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I Am Money

Saturday, May 11th, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Banksters Big Brother New World Order Secret Societies

I Am Money EvalisticMoneyAttunement

by Scooter

My real name is Currency, but those that think they know me, call me Money.

Thanks to multi-generational conditioning, you unconsciously accept
me in your life as normal and necessary. You use euphemisms to help you
ignore my true character, by safely referring to me as a “medium of
exchange”, and I’ve adapted numerous nicknames like bucks, dough,
scratch, bread , juice and Benjamins. I like these references as they
tend to disarm thinking minds.

Most people have no idea where I come from, and I like it that way. I
create division by my very nature and I place arbitrary values on
everything, including life. But I have no actual value other than that
which you, and the other users, give me with your energy and time. By
my nature, I enslave people and entire groups of people (protest if you
will… but you are not immune). I am viral in nature and millions of
people get paid with me just to keep track of me. I am extremely
powerful and very unforgiving.

Doubting my power? I can create situations and circumstances that would otherwise probably not exist:

- Have several total strangers prepare, serve and clean-up an entire meal for you and your family at a restaurant.
- Get someone with less of me to mow your lawn.
- Buy shoes and clothing made by nameless, faceless children in far-away places that lack me.
- Use me to increase your “quality of life” by replacing your 42″ LCD with a 50″ LED.
- Buy a motor vehicle when others can’t afford a bicycle.
- Put YOUR kids in a safer neighborhood and better schools.
- Take a vacation to try to forget about me, while at the same time, spending lots of me in the process.
- Purchase a piece of paper from a university that suggests that you are
intellectually superior, so you can take more of me from those deemed
less intelligent, or that have not purchased the piece of paper
- Display me in various ways to demonstrate how successful you are.
- Attract people with me… friends, clients… even a wife or a husband.
- Spend me on hobbies, diversions and chemicals designed to help you forget about the process of getting me.
- Invest me so I magically reproduce myself (you don’t really now how this works, but you pretend to).
- Trade your time and freedom for me. I think you call it a job?
- Get your illnesses treated if you have a enough of me.
- Use me to help bring comfort to your life in a world where many are suffering.
- Pay people to govern you.
- With enough of me, you could run for a political office.
- Build a church with me, create a religion with me.
- Use me to worship your favorite sports teams.
- Lie, cheat or steel to get me.
- Have others lie, cheat and steal to get me, so you feel innocent.
- Wage wars using me.
- Get others to wage wars using me, so you feel innocent.
- Use me to determine which people should succeed, and which should fail.

I have only a few masters; those that created me. They work for the
god that is printed on me. The rest of you are simply unwitting

You will think about me today, directly or indirectly, over 500
times.; how to get me, hold on to me, but mostly how to spend me. This
keeps you completely detached from who and what you really are, and my
masters like it that way. While I may be powerful, I’m nothing compared
to what you were… before me.


Thanks to Zen at:


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