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Lightworkers and Starseeds. Right now is our Moment. We can accelerate Disclosure and First Landings!

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Lightworkers and Starseeds. Right now is our Moment. We can accelerate Disclosure and First Landings!

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Angel Wings and Unicorns

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Part 159, Here Comes the Handoff- Get Ready to Carry the Ball

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/21/13

There are very exciting things under way. We know that some of you
became disinterested in the process of Ascension when it didn’t happen
as fast as you thought it would, but the energies continued to flow
across the planet to all of you, you continue to be awakened to your own
talents and abilities and to the need for you to serve your fellows as
this work continues.

Many of you have listened to Zorra of Hollow Earth this week, and
heard his pronouncements about what is coming for all of you. It is
true that the coming month is going to be a blockbuster, as you would
call it. May 25th will bring the lunar eclipse which will begin another
flow of energy which will surpass the December 2012 energies which
caused so many to have headaches and Ascensionitis, as we called it
then. This will be more powerful than that. Those of you who are awake
will feel the rising tide so strongly that you will feel you are being
lifted off your feet.

Remember the feeling that some of you described as the sensation of
dropping fast in an elevator, or the odd whirly feelings you get when
you have jet lag? You absorbed those energies already, and you will now
take another step upward in the vibrations you can absorb. You have
acclimated well to the rising tide and are ready for the next shift.
Others who complained and suffered illnesses during the last round will
probably feel difficulties this time as well, but you will be better
able to explain to them and encourage them to meditate, concentrate on
deep breathing, adjusting and opening their chakras, and relaxing into
it in order to ride it out.

All of the month of June will offer you intense rising energies which
are designed to lift all the people of planet Earth to the next level
of 5th dimensional experience. Little by little, you are accommodating
to the new energies and the new life it requires. All around you, more
people are awakening, looking around them and realizing there is
something wrong with the life they have lived, something wrong with the
way your world is organized. They are noticing the cruel practices and
violent ways and questioning why it has to be this way. More and more
people are fervently envisioning peace, an end to the suffering and
poverty caused by war, and an end to the stranglehold of powerbrokers
who control the flow of money and use it to enslave whole countries.

The Citizens’ Hearings for Disclosure brought real results. There
was in attendance a representative from the U.N., who understood that
the Disclosure process could not be left to any one person or country,
but must be proposed to the entire General Assembly, as was suggested in
the Hearings. A plan was hatched: the proposal will be to designate a
day of meditation to invite the Galactics to come forward, to show
themselves to us. It was well understood in the meetings that there is
nothing to fear – many countries have already acknowledged that – and
that the problem has been the policy of secrecy and cover-up, especially
in the U.S.

Now, all of you can have a powerful effect on the outcome of these
continuing efforts. Remember our request that you create another
Harmonic Convergence? Now is your chance. It is very important that
you begin by sending your group envisioning power to the members of the
General Assembly of the U.N.

Here is what we propose: Use the handy numbers 11:11 and 12:12 as
your rallying times, so that at least twice a day all across the globe,
people will be sending the strong suggestion to the representatives who
will be asked to vote on this proposal that they enthusiastically
support it and vote “Yes” to naming a Day of Meditation to Welcome the
Galactics – soon! Picture the gathering, the representatives smiling at
one another, the lifting of hearts, and the positive sense of
anticipation and joy at joining together to make such a thing possible.

Begin as soon as you read this message. It will be your work – all
of you who read this message, and there are many thousands of you – to
join together to accomplish the first phase of this project. Your
previous meditation was effective; it spawned the hopeful idea in so
many people that the Galactics are indeed friendly. Now, take the next
step. Make it your purpose to join in placing the psychic “bomb” under
the behinds, as you might say, of the U.N. members. Blast them out of
their seats, to clap and cheer for the proposal, and it will be done.

The following phase will be for all of you to pass the word to
everyone you know to publicize the date of the Meditation Day and to
keep the attention building. So you see, you will have an ongoing job
to meditate each day twice to create the monumental force which will
carry the movement forward. It may take some time – you know how large
organizations move – but your persistence will create the sense of
urgency to make it happen, at each step of the way.

You have gathered here to read these messages as a group, expanding
your numbers with each passing week. There are now enough of you – some
10,000 strong – to create a Harmonic Convergence of your own, if you
put your minds and hearts to it. Do not underestimate the power you
possess as a living organism of Light, capable of changing the course of
the world with the energy of your group mind in action.

This project will indeed test your patience and your resolve. We ask
that you begin now and that you continue to meditate twice a day for 5
or ten minutes with all the intensity you can muster, for as long as it
takes. Begin with the U.N. members, then later with spreading the word
with your actions and continued meditations each day. In this way you
will keep the energy focused on the process with such intensity that it
will be impossible for your intention to be ignored.

With the increased energies flowing across your dear planet, your
intentions will be carried on the flow of Light and Love to every corner
of the world, and others will begin to envision the celebration and joy
of greeting their brothers and sisters and Twin Flames who will arrive
on the ships.

Many of you have written to Kathryn or called in to the radio show to
ask what your path is, what you can do to be of service. You were
unsure of how to proceed, but sensed that you have an important mission
here at this time. Well, here it is. Do your part to change the
world. Do not underestimate for a moment the power you have as an
individual to change the world by the force of your intention. And do
not underestimate the power of all of you together!

What a wonderful thing it is, to have this internet which can act as a
lightning rod to send the message of peace and Light to every corner of
the world! We did not have this simple means of communicating in 1987,
and yet it was possible for the people involved in the Harmonic
Convergence to create such an energy flow on their own that they were
able to create a wave which was recorded by the scientific instruments
at the time, and it is still felt to this day. This time you will have
more help and more convenient tools to make it happen.

This request is a test of your Faith. Are you serious about making
your contribution to this historic Shift, or will you wait to see if it
works before you are willing to believe in the power of Intention? Will
you work with the Universal Law as we have explained it to you, or will
you sit back and watch to see what others accomplish before you will
make the effort to put your shoulder to the wheel?

Some will scoff and say, “I’ll believe it when I see the ships
land.” Well, of course any fool will believe it when the ships land, no
matter how blind they may have been previously.

So, Dear Ones, here is your chance to make your stand, between you
and yourself, between you and your God. Will you cast you fate with Us,
and put your energies where they matter? Will you create the peace and
prosperity you have been demanding of Us? Reach deeply into your
hearts; join mind and heart to create a force of Love and Light such as
has never been felt before on the planet.

We will be sending the energies to help carry your Intentions to
fruition. We are creating the conditions to make the Dream of Dreams
possible. All the Masters and Guides are working overtime to help
create the conditions on the ground which will allow you to ride the
rising tide to victory.

With your help we have assembled the most powerful team in the history of the planet.

Now we need for you to carry the ball to the goal line.

You are our great hope. We love you more than words can ever describe.

Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, May 19, 2013, 11 pm, Vendee, Quebec

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