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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » UFO DISCLOSURE, ISS, MUFON, SETI & NASA »  Arrests and Changes ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/3/12

Arrests and Changes ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/3/12

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Arrests and Changes ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/3/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Soon your sun will recede below your equatorial line, and when it
emerges again your world will have begun its new day. This is how it
will happen for you. You will go to sleep at night and when you awaken
you will have found yourself emerged in the proceedings you have worked
hard on manifesting and that have been spoken of many times. You will
receive no further advanced warning than the notice we have been
furnishing you for a while now. You have been asked to prepare and have
also been told that the time to be prepared is already upon you.

The changes you wish to see in your world will come as a thief in the
night. One moment your world will carry on with the hustling and
bustling of the old paradigm, then suddenly, nothing that you have come
to know as your reality will ever be the same. This is the kind of
change we are talking about, and this the kind of change you will
experience. This is why your task to prepare yourselves and as many
other souls as is possible is so important to the smooth functioning of
this operation. Please continue to spread the news of what is about to
transpire. We greatly appreciate your efforts and assure you that it
will be soon that this phase of your mission will be completed and all
that has been discussed will be yours.

What will happen is a complete and thorough uprooting of the
organizations of your world who have engaged in agendas and activities
to pilfer the people’s money and resources as well as strip them of
their rights and their health in order to further imprison them in their
own world. These are, of course, very serious charges, and that is one
of the reasons much work has had to be done behind the scenes before
justice could be dispensed. We have reached the point where all the
necessary paperwork and initial legal proceedings are completed, and the
time has now come to begin these arrests of the leaders and
participants of the criminal empire we have referred to as the Cabal.
The Cabal, of course, is not an official name of any of these groups, as
there are so many different groups and individuals who swear their
alliance to them that using only one of these group’s names would send a
wrong message of who is controlling your world and who will soon be
facing justice for their crimes. There are also many individuals who
have conspired and have taken part in these many crimes who do not
consider themselves allied with any particular organization. They too
will face the consequences of their actions, and will be held just as
responsible as those affiliated with any of these groups.

There are many of these individuals and many groups as well involved
in serious crimes against you, the people, and through these arrests and
many more to come in the following days ahead our intentions are to
destroy these alliances. Your world would always be a tumultuous place
with these dark ones permitted to use their powers of the collective to
plot and scheme against the people. It has been decided by all involved
that these organizations must be abolished, and abolished they will be.
They will not be permitted to regroup again. We see this as one of the
most significant events in the history of your world, and our hopes are
that many of you will as well.

Give us, as well as our Earth allies, the opportunity to make this
goal a reality by continuing your hard work spreading awareness of these
arrests and the following proceedings and what significance they hold
for the people of your world. Upon the news broadcasts of these arrests,
all those who had been informed of this event and what it means will
understand that something truly Earth changing is happening. This is
what we are hoping for, and much rides on this part of the plan. We
appreciate greatly all of you doing your part to see this phase of the
plan reach a successful conclusion. Readings indicate great numbers of
you are being exposed to this news, and we are very encouraged by this.
Please continue on in your efforts, they will soon pay off for all of

Taking the time to prepare properly for these arrests and following
legal proceedings has been time very well spent, and although some of
you have grown impatient with these proceedings, we say to you that you
will forget all about how long you have worked and waited once news of
arrest after arrest begins to grace your television and computer
screens. We say to you that all will be worth all the effort that you
have put in, and all the days leading up to this event will seem like
nothing once you begin to receive all that you have hope for.

Much has been put into these proceedings and a tremendous amount of
preparation was needed, so we are sure you will understand why none of
this could be rushed as sufficient time to make sure all matters were
handled properly was called for. We are confident you will agree once
the magnitude and scope of these proceedings is made clear to you.

