personal Divinity and the miraculous things they can do.

Every one of you carries the pure power of the Creator in your
hearts, and what we mean is that you possess a raw higher dimensional
strength and ability to do and manifest so very much that for the most
part, you’ve been led to believe you are unable to do or manifest.

Your abilities are truly unlimited, and we have always wished for you dear souls to know this.

We have taken incarnations on your dear Earth for the very purpose of
helping you to uncover, discover and experience you natural Divinity
and now, a plethora of souls are incarnate upon your world who will go
down in your history books, just as we did, as souls who incarnated to
help initiate the widespread awakening taking place.

You Can All Be Instrumental

Every one of you can be instrumental in helping the collective of
Earth to awaken; it simply takes the fortitude and balance in oneself
that will see one able to act as a shining example for all those around
them to benefit from.

You will be helping the rest of your collective to understand the
higher realms and the mechanisms that drive a higher dimensional
experience in the time ahead and for now, we ask you to continue on as
diligently as you always have in performing your everyday tasks and
duties, as you know it all to be for the higher good.

Your intentions in every moment will determine where you are heading
as a collective and as individuals, and when your actions and intents
are in line with the Divinity you have come to the Earth to forget and
eventually rediscover, you will find your everyday experiences on the
Earth becoming much, much easier for indeed, you will have stopped
fighting against the current of personal change and your doing so will
have greatly helped the collective to no longer fight against the
widespread change that is to be introduced.

Of course, much of your collective has been unaware of the change
needing to take place in your society, and this very unawareness and
complacency has stopped a positive future from being able to be enacted
until now.

We Were With You in Atlantis

There have been incarnate Masters in nearly every time period of your
Earthly history, and we were all with you in the times of Atlantis and
Lemuria. They were wonderful times indeed, as the Earth was able to host
not just the presence of a myriad of Galactic and Angelic beings who
came to Live in the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria with you, but we
Masters as well.

We and so many others were with every one of you who experienced
Atlantis, and those of you who didn’t have come to the Earth as a
(partial) result of the unfortunate destruction that took place in the
final days of Atlantis and Lemuria.

As many of you dear souls know, the souls that were the Lemurians
have went underground to the fruitful ascended realms of your
Inner-Earth, and have been watching and assisting you along your planned
evolution ever since the demise of the two colonies.

You can make your attempts to communicate with the Lemurian souls
whom many of you knew in the previous encounters you had with them
during those times, as these souls are brimming with excitement to be
able to speak with humanity again and we, like you, are just as excited
for your reunion to take place.

So very much has been done in an attempt to get you to forget about
your sacred past and the sacred future you are heading into, and the
unconsciousness of humanity will be permanently broken when the
revelations begin to surface concerning the existence of your Galactic
brethren; concerning our existence and a plethora of other things that
are to make many souls’ heads spin.

Prepare for the Revelations

As we have in the past and as others have, we ask even you dear
awakening souls to prepare yourselves for the revelations that will be
forthcoming because truly, so very much has happened that you haven’t
been told and we highly anticipate humanity being able to understand
just what has been wrought unto you in the time ahead.

You have grown up in purposely hollow and conditioned societies that
have been meant to take your awareness away from anything of the higher
dimensions, as you have been led to believe that your physical reality
is the only existence there is and this paradigm is to be more than
broken in a plethora of Earth souls, when faced with the initial
disclosure announcements.

We ask you to continue to remain diligent in spreading and bringing
truth to the forefront of the collective perception and as has been said
in the past, your work is only beginning.

We mean this for the world stage and for the personal paths of each
one of you. The ascension energies leading you onward toward the purer
states of consciousness of the higher realms are only to continue
increasing in purity and intensity, and the resulting difficulty you
experience in your Lives can be turned up if you do not allow (your
Earth experience) to simply Be rather than fighting against it.

Fighting against the current of change has proven pointless for the
cabal heads who increasingly see that a clear, blatant and positive
change is unavoidable, and many of you are as well beginning to see that
the current of change cannot be ignored and that aligning oneself with
this change and remaining in a neutral place will help you exponentially
along a process that can test you and bring you far, far away from your
necessary center if you allow it to.

Logos Links All Souls

You have so very much to learn about yourselves and about the world
around you, and one of the initial revelations you will be given
concerning your planet will be the network of energy, which we have been
labeling Love or Logos, that exists all around your planet and that every soul is interlinked within.

