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October 15, 2012

The following video is an interview with POOF by Brian for the American
Kabuki blog. I am pleased to have Brian as part of the American Kabuki
ground crew. I am sure you will enjoy his debut interview for the
American Kabuki blog as much as I have.

Poof asked me to delay posting this video because some groundwork for
the new financial system was not yet complete, which is why its being
released 6 weeks after the fact. Poof informed me Tuesday that I could
post this Thursday as the protocols would be completed. I apologize
for the delay. I thought it better to delay this video than cause
complications in implementing the new financial system which will
benefit all

There are some interesting revelations in this video, things that I
found hard to believe prior to the election but which seem to be bearing
true 6 weeks later. There have been a number of positive actions by
Obama since his re-election.

Most surprising is POOFs revelation regarding the role of Timothy Geithner in all this.

You may come to the same conclusion as I have about the current buzzword "fiscal cliff"
in the cabal oriented media. Its THEIR fiscal cliff, not those of
ordinary Americans. The cabal has always sought to socialize their
losses and privatize their profits. There has been a concerted effort
to place this phrase in the public mind by repeating it constantly in
the media. I am surprised college students haven't yet created a
drinking game for each time a TV personality says the word "fiscal
cliff"! One could get plastered from 15 minutes of watching CNBC! The
cabal wants you to believe their problem is your problem. There is no
cure for this debt, their cure involves centuries of deprivation and
slavery to them. Do you want that? The math simply doesn't work. The
only way out of this is a complete reset and restructuring which removes
them from power, and they love power more than money. No amount of
budget cuts will cure this debt. There is no need to panic about the
fiscal cliff, there is a new system in place to replace the old. The
old has to go.

PS: Cobra informed me Monday evening that the "Earth Resistance"
(with Galactic technology) has confiscated and cleansed Rothschild and
Rockefeller gold holdings hidden in their castles, banks, chateaus, and
other locations. Cobra said the source of the tungsten filled gold bars
that came to light a few months ago was the hand work of the cabal. It
was an attempt to hide the fact they no longer even have the gold they
once had. The economy is truly running on air now.

-American Kabuki

Thanks to:


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