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For our favorite Birdlio!!! Our Totem Is The Raven (1972)

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Our Totem Is The Raven (1972)

Thanks to:


Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Great Movie! And so fitting too!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

Come visit my site at:


What a hoot! Where did you dig that up, Skyz? That was filmed on the Washington coast, beautiful, mystical place. Thanks for the treat!


It was in my inbox this morning. HA! Squawk!!As a matter of fact I had several emails about Ravens today! So I have been thinking about you ALL day. :)



Who sends you all this stuff in your email?

Ravens are very cool because they make you address your dark side. If you don't do that you can't ascend. I've been seeing them everywhere lately. They sit in the trees above me when I am working in my garden and they squawk at me. I try so hard to understand what they are saying and yesterday for the first time I got a message. I mean that when they were squawking I heard actual words in my head. It was good stuff. Maybe the reason you are seeing them is that they have a message for you too.


I bet they do! I have a great relationship to my bird friends. I also can understand what they are trying to say most times. Funny how the creatures can send us their thoughts but human have unlearned how to do this.. But we are learning again! Love it!

As for who sends me this stuff.... I am subscribed to maybe 40 or 50 sites and they send me their stuff to my email. I was having issues with time management to load info here and the other places I am admin on or a contributor so I had to make it easier on myself. I get 4 to 5 hundred emails per day. That sounds like a lot... but it really helps me to stay on top of fresh info.

So... what did your feathered friends say to you?



Man! I am impressed! You are so informed! I am so glad you have found your niche in the Lightworker realm, Skyz. You have a knack for consistency and you're really good at keeping the rest of us on our proverbial toes. Funny, all the stuff we're really good at and love doing we can't seem to make money doing. Perhaps this is preparing us for the next whatever.

Yes, it's true about hearing words from animals. That's what I said about my dogs. You look at them and words appear in your head, but like you said, we were told we were "imagining things." Raven has told me many things. She pretty much instructs my future. For instance, we thought about selling the inn a few years ago and Starbro and I were sitting outside on the deck discussing this and raven flew right up and landed on the deck, squawked once and flew off. I heard "No." And it's not just me, Starbro was sitting right there. He looked at me and said, "I guess not." So we waited another year and just by accident happened to be out in the same place discussing the same subject, and this time raven flew by our heads very close. She didn't land, just flew by (they are huge you know!) and then came back for a second pass. I heard, "Just in case you didn't get it the first time." Starbro said, "I guess not." So finally (LONG story, sorry) we started talking about it the third time. Raven never came. We kept waiting, no raven. So we thought it was now okay, plus we had several other intuitions about Costa Rica, etc. and so we moved forward with the sale. This is a wildlife sanctuary and even though I "own it" (we know better) I am just the caretaker here.

So a few weeks ago I'm out in the garden thinking about the same old issue and raven came, perched right above me in a tall tree where I could see her, and gave me three messages: that our summer is going to be very good, not as stressful as last year (God, it almost killed me, remember?) and that we would sell the place in September to just the right person who would be sent to us to care for the sanctuary, releasing us from duty at this place and sent to find the new place. We have clues what this might be but no set plans.

SO! It's in writing now, we shall see how accurate raven is! Some people might think it's funny letting a bird tell you what to do but it seems perfectly natural to me and I feel very fortunate to have such knowing, loving guidance.


OMG!!! I love that! How cool to have a guide like that. I am going to have to start listening a little harder and see what I can glean from my friends. :)

I added a third hummingbird feeder for those little fliers. But I have yet to see them. Nikki has but they are not following me around this year like usual. I hope I did not tick them off. :) I hear words from the cats of course. Especially Artemis. He can drill holes into you with his stare. He is real nice to the Sky guy too. Cabitt... runs from the kid. Smart cat her. :)

I am glad this summer will be easier for you. I missed you last year. Seemed like forever that we could chat. So yeah!!!

But... I am not so informed. I think this niche found me though. I know how to make money at this now... but I decided to not sell advertising or beg for donations. Just does not seem right to me. But who knows... that could change if I lost my job. We will see... I like to do this and so it is still fun. So holding the course for now until the next big thing.



Well you'll just have to go a vision quest like I did and meet your totem animal. It's a very spiritual experience but you have to make it happen or it won't, just like the movie showed.

The hummer numbers are definitely shrinking. I don't have as many as I normally do. I don't know about Illinois but here the first hummers move through as migrators and then there is a period where we have very few, then there is a mating period and for 21 days they don't feed and just as you are ready to give up on them the fledglings hatch and all hell breaks loose. At least that's how it is here. I have three feeders and I go through 25 pounds of white sugar between May and August. I am always so sad when they leave for the winter.

With your niche/job situation, you may find that what you are doing now for free will parlay itself into something totally unexpected. At least that's how my life has always worked. I imagine the dinar thing is disappointing but I think other things are in the works for all of us.


So right on!
I am not giving up yet on the RV. It will happen. It must. :)

And you are right... whatever comes will be unexpected. Always is for me too. That's why we are Sistars!! We do live this weird parallel life.

Hey.. when you were chatting with KP... did he say where he was going to? If it is in confidence of course don't tell me. I keep thinking about him. Weird....



I don't know where K is going. I didn't ask and he didn't say. Why don't you contact him? I'm assuming he hasn't left yet. I'm too in the weeds to read his blog at this point.


Oh no biggie... just wondered.

Don't work to hard Sis...



I hear you... You forget I spent the last 4 months skiing, it's about time I started earning a living! We're getting the place ready for buyers to look this weekend, plus guests coming and going all the time. I should get one of those revolving doors... plus a good friend just sold her house in Florida and is moving to Montana in a few weeks, I'm helping her find a place here. Her buyer is from Montana, and the house she ended up renting is a house I looked at myself when I first came to Montana! What are the chances? There is a lot of synchronicity moving through everything that is happening now. This is just one example of too many things to name. Wild times! Tired but lovin' it. And summer has only started... yikes!

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