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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "it happened..." :Jester and I4U Members Thoughts and Opinions Wed. PM

"it happened..." :Jester and I4U Members Thoughts and Opinions Wed. PM

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Jester and I4U Members Thoughts and Opinions Wed. PM Part 2

[keiji] Jester Hi you concur with the rumor that maybe some "buttons" were pushed yesterday?

[Jester] keiji not a maybe...

[triple777] Jester in answer to keiji ? if buttons were pushed for sure yesterday what is the hold up for activation?

[Readynow] Jester do you agree that it might be 24-72 hours after the fact before we see it?

[Jester] Readynow hopefully it will be rolling right out... just waiting on the email now...

[19rue] Jester Your response to Keiji was "not a maybe"--does that mean not a chance in h--- it is a maybe or there is no maybe--it did happen.

[Jester] 19rue it happened...

[keiji] Jester do you think we'll be pleased with the rate?

[Jester] keiji i do....

[WCW] Jester do u think that we will see this today the year extension starts tomorrow

[Jester] WCW the year extension is needed to protect the dfi from liens.... it was a precaustionary


[kuu] Jester , I applaud you for agreeing that the button was pushed yesterday. This is the kind of coordinated intel that brings us to the end of this journey.

[Jester] kuu actually it was this morning just to be accurate...

[tc0043] Jester Were rates loaded at 4:40 am ?

[Jester] tc0043 there was a process of checks and balances done to make sure it was getting it done right... the people have checked off and the rest of the process is underway...

[pszafrap] Jester I don't say much while I am lurking but I must say that you have taken me by surprise...I wait with new expectancy and encouragement so thank you and God bless you. Please keep it up. I know you must be feeling tremendous pressure about telling us what you have so far.

[Jester] pszafrap it is out there already... not like i am breaking a rule or anything...

[Jester] there are some procedural things that are being worked on now... but the process is nearing it's logical conclusion..

[Spades] Jester on their end with reset or ours ?

[Jester] Spades both...

[Jester] Spades but at this time they are pratically one and the same...

cashinqueen1] Jester any idea how the announcement will start like shut down all our stations and than POP all stations showing announcements lol

[Jester] cashinqueen1 i have heard they will be using the emergency broadcast system.. not confirmed but that is what i have heard.......come to think of it i guess that is what it is for...

[Catbite] Jester will the RV be very far behind announcement re: return to Republic?

[Jester] Catbite i am told that was what we have been waiting for...


[WCW] Jester i have been on fox all day and they have not said anything about no announcement

[Jester] WCW well i dont doubt that... not quite ready yet...

[childofgod] Jester I don't think they would make an announcement about making an announcement. They would just do it, no?

[Jester] childofgod that is my thought...

[Jester] ok.. calls coming in.. got to start taking some of them... you guys take care and i will be back later...


I sure hope old mate is not a 'court jester' because they were employed to keep the peeps amused!!


That's exactly what those clowns are doing- grrrr :x


Yeah thought as much!

Herb Lady

Thanks Yman!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Hey HL how are you today?!

Herb Lady

Hey Nannee! Hanging in there. How are you doing???

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Hello, HerbLady, how's everything with you and the 'Hoochster'? :)


I am doing well HL thanks!! Crocheting little cowboy boots today for my grandson, I feel so old hahahaaha, lovin it!

Herb Lady

Ha!!! Crocheting little cowboy boots, I had no idea that there was a pattern out for that, but I guess why not!!! Naaah! You're as young as you feel darlin!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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