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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » ATMOSPHERIC CHANGES » Japan – Six Earthquakes Ranging From 4.9 to 4.4 Magnitude May 15th – 16th , 2013

Japan – Six Earthquakes Ranging From 4.9 to 4.4 Magnitude May 15th – 16th , 2013

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Japan – Six Earthquakes Ranging From 4.9 to 4.4 Magnitude May 15th – 16th , 2013

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May 17, 2013

Earth Watch Report - Earthquakes


M4.6 – 14km WNW of Kitaibaraki, Japan

2013-05-15 09:35:04 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2013-05-15 09:35:04 UTC
  2. 2013-05-15 18:35:04 UTC+09:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-05-15 04:35:04 UTC-05:00 system time


36.814°N 140.590°E depth=8.3km (5.2mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 14km (9mi) WNW of Kitaibaraki, Japan
  2. 15km (9mi) NW of Takahagi, Japan
  3. 22km (14mi) ENE of Daigo, Japan
  4. 24km (15mi) NNW of Hitachi, Japan
  5. 148km (92mi) NNE of Tokyo, Japan

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M4.9 – 29km ESE of Hachinohe, Japan

2013-05-15 23:46:30 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2013-05-15 23:46:30 UTC
  2. 2013-05-16 08:46:30 UTC+09:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-05-15 18:46:30 UTC-05:00 system time


40.399°N 141.821°E depth=25.9km (16.1mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 29km (18mi) ESE of Hachinohe, Japan
  2. 49km (30mi) ENE of Ichinohe, Japan
  3. 50km (31mi) SE of Misawa, Japan
  4. 85km (53mi) N of Miyako, Japan
  5. 555km (345mi) NNE of Tokyo, Japan

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M4.7 – 192km E of Chichi-shima, Japan

2013-05-16 05:18:09 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2013-05-16 05:18:09 UTC
  2. 2013-05-16 15:18:09 UTC+10:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-05-16 00:18:09 UTC-05:00 system time


26.838°N 144.137°E depth=17.7km (11.0mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 192km (119mi) E of Chichi-shima, Japan
  2. 989km (615mi) SSE of Katsuura, Japan
  3. 990km (615mi) SSE of Tateyama, Japan
  4. 993km (617mi) SSE of Kawaguchi, Japan
  5. 1068km (664mi) SSE of Tokyo, Japan

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M4.4 – 69km SE of Hasaki, Japan

2013-05-16 07:12:21 UTC


M4.5 – 32km ENE of Iwaki, Japan

2013-05-16 07:39:51 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2013-05-16 07:39:51 UTC
  2. 2013-05-16 16:39:51 UTC+09:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-05-16 02:39:51 UTC-05:00 system time


37.111°N 141.236°E depth=35.0km (21.8mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 32km (20mi) ENE of Iwaki, Japan
  2. 46km (29mi) SSE of Namie, Japan
  3. 56km (35mi) NE of Kitaibaraki, Japan
  4. 63km (39mi) NE of Takahagi, Japan
  5. 209km (130mi) NE of Tokyo, Japan

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M4.5 – 225km ESE of Kamaishi, Japan

2013-05-16 08:03:51 UTC

Event Time

  1. 2013-05-16 08:03:51 UTC
  2. 2013-05-16 18:03:51 UTC+10:00 at epicenter
  3. 2013-05-16 03:03:51 UTC-05:00 system time


38.747°N 144.395°E depth=35.0km (21.7mi)

Nearby Cities

  1. 225km (140mi) ESE of Kamaishi, Japan
  2. 226km (140mi) ESE of Yamada, Japan
  3. 226km (140mi) ESE of Otsuchi, Japan
  4. 232km (144mi) ESE of Miyako, Japan
  5. 537km (334mi) NE of Tokyo, Japan

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Tectonic Summary

Seismotectonics of Japan and Vicinity

Japan and the surrounding islands straddle four major tectonic
plates: Pacific plate; North America plate; Eurasia plate; and
Philippine Sea plate. The Pacific plate is subducted into the mantle,
beneath Hokkaido and northern Honshu, along the eastern margin of the
Okhotsk microplate, a proposed subdivision of the North America plate.
Farther south, the Pacific plate is subducted beneath volcanic islands
along the eastern margin of the Philippine Sea plate. This 2,200 km-long
zone of subduction of the Pacific plate is responsible for the creation
of the deep offshore Ogasawara and Japan trenches as well as parallel
chains of islands and volcanoes, typical of Circumpacific island arcs.
Similarly, the Philippine Sea plate is itself subducting under the
Eurasia plate along a zone, extending from Taiwan to southern Honshu
that comprises the Ryukyu Islands and the Nansei-Shoto trench.

Subduction zones at the Japanese island arcs are geologically complex
and produce numerous earthquakes from multiple sources. Deformation of
the overriding plates generates shallow crustal earthquakes, whereas
slip at the interface of the plates generates interplate earthquakes
that extend from near the base of the trench to depths of 40 to 60 km.
At greater depths, Japanese arc earthquakes occur within the subducting
Pacific and Philippine Sea plates and can reach depths of nearly 700 km.
Since 1900, three great earthquakes occurred off Japan and three north
of Hokkaido. They are the M8.4 1933 Sanriku-oki earthquake, the M8.3
2003 Tokachi-oki earthquake, the M9.0 2011 Tohoku earthquake, the M8.4
1958 Etorofu earthquake, the M8.5 1963 Kuril earthquake, and the M8.3
1994 Shikotan earthquake.

More information on regional seismicity and tectonics

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Herb Lady

Man I hate this for the people over there! But one can't help but wonder if it is another "unnatural" disaster.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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