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A Guide to The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry

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A Guide to The Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry

Posted by admin on May 26, 2013 in 2013, Ascension, Ascension 2013, Higher Consciousness, Light Technologies, mastery consciousness, Metaphysics, Multidimensional Self, Quantum Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, spiritual evolution, Spiritual Healing, Spirituality · 1 Comments

HJ: Even a basic understanding of the science of
sacred geometry can take us a long way in developing a deeper
connection with the world around us. Suddenly, you can see the basic
geometric forms appearing in nearly everything, especially in plants and
other creations of nature. Sacred geometric forms are what give rise
to many aspects of the experience of life as we know it. Furthermore,
they have tremendous symbolic power and metaphysical properties. One
can see divinity expressing itself everywhere when sacred geometry is
properly understood.

This wonderful primer by Ronald and Lyssa Holt will give
introduce you to the history and fundamental concepts that underlie the
science and art of sacred geometry.

- Truth

Sacred Geometry

by Ronald Holt and Lyssa Royal Holt | Soli School

can draw a geometric form and it is just geometry; but when you relate
spirit, consciousness, or divinity to geometry, you’re creatingSacred Geometry. Therefore,
Sacred Geometry uses geometric models to help us understand the
evolution of consciousness and the divine nature of human beings and the
physical world. Through these models, we can learn to tangibly
understand our own divine nature and creation itself.

For example, the model to the right is an artist’s rendition (by
Yvette Baez) of the ancient Flower of Life pattern that has been found
in temples, burial sites, and sacred locations around the world. The
pattern, shown often in the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, has a unique
quality. Within this pattern, all the geometric forms known in creation
can be found. Thus, the Flower of Life symbol is known as a symbol of
Creation that clearly expresses the unity of all “separate” objects in

Geometric models mirror our consciousness. Just as our bodies are
expressions of our consciousness in a physical form, the physical
geometric forms are representations of the original geometry of light
that exists beyond the physical level. On this original level beyond the
physical, geometric forms fluidly transition into each other,
representing how our consciousness continuously transcends and moves
into higher and higher states of evolution. The key element that ties
the geometry together is that of the spiral, creating a tree of
transcendent geometries that represent our true infinite nature. Many of
the workshops offered in the SOLi School, especially those from Ronald Holt, explore these concepts in profound and yet tangible ways.

Sacred geometry is the study of geometric forms and their
metaphorical relationships to human evolution as well as a study in
fluid evolutionary transitions of mind, emotions, spirit, and
consciousness reflected in the succeeding transition from one sacred
geometric form and its related consciousness state, into another.

Sacred Geometry by Leonardo Da Vinci

of the ancients deeply studied sacred geometry and it’s connection to
the creation of physical reality as well as consciousness. One of the
most well known is Italy’s master artist and inventor, Leonardo Da
Vinci. The drawings to the left are all by Leonardo and are from the
following books:

Art and Science by Carlo Pedretti and Catherine Frost
Leonardo le Macchine by Carlo Pedretti
The Unknown Leonardo by Ladislas Reti

Why is Sacred Geometry Important?

When we take the journey to explore Sacred Geometry, it aids us in
mapping our inner landscape. Through these powerful metaphors, the
unknown becomes known and we begin the process of awakening from an
unconscious to a conscious state of being. The teachings of Sacred
Geometry help us not only understand, but actively interact with our
Divine nature in a tangible way. The ancients knew the power of Sacred
Geometry and thus incorporated it into the most sacred of architecture
as in some of the most magnificent temples and cathedrals known on
Earth. We explore some of these sacred sites in the section called Around the World.

Another reason that Sacred Geometry is important and relevant to us
today is because it reflects the fractal and holographic natures of
consciousness. Fractals, found in nature, are
self-similar patterns that repeat in both the small and large scale. The
phrase “as above, so below” is an expression of a fractal reality that
points to the truth of our divine nature being reflected in a physical
reality, even if we have not yet learned to recognize or embrace it.

Consciousness is also holographic. Put simply, a
hologram reflects fractal principles because its properties repeat, no
matter how large or small the image. For instance, a hologram of a tree
may physically be able to be “cut” into several pieces. But upon closer
examination of the hologram, the complete image of the tree will still
be present, no matter how small — theoretically, even beyond the
physical and into the quantum level.

