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Note from Mike Quinsey

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1 Note from Mike Quinsey on Fri May 17, 2013 3:37 pm


Note from Mike Quinsey

May 17

Posted by kp40

Posted by Suzanne on May 16, 2013

readers have written in asking about Mike, so I invited him to give us
an update on how he’s doing ~ Lots of Love and Light to you Mike

Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your Email, and I’m pleased to update you
as to what is happening. I had a stroke on the 31st of March during the
day and found that I had virtually lost all of my sight in my right eye.
I was also confused but have since retrieved a great deal of memory

I have re-learnt most of what I lost, and that mainly concerned my
computer work. I’ve been sending out messages every Monday for some time
now. I’m keeping back what I consider to be the best ones, but these do
not include SaLuSa and at present I doubt if I will again start sending
out his messages.

So I’m still active but very much limited in what I can do. It’s nice
to know that people still follow what I do, so at least I have some
kind of contact with them.

In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

Thanks to:


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