Moving ahead to matters after these initial arrests, there will be a
great many legal proceedings before courts all across your world. These
proceedings will be handled by those who have demonstrated their
commitment and integrity in seeking justice in these matters, and you
can be assured there will be no unjust bias permitted in any court where
these proceedings will be handled. We will oversee these proceedings,
and from our vantage point we will know if these cases are proceeding
justly or not. No one, no matter their seat of power, connections, or
financial stature will be able to successfully manipulate any of these
proceedings. You can be assured of this, and any attempts to do so will
be met with additional charges and harsh penalties. We have made
ourselves clear on this.

Your world is to be purified of all that is dark; this is what is
planned for this Earth. These proceedings are merely the beginning as
the light will continue to spread far and it will spread wide all across
your planet, and these proceedings are the pebble splashing into the
pond. The ripple effects will continue all the way up to your ascension,
where a complete purification of all that is dark will take place.

These proceedings are being carried out in order to help facilitate a
smooth transition leading to your ascension, as it was decided these
dark ones and their alliances would be too disruptive a force and needed
to be removed from your societies. Upon removal of these dark ones, we
see an upsurge in your collective vibration, and we would like to see
the greatest possible boost as is possible from this event. This is
where you come in, our Lightworkers, as it is your job to set up the
dominoes for this event to trigger. Continue to line them up as they
will soon go down.

You have all done a remarkable job leading up to this point, and we
wish to thank you for your efforts and once again assure you that all
that has been discussed can and will be yours. Do not allow yourselves
at this late stage to now begin to fall for the lies and propaganda of
our opposite numbers. Most of you have managed up to now to ignore and
ward off these attempts by the dark to distract you and lead you from
your path and your assignments. This is all they could do as you are
under our protection, but we must allow you your free will choice. The
dark understands this, and this is the reason for all their attempts at
distraction through their writings and video presentations that
propagate their lies.

You have experienced a few losses within your ranks as some of your
brothers and sisters have fallen for these ploys and they have turned
their backs on us and on their assignments. These are relatively rare
cases and will not affect our mission. Continue on with your assignments
remaining steadfast to your convictions, and do not allow yourselves to
be lured by the sirens of deception.

By now you all should recognize the telltale signs and negative
vibrations of the dark ones. Just remember to always check your internal
compass. Are their messages leading you towards love, light, peace,
hope, unity, and a better world for all of you? Or are their messages
directing the needle of your compass towards fear, hopelessness, danger,
separation, confusion, and an Armageddon type scenario for your future?
By remembering to always check your compass readings, you can be sure
you will always remain firmly on course towards your dream for your new

It is a very interesting site to behold, these three large groups;
the Galactic Federation of Light, the Ashtar Command, and our Earth
allies, working together on this immense project. You, our faithful
Lightworkers, are also a vital part to our overall mission, and we
consider you part of our teams of the Galactic Commands, and as we have
said, many of you are already members of either one of our space
oriented organizations. There are many surprises in store for you, as
can be expected once released from your current amnesiac states and the
veil of forgetfulness is lifted for you. Many of you have had long
careers with us, and you of course, will be welcomed back warmly when
your mission here is completed.

As we have said, many of you will also begin working with us, and
some of you will go on to begin your new careers as full members of the
Galactic Federation of Light. We look forward to the day when our
recruiters can speak personally with you, when all the details of this
opportunity will be fully discussed with you. You will have time to
think over your new career choices, and you will also possess the
opportunity to return home, wherever that home may be, if you decide you
no longer wish to remain with our organization. You can always be
considered again for recruitment in the future, as we are always growing
as an organization and committed individuals are always a welcomed
addition to our team.

By now you have been able to gain at least some perspective as to
what we do, and have also probably surmised by now that due to our work
our team members live aboard our many ships for great lengths of time.
Opportunities always present themselves where our crewmembers can travel
to their home worlds for visits and vacation time, and we also have the
opportunity to visit other worlds for sightseeing and socializing with
old and new friends alike.

There are many perks such as these once a member of our team, and
there are many more as well as consideration for your efforts in the
performance of your duties. All will be explained fully to you in due
time, but let us first complete our task before us. Continue on in your
efforts to make us feel welcome in your world, and soon enough you may
be here with us as you begin, or re-begin, your careers with the
Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles.

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