It is this ability of Sacred Geometry to model and reflect these
important characteristics of consciousness that have captivated mystics,
philosophers, and shamans all over the world since ancient times. They
have been attempting to answer the age old questions, “How did the
diversity within the physical world seemingly come from ‘nothing?’” and,
“Is there a hidden pattern or template on a quantum level that
organizes reality?” These questions invariably lead to, “What is the
nature of consciousness?”

By drawing sacred geometry models, learning about these unseen
patterns, and seeing the universe reflected in physical reality on small
and large scales, we can begin to intuit our place in the cosmos as
being an intricate piece of a very large “puzzle.” Through the awareness
of sacred geometry we come to see the paradox of separation and unity
as being two expressions of the Whole — always pointing us back to the
Divinity of creation that is within us waiting to be recognized.

Sacred Proportions and Fractals in Nature

These are just a few examples of sacred proportion and fractals found in nature. They are all around us!

Through the many workshops, articles and offerings from the SOLi School,
our goal is to help seekers tangibly access this Divinity in ways that
can be applied in physical life, and to help them profoundly recognize
their connection to a greater reality of which we are all a part.

The Platonic Solids – The Building Blocks of Creation

As we saw above, these templates of creation manifest on the physical
level in many forms. The physical manifestations are an archetypal
expression of the energy fields beyond the physical. Sacred geometry in
nature is then a tangible expression of the archetypal matrix of
creation that acts as the building blocks of reality.

These ideas are perhaps best expressed by Michael S. Schneider in the book, Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe:

As ideal geometric patterns materialize, they’re clothed with
four thicknesses of garment, four densities of “mother substance,”
unfolding as light and thickening through phases of gas, liquid, and
solid. In mythic terms, the Demiurge (creator) is said to conquer chaos
by dividing it into four elements.

Constructing the universe, therefore, involves the process of
volumization. The archetypal field where the patterns first appear is a
sphere, a Monad. The geometry that arises within this sphere is
obligated to manifest the Monad’s principal of equality in all

Nature adheres to this principle by configuring primary volumes that
divide the sphere equally in all directions. There are only five volumes
that fulfill this requirement of equality by repeating the identical
corner angles, edge lengths, and surface shapes around a sphere.

These five volumes were described by Plato in Timaeus and are so
known to mathematicians as “Platonic Solids.” Four were identified by
Plato with the four ancient elements, or states of matter, and the
fifth, the quintessence (“fifth being”), represents their
all-encompassing “cosmos.”

* Fire – Tetrahedron
* Earth – Hexahedron (Cube)
* Air – Octahedron
* Water – Icosahedron
* Ether or Heaven – Dodecahedron

Mathematicians have long known there can be only five possible “equal
divisions” of three dimensional space. These are the most economical
expressions of space from which nature’s designs derive their

So let us examine these five divisions of three-dimensional space
that act as the building blocks of creation, and a few more subtle
divisions. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by these Platonic Solids and
made many detailed drawings of them. Below we offer a comparative chart
of Leonardo’s drawings of Platonic Solids – first in a solid format,
then in a frame format. Next to each image, we have included a simple
drawing to help the viewer see it’s properties. Please note that we have
included additional forms called Star Tetrahedron, Stellated
Icosahedron, and Stellated Dodecahedron, which are technically not
included as Plato’s solids. We include them because they were used by
many ancient mystics and studied by Leonardo Da Vinci. They also
represent specific states of consciousness that we (the SOLi School) and others explore during in-depth sacred geometry studies.

Mystics through time have equated these forms to various states of
consciousness. Because geometric forms are transcendent in their true
energy state, they are never stagnant. Thus, they can express the idea
of the evolution of consciousness. All the forms ultimately nest inside
each other to express the truth of our multidimensionality and the
holographic nature of our consciousness. This is a concept that we at
the SOLi School use often in our workshops – not only
on a philosophical level but through experiential exercises designed to
help one tangibly feel this universal connectedness.

Artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci, directly above and below, is from the book Antologia della Divina Proporzioneby Duilio Contin, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, and Antonio Pieretti.

Ronald Holt has been a teacher of sacred geometry,
meditation, and Taoist yoga since the early 1990s, offering trainings
for thousands. He often works with his wife, internationally known
trance channel, speaker, and author Lyssa Royal Holt. Together they
created Seed of Life Institute and the SOLi School, combining her
intuitive and channeling work with his expertise in the fields of sacred
geometry, meditation, yoga and martial arts. They offer seminars
globally. Web Sites: and Seed of Life Institute Lyssa Royal Group Page

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