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SaLuSa ~ News About the Changes Cannot Be Held Back For Much Longer!

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SaLuSa ~ News About the Changes Cannot Be Held Back For Much Longer!

By: Mike Quinsey

The good news about the changes cannot be held back for much longer,
as it will be seen as too important for the whole world not to share the
knowledge. The Internet is alive with information, and more people than
ever are coming forward. After months and years of preparation, a
sudden push has started a whole series of arrests and resignations, that
is sending fear through the ranks of the dark Ones. Having felt that
they were safe and beyond reproach, they are shocked to find that they
are now vulnerable. There will be no let up until the Illuminati are
removed from their positions of power, and that is proceeding with all
speed. It is enabling other missions to also move faster, and the way is
being opened for the governmental changes to be lined up. It is all
part of the continuing collapse of the old system, and no matter what is
done to prop it up it will never be the same again.

You Dear Ones have achieved a most remarkable victory, inasmuch that
using the power of thought you have brought the energy into being that
has fulfilled them. You have sent out powerful prayers and thoughts
calling for an end to the wars that have continually brought countries
to their knees. Wars that have killed millions and caused widespread
destruction. You let it be known that you have had enough of the
violation of Mother Earth, and decimation of the Human Race. With love
in your hearts you have caused the changes to come about, and it shows
that when you strongly focus on what you want, it is possible to bring
about its manifestation.

Indeed, it is you who have overcome extreme obstacles, that not long
ago looked as if they would engulf you and take away your freedom. You
have brought the Light and Love back to Earth, and it has become so
strong that it has fired the grids around it. Now it acts as your
protection, and is your guarantee of a successful conclusion to your
journey through duality. Never forget how powerful you are, and by
keeping your sights on what it is you desire to create you will do so.
In the future you will reach a stage when you will experience creation
instantaneously. However, by then you will have reached a higher
dimension and your thoughts will only center upon all that is pure. As
individuals you may not be so aware of your present creative powers, but
as the Human Race it is you who are continually creating and
re-creating your reality. With nothing else but the energy of love, you
have overcome all that the dark Ones have done to keep you in their

You are in transition throwing off the energies that will have no
place in your future, and are rising up out of the morass of the old
vibrations that have held back. Now you can feel the beautiful energy
that is replacing them, and it is carrying you along on a tidal wave of
happiness. Not only will you gain your freedom, but be free to enjoy all
of God’s gifts as it was originally intended. Everything in its perfect
state will be enjoyed and appreciated, and understood to be part of the
whole. All will interact in a joyous harmony that will seem to last for
an eternity. It is what you will come to recognize as your true home
and state of being.

At times when you bring your consciousness back to Earth it seems
cold and unwelcoming, but your time is nearly up and you can begin to
relax. You are now so close to leaving duality behind, after nearly
having been pulled into the depths of the darkness that has existed upon
Earth. It is quite an achievement to have gone through it safely, and
as you might say “come out of the other end” Now that your level of
consciousness has grown, your thoughts and feelings will be centered
more on all that is in balance and harmony. That will allow lesser ones
to fade away, and in time they will be completely forgotten. However,
you are soon to learn the truth of how you have been mislead and misused
for millennia of time. Your thoughts will be occupied for a time
pondering the reasons, but you will soon forget those periods in your

The acknowledgement of us and our craft continues to grow, and
additional proof is hardly required except for those who remain
skeptics. Our involvement in your evolution is also being acknowledged,
and it makes disclosure the final piece in the jigsaw of life. That will
have to come so as to allow our relationship with you to blossom. We
have much to do together, but beyond individual contact we cannot do
more until we get official recognition. Then things will really take off
and our presence will become quite commonplace. We look forward to
those days that will be exciting and fulfilling. The secrets of space
will open up to you, and many of you shall join us for wonderful trips
in your solar system. You are after all every bit as much Space Beings
as we are, except you have been led to believe otherwise.

As your Space technology has leapt forward and the horizons pushed
further afield, so your understanding of other worlds has opened up and
the possibility of endless life forms has grown. You have outlived the
idea that you were the only intelligent life in your part of the
Universe. Quite correctly you are beginning to believe that it is in
fact teeming with life, and you have yet to include the other
dimensions. As many of you know much of our space travels are through
inter-dimensional black holes, and that is why distance presents no
problems to us. For some that idea has not been accepted, but that will
change when we appear to you on Earth. In time you will become familiar
with our faces that are very human in appearance, as we have much to do
in addressing you on many subjects.

A few weeks in your present time will see so much transpire that you
will need to be alert, and we of the Galactic Federation are in the
forefront of it. We work very closely with our allies, who have been
very successful of late in speeding up the action. We do have targets
for concluding each part of our activities, and we hope to make
substantial progress over the next two months. At least you are now
aware of our successes, and know what has now begun is leading to the
eventual end of the Illuminati.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased to share these moments with you.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.
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