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Oil and Fossils - ordinary or extraordinary?

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1 Oil and Fossils - ordinary or extraordinary? on Sat May 25, 2013 2:16 pm



Have you ever really thought about Coal and Oil production? Under what circumstances do these substances form? I know this is something that we are all taught at a young age be it through school, television or family. I however, do not think such a process as is generally accepted is even remotely responsible for oil and coal creation.
Some of the basics:

General explanation on the creation of oil deposits

There are a couple basic issues with the above explanations in terms of oil creation. First and foremost being it is a direct violation of Uniformity itself (which is the underlying mover and shaker of modern Geological thought). Why? Because we do not witness this action today, ever. We do not look out into the world, and actually see these processes in action - because hypothetically it takes aeons to produce. So why then, is it a staple of mainstream thought?
Below taken from here
"Oil and gas started out as tiny organisms in ancient, shallow seas. Over millions of years, the remains of these organisms piled up. As layer upon layer of sediment accumulated and consolidated, the resulting pressure gradually created a type of sedimentary rock known as oil shales. A lot of oil shale can be found in the world today and it is possible to distill oil from these rocks. However, it is expensive.
In some places, oil in the shale migrated out and gradually floated upwards through water-saturated layers of sedimentary rock. Whenever that oil reached an impervious surface that prevented further movement, an oil (petroleum) deposit was formed. Most of the oil and gas we extract come from such deposits.

The basis of the oil hypothesis stems from some very basic geological principles. One, that the strata beneath our feet has gone in an unperturbed state for millions of years and two, well...I can't think of a two.
Let's say an animal dies on a beach. What happens? Generally speaking, that animal is eaten and stripped of all flesh by scavengers and prey alike. Same goes for the ocean. Oil, Coal and Fossils are only produced under extreme, catastrophic circumstances. Why are these not currently being produced today? Why do we not find any liminal phase of fossil product, oil creation of coal beds? Sure, a giant volcanic eruption smothering a forest can, because of great heat and pressure, produce oil and coal - but the world over we find mass graves of these deposits and the above example is of course, a catastrophic one.

Rest @


Thanks Nosmos good read.

I always think of oil as the blood of earth. We remove the blood we kill the planet.


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