You are united with every facet of consciousness around you, and we
are not simply delivering pretty words when we say this, dear souls.

Quite the opposite – when we say such things we are attempting to
activate a knowledge; a memory and understanding within your hearts,
which will itself help to spark a full awakening and enlightenment to
the fact that you are interlinked with every conscious being around you.

Consciousness is not limited to humans, animals or plants, dear
souls. Consciousness is truly everything, and the very conscious energy
of Love makes up your entire reality.

Humanity has defined spirituality on your world for so very long as
an embrace of something different from the physical paradigm of
existence but truly, everything is spirit. Indeed, to claim one to be
spirit is quite a given in the higher realms, and this is (meant to be)
so with every facet of consciousness around you as well.

Every being around you, be them inanimate or not, is experiencing
consciousness and the resulting spirituality because dear souls,
consciousness is spirituality.

The sooner humanity can realize that your very consciousness and your
very perception of the reality around you naturally breeds a
spirituality that is unparalleled, the sooner a plethora of souls can
turn away from looking toward external or physical sources to bring them
happiness or fulfillment.

Meeting Purer Perceptions

Truly, your cup runneth over with blatant spiritual energy that you
can absorb and feel in yourselves, and when a soul initially becomes
open to the reality and existence of this wonderful and harmonious
energy, a process begins that entails them meeting their own perceptions
of this energy and of their own latent spirituality, in purer and
bolder ways.

Indeed, some of you may look back and discover that you were indeed
interested in the same concepts and belief systems just a few years ago
in your fading concept of time and since then, your perceptions of such
things have grown sharper and purer and this is because many of you have
for quite a while, been well along your processes of realizing and
understanding the Divinity that is truly all around you in every moment.

This Divinity is here to stay and it is ready to be recognized by the
awakening humanity, and we trust that you dear souls will be able to
recognize and pick up on your own latent Divinity in any moment you feel
as if the higher realms or we souls within the higher realms have
somehow abandoned you or are not with you.

Indeed, we are always with you and we have wanted you to know this during your times of despair or loneliness.

Loneliness is a fading aspect of the illusory reality around you, as
to be separated from anything is to be separated from oneself; from
one’s eternal, Godly essence. You are always connected with the higher
realms and with a plethora of higher dimensional souls accompanying
these realms and specifically, you can always connect with your higher
selves and with our Mother/Father Creator if you feel you are in need of
assistance or Love.

Infinite Options in the Spiritual Hierarchy

You can also connect with the myriad of other souls in the higher
realms, some of whom have taken the “God” positions and some of whom
have taken the “Galactic” positions (and others), which there are indeed
differences between.

Let us explain, dear souls. Upon evolving into a certain higher
dimensional perspective, a soul can choose to play the role of a “God”
in the Spiritual Hierarchy, which entails Creating more distorted realms
for souls experiencing their growth in such realms to undergo and come
out of as shining Divine souls themselves, and many Gods have in fact
inhabited the planets and the lower realms they helped to Create.

Souls who grow into the fifth dimension from their various lower
dimensional planets have a plethora of different options after doing so;
from joining the Galactic Federation or other similar Organizations, to
excelling further along their evolution in a different manner (and so
very much more).

Your options are truly unlimited once reaching the higher dimensions,
and you will find your opportunity for soul growth just as unlimited.

You are Loved, Supported and Consistently Guided

The growth of the soul has taken place at varying speeds for each one
of you, but every one of you are learning to tap into the natural
God-given abilities you have always possessed within and as we make our
final impressions for this communication, we ask you to allow the
ascended perspectives you are beginning to find to settle upon you;
especially if you feel as if events in your personal Lives are not
moving along fast enough or again, if you feel you have been left alone.

Truly, you are never left alone and we have always wished for you to know this.

You are Loved, supported and consistently guided by we in the higher
realms, and your sacred evolution is proceeding at a greater pace than
could have ever been expected. The more interest you show in your
personal ascension processes, the more progress you will make upon them
and as we temporarily exit this line of communication, we remind you
that you are more powerful than many of you have given yourselves credit

Understand and feel this, dear souls, for it will become more than apparent very soon.

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

Thanks to:

 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr

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