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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR SCAMMERS EXPOSED FOR WHO THEY ARE » Benjamin Fulford » Benjamin Fulford 5-14-13…”New moves afoot to break financial deadlock”

Benjamin Fulford 5-14-13…”New moves afoot to break financial deadlock”

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Benjamin Fulford 5-14-13…”New moves afoot to break financial deadlock”

Posted on 2013/05/13 by kauilapele

Benjamin Fulford 5-14-13… “New moves afoot to break financial deadlock”

The ongoing battle over control of the global financial system has
entered a new phase with some heavy under the radar maneuvers, according
to Chinese government, Illuminati, CIA and Asian secret society
sources. Despite the departure of the old pope, the surrender of the
Rothschilds and the neutering of the Bush family, a stalemate has
continued with the Rockefellers, the new Pope, Queen Elizabeth, Obama,
the Japanese Emperor and other old world order power-brokers refusing to
finance a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental

In order to break this deadlock and free human potential, a secret
campaign has now been started to identify and deal with the precise
obstacles to freeing humanity from financial slavery. This will mean
more and more prominent people will be suddenly vanishing from public
view, according to members of several different secret societies.

For example, have either George Soros or Nat Rothschild been seen in
public recently? Also, Japanese right wing politician Shintaro Ishihara
has dropped out of view again despite the appearance of a reported
double on TV following his long “hospital stay.” We do not condone
“disappearing” people and hope they all make a public appearance soon so
that we can confirm they are alive and safe.

Nonetheless, some very dangerous people are justifiably angry at
various mass murder campaigns carried out at the behest of the Sabbatean
mafia, are very impatient with the ongoing deadlock and are not easily
held back.

To try to prevent a bloodbath among the elite, action is being taken
to ensure a major campaign to end poverty and stop environmental
destruction begins sooner rather than later. That is why there will be a
push to break the freeze on lawsuits aimed restoring the rights to the
world’s historical treasure to the legal owners. This is a tricky
process because it involves undoing 100 years of secret Sabbatean Mafia
global financial control via privately owned central banks. For that
reason, the US agencies, the Chinese government, Asian Secret Societies,
the Gnostic Illuminati, the Vatican and

[Kp note: I am no longer publishing the full article. To get the full article, see below.]


[A subscription to Ben's full articles is only $8 per month
("Payments can... be made with a ‘PayPal’ [account]“), but Ben will
allow anyone who can not pay this to subscribe for less (or free). On one page of his site
he says, “All subscribers will agree to pay whatever monthly
subscription price they can afford. Those who are really poor can get it
for free.” In my mind, if you like the articles, and want to support
Ben and his work, consider subscribing to his blog.

You may donate to Ben’s work via his PayPal account, to “”.

Ben may be contacted at any of the emails below which he provides on his websites:,,,]

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I have been looking for the full article, however, cannot find it yet.


found it! will post...

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