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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » SCIENCE » Hundreds of Geoglyphs discovered in South Africa!

Hundreds of Geoglyphs discovered in South Africa!

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Birds Eye View of the South African Geoglyphs

This is simply an amazing discovery. If you don't have google Earth, go download and punch in these co-ordinates: -30.016954, 21.096132.

Some of these patterns remind me of some photo's i took of Nazca awhile back from Google Earth. Check it out!

(Above) Taken with Google Earth, from South Africa. I used photoshop to bring out the shadows and contrast. Notice the geometry - the paralell and crossing lines - and in the center / left what looks like a faded, large circular pattern.

(Above) Taken with Google Earth, of South Africa. Photoshop used to adjust contrast. Notice the large pattern stretching into the frame from the right - an animal of sorts?. Throughout the middle and left you see the spiral drawings - hundreds and hundreds of them. You will also notice the carved path way through the mid area - again like Nazca. Unsure if this is a modern road, or not.

(Above) Closer view of some spiral sections with various other patterns and lines. South Africa.

Rest @


I find these and the Nasca lines so fascinating.
Thanks Nosmos.



Yeah :o What I find reaaaaly interesting are the connections between both the Nazca plains and these new ones discovered (not to mention other large geoglyphs). The spiral pattern is something thats found world-wide, carved into rock surfaces and the like.

What's the purpose of this? I know a lot of anthropologists would say it's merely a trait of the universality of man - we are all hard-wired in the same fashion, the spiral could be a commen motif (seen under psychedelic circumstances, etc). I would rather suggest most of the world stood witness to spiral like signs in the sky - no doubt from a comet type object passing by (ie, plasma discharge like Wallace Thornhill has shown in Thunderbolts of the Gods - or for instance the Norway Spiral that happened)

Herb Lady

Wow Nosmos this is all so very interesting! Thanks for sharing these!

Well I don't know about all of that, but in some older nature based beliefs, the spirals are very significant, to the right bringing love in, to the left releasing of negativity. It is all energy related, so maybe the same here?

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Heya Herb lady - I would definitely say there are many meanings to these images - yet I also find it hard to understand how the same conception could be applied to a symbol by so many different cultures around the world who had never met (i mean, that's how meaning comes about, through enculturation). It is also possible many were decendents of a previous civilization who held these beliefs - it is also possible people witnessed 'plasma' type discharges in the sky (say, a prior pole shift) or something.

It's also possible that these images found EVERYWHere came to people through psychedelics - since the symbolism found in these experiences tend to be the same regardless of culture (serpents, for instance, or entwined serpents).

But I believe you are correct! Definitely, one cannot place 1 meaning to these things.

Herb Lady

Thanks Nosmos! Nice chatting with you!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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np :)

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