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Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation

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Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation

Starseed Symptoms due to Awakening & DNA Activation
Know that although our evolutionary process is rapidly accelerating,
along with the New higher energies,
we are all experiencing these changes in our own way and in our own time,
according to who we are.

And generally speaking,
our ascension process relates to how we each run our own individual energy,
and what our beliefs and experiences are
(in other words, how we vibrate).

These things can be changed and will also change automatically as we clear and embody more light within ourselves.

May your evolutionary process be joyous, peaceful and filled with light and wonder!

  • Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in intense
    energy;feeling stress. Remember, you are adjusting to a higher vibration
    and you will eventually adjust. Old patterns, behaviors and beliefs are
    also being pushed to the surface. There is a lot going on inside of

  • A feeling of disorientation; not knowing where you are; a loss
    of a sense of place. You are not in 3D anymore, as you have moved or in
    the process of moving into the higher realms.

  • Unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body.
    You are purifying and releasing blocked energy vibrating at 3D while
    you are vibrating in a higher dimension.

  • Waking at night between 2 and 4 a.m. Much is going on in your
    dream state. You can’t be there for long lengths of time and need a
    break. Also, more highly evolved individuals spend more time on the
    Earth plane, and you are highly evolving.

  • Periods of deep sleeping. You are resting from all the
    acclimating and are integrating, as well as building up for the next

  • Heightened sensitivities to your surroundings. Crowds, noise,
    foods, TV, other human voices and various other stimulations are barely
    tolerable. You also overwhelm very easily and become easily
    overstimulated. You are tuning up!

  • You don’t feel like doing anything. You are in a rest period. Your body knows what it needs.

  • An intolerance for lower vibrational things (of the 3D)
    reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing
    modalities, etc. They literally make you feel “sick” inside. You are in a
    higher vibration and your energies are no longer in alignment. You are being “pushed” to move forward.

  • A loss of desire for food. Your body is adjusting to a new,
    higher state of being. Also, part of you does not want to be here

  • A sudden disappearance of friends, activities, habits, jobs and residences.
    You are evolving beyond what you used to be, and these people and
    surroundings no longer match your vibration. The New will soon
    arrive and feel so-o-o-o much better!

  • You absolutely cannot do certain things anymore. When you try
    to do your usual routine and activities, it feels downright awful. Same
    as above.

  • Days of extreme fatigue. Your body is losing density and going through intense restructuring.

  • A need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar. Weight gain. You are requiring an enormous amount of fuel for this ascension process.

  • Experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping. Our emotions are our outlet for release, and we releasing a lot.

  • A wanting to go Home,
    as if everything is OVER and you don’t belong here anymore. We are
    returning to Source. Everything IS over. (But many of us are staying to
    experience and create the New World). Also, our old contracts have been

  • Feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental
    illness of some sort. You are rapidly experiencing several dimensions
    and greatly opening. Much is available to you now. You are just not used
    to it. Your awareness has been heightened and your barriers are gone.

  • Anxiety and panic. Your
    ego is losing much of itself and is afraid. Your system is also on
    overload. Things are happening to you that you may not understand. You
    are also losing behavior patterns of a lower vibration that you
    developed for survival in 3D. This may make you feel vulnerable
    and powerless. These patterns and behaviors you are losing are not
    needed in the higher realms.

  • Depression. The outer world may not be in alignment with the New, higher vibrational you. It doesn’t feel so good out there. You are also releasing.

  • Vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams. You are releasing
    many, many lifetimes of lower vibrational energy. Many are now reporting
    that they are experiencing beautiful dreams.

  • Your plans suddenly change in mid-stream and go in a
    completely different direction. Your soul is balancing out your energy.
    It usually feels GREAT in this new direction, as your soul knows more
    than you do! It is breaking your “rut” choices and vibration.

  • You have created a situation that seems like your worst
    nightmare, with many “worst nightmare” aspects to it. Your soul is
    guiding you into ”stretching” into aspects of yourself where you were
    lacking, or into ”toning down” aspects where you had an overabundance.
    Your energy is just balancing itself. Finding your way to peace through
    this situation is the test you have set up for yourself. This is YOUR
    journey, and your soul would not have set it up if you weren’t ready.
    You are the one who finds your wayout and you will. Looking back, you
    will have gratitude for the experienceand be a different person.

  • Dizziness – Occurs due to being ungrounded. This can happen when
    you have just cleared an emotional block and the body has not yet
    completely embraced its new frequency. Eating grounding foods like meat
    and potatoes will help.

  • Flu-like symptoms – Fevers that are temporary often accompanied by sweating, aching bones and joints.

  • Red rash – Small fears that erupt and can occur on any part of
    the body. This happens when there is an issue up to be released and you
    are squelching it because you don’t want to rock the boat or make a
    scene. The little blisters represent your inner child’s anger and not
    being allowed to express.

  • Ringing in the ears – This can drive you to distraction, but these sounds are just you picking up frequency changes.

  • Heart palpitations – As you clear old issues your heart opens. This opening is experienced as a racing heart. Only lasts a few seconds. No, you are not having a heart attack. The heart must also rebalance itself after an emotional release.

  • Vibrating of the physical body – This is especially
    disconcerting. Many of you may think that you are being abducted since
    this usually happens at night and is a part of the process of being
    moved back and forth to and from the ships. In this case, it is not. It
    is simply the body adjusting to DNA upgrades that occur after emotional

  • Muscle spasms – These
    spasms can be intense and many are felt in the upper back. They are
    caused by emotional imbalances that occur when you take on the emotional
    burden of others in order to be accepted and loved. These will decrease
    as you learn new behaviors that support allowing others to feel their
    pain without rescuing them.

  • Tingling in arms, hands, and feet – More DNA changes due to energy centers clearing and realigning.

  • Tiredness/Needing to sleep – DNA changes. Your body needs rest
    to integrate the changes occurring at the cellular level. I recommend
    that you adjust your schedule to accommodate an afternoon nap. Make it a priority. You will find that you are more productive afterwards.

  • Faster hair/nail growth – Since the activation of the Compassion
    hormone in November 1996, more protein is being used in the body.
    Protein is used by the high heart in the transmutation of lower chakra
    emotions into compassion. Compassion is the emotion that changes your
    DNA. A by-product of this is that your hair and nails grow faster.

  • Weight gain- This occurs because many fears that have been held
    in check are coming up to be integrated. When this happens the inner
    child moves to protect itself by putting on armor. This armor will be
    released when the fear is integrated. As a result, many experience
    weight fluctuation.

  • Frequent memory lapses – This can be a real irritation.
    Understand that it is partially due to the magnetic grid wobbling and
    also to the shifting occurring in the brain.

”This Fifth World that we are entering means
that each person must use their gifts of birth to accomplish their
missions in life, and this is the contribution that each one is obliged
to offer. Everyone has a place on the Great Medicine Wheel of Truth.”

- Grandmother Twylah, Seneca-Oneida

Our mission is simple, we will help any lost human, star traveler,
starseed, indigo, crystal, etc. on their way to the road of discovery.
We live in a beautiful time, this blog
will be dedicated to anyone going through the awakening state our Earth
is partaking in right now.
Anyone looking for truth, wisdom, knowledge and is on the pathway to their own spiritual enlightenment.
Love and light to you all.
Welcome to the Awakened State.

**FYI The blog has a tendency to get bogged down on Qs due to the
impact of how many followers i have, it's nothing personal but the
ask/submit box will be taken down during these times so we can catch up.
Hope you understand.

May Peace, Love and Light be with you always

Thanks to:

 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr

Herb Lady

Thanks again!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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