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The Unity Transmissions - Lunar Eclipse Saturday

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The Unity Transmissions

During the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

this Saturday, May 25

[center][center]A 24-Hour Transmission Period in Full Conscious Awareness

With unified meditation at 8 pm in all time zones.



Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon, April 25
Solar Eclipse: New Moon May 9 - 10 (UTC), 2013
Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon, May 25

When we have
such a powerful line-up of three eclipses, we experience huge life
shifts, transformative processes, emotional upheaval and plenty of
purging! In this Full Moon, we are experiencing the last of these
whopper trinity eclipses. Breathe.... let go... and give it up to the
Divine Presence within.

Beloved Family,

We realize that
Children of the Sun Foundation has been somewhat quiet since the closing
of the cycle in December 2012. After taking some much needed time to
integrate the massive upshift in vibration, we have been pouring our
energy and resources into preparing a brand new platform designed to
engage the awakening public.

It has been a monumental effort and
we are so pleased to announce that we are nearing the finish line so
we will be ready for our official launch in July. We will also begin a
new program of audio meditations at that time.

The Administration
Team will be the first to tell you the new platform looks spectacular
and the newly assembled team of facilitators bring an exciting level of
expertise and wisdom to the Foundation. We are so blessed to have the
support of these talented professionals; exponentially increasing our
capacity to guide the general populace through the roller coaster waves
of this great shift of ages.

INITIATE U, one of the exciting new
features of the site, is a multi-purposed platform designed to provide
support in the numerous areas of initiation and spiritual awakening. We
hope you will join in the excitement and help us spread the word!

have also been very busy planning our two Conferences in Mexico for
June. These conferences are divinely purposed to open a portal of light
that will serve as a bridge between the two Americas. We are now
counting the days until we are together in Cuernavaca, however space is
still available and we want as many of you to attend as possible as this
is the grand kick off to our Global Goodwill Movement.

Tiara mentioned in the video clip during our last transmission, if
finances are an issue holding you back from attending, please connect
with us and we will do our best to work with you to get you to the
Conference. We want your light with us every step of the way!

Please come and celebrate the success of seven years of planetary service... a Global Family Reunion of Love's Magnificence!

have included a Invocation of Abundance to help in opening the channels
of divine wealth. We are Children of the Sun, brilliant beyond measure!
We have but to ask and all is given. This full moon eclipse and Unity
Transmission is the perfect opportunity to tap into the universal supply
and bring forth divine abundance to support our forward momentum.

Thank you for your patience and faith, beloveds.


In the name of the all-pervading Presence, I attune to the
consciousness of the Unity Matrix and the living intelligence of nature.
Divine Mother, bless us with your all consuming love and support, open
us wide to receive the bountiful riches of the universe.
From great reservoir of sacred fire blazing within the
Earth, I command the Violet Flames of Transmutation to dissolve and
consume all barriers to divine abundance here and now! May this sacred
fire flood through the consciousness of all people - releasing the
infinite supply of Divine Presence to all life.
Beloved I AM, blaze the Rose Pink Flames of Divine Love
into simultaneous action with the Violet Consuming Fire to transmute all
illusions of lack and separation... catalyzing the remembrance of our
divine birthright as Love's abundant children.
By and through Universal Law, it is DONE!
We are so grateful and blessed. (x3)


If you are new to this program of global coherence,
here are some supporting links:

How to Receive the Unity Transmissions

How to Transmit the Unity Transmissions

How to Connect to the Unity Matrix

What is the Unity Matrix

Thanks to:


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