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Australian Magistrate Recognizes OPPT Courtesy Notices ~ Charges Dismissed!

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Australian Magistrate Recognizes OPPT Courtesy Notices ~ Charges Dismissed!

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We never expected this to be an easy battle, but it can be won if
you’re willing to listen, learn and stand in your power and value as a
Creator BE-ing, and not be willing to back down under duress. People at
the top of the power structure know the UCC filings have foreclosed on
all slavery systems, but most haven’t informed their “underlings” yet.

So, we’re winning the battle on a case
by case basis, from the bottom-up. Success seems to bear upon your
knowledge of how the courts work and being able to rebut properly from a
place of compassion, courtesy and respect; along with the reaction of
the individual’s receiving the Courtesy Notices. Everyone in the system
has been lied to for their entire lives, so the information can be like
having a bucket of cold water poured over your head unexpectedly – it’s
quite a shock to the system. But as you will see below, because people
are DO-ing we’re winning most of the initial battles…

Australian Magistrate Recognizes Courtesy Notices — Charges Dismissed
May 17, 2013

Big thanks to Bethany Truex for sharing this story on Facebook today. Awesome story! Australian Magistrate Recognizes OPPT Courtesy Notices ~ Charges Dismissed!  Icon_smile ~BK

Congratulations Brian and Karolina, well done you have, opened the
way for all Australians, you should go down in the history books

Rena Iliades
Courtesy Notices to every Councillor! So exciting. Basically the
magistrate almost gets arrested and the court withdraws all charges when
they realized that the invoices are legal and payable!

A friend of mine Carolyn & Brian Allen have been tackling an
issue where the police seem to have it out for her son. To cut a long
story short, he was being harassed by some Local boys who are really bad
news (burglaries etc) and he and his friends had an altercation with
them because they had stolen his car and then threatened him if he went
to the police. As a result of the altercation, the police decided to
harass and charge the most vulnerable being her son Brandon who is
intellectually disadvantaged, arrested him a few weeks ago and then
released him on bail. He also has outstanding fines.

Robert Fletcher helped complete a notice giving custody of Brandon
(Carolyns Son) to Brian and Robert went to court for support and
presentment (without Brandon). They handed courtesy notices to the
Magistrate (the so called Judge who is really the registrar who was
going to hear the matter), the police and everyone got Courtesy notices.

In the first hearing, the magistrate was asked in what capacity they act
and to prove jurisdiction over Brandon as a living being. The
magistrate refused to answer and essentially abandoned the court saying
he was going to issue a warrant for his arrest because Brandon did not
turn up to court. Good job Robert!!!

The police kept coming over to serve warrants and all sorts of things,
which were never delivered because Carolyn would pull out Courtesy
Notice and ask them their names which she would promptly see them go
back into their cars and leave. No matter, Carolyn would send them via

After a few weeks of this, some started getting invoices like the Clerk at the Desk at the court and the Magistrate.

Today, they went the court because the Magistrate was going to hear the
matter. Carolyn gave the Clerk at the desk, the magistrate and others
another invoice and another courtesy notice.

The Clerk, as Brian and Carolyn were waiting for their names to be
called and the matter to come before the magistrate, returned with an
envelope and when she opened it, it was the CN’s and the invoices that
she had given them earlier with a cover letter from the Senior Registrar
saying that they do not recognise the CN’s nor the Invoices. Carolyn at
this point was on the phone to the sheriffs office, explaining that she
wanted a sheriff to attend the court to arrest an individual who was
posing as a duly appointed servant of the public trying to impose a
private contract that she had not agreed to. At this point, whilst she
was waiting (for about 15 minutes for a sheriff to get on the phone) one
turned up at the courts entrance!!!

The security guards refused to let the sheriffs in and refused to let
Brian and Carolyn out to speak with them, so Carolyn went to the
registrars desk and the registrar told her that the invoices are invalid
and Brian heard this and replied that the invoices are recognised
globally and that they had no jurisdiction over any of them and that
they are liable to pay them and they will have them all arrested and
charged. The registrar then handed them a document (a charge sheet)
outlining that all the charges had been dropped against Brandon. At the
same time, Brian could hear some of the argument/conversation with the
sheriffs who were being refused entry into the courts and they were
telling the security guards that they had no right to refuse them entry
and were taking down their names and their details.
The registrar asked more than once about the invoices and Brian &
Carolyn told them that since they had dropped all the charges and have
striken the matter in writing, that they were prepared to withdraw the
invoices and the fines!!! YAY Carolyn, Brian Allen & Robert Fletcher
BEing & DOing


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Thanks to: http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com



It is a great day when judges and law enforcement gets it busted off in theirs- I wonder how the bastards liked it? Needs to happen like that globally, we need law enforcement like we need another 'bunghole'-

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