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Restructuring Of Our World

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Restructuring Of Our World ~ Galactic Federation of Light 3/9/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Power will be had by the people when everyone begins to come together
under the new system. Rallying from the brink of financial disaster,
humanity will rise to heights not seen on this planet since before your
known recorded history. Everyone will be free from the shackles of
financial hardship and be able to finally focus their attention on other
areas of their lives. Continuing into the months ahead, humanity’s
newly accrued wealth will permit a blossoming of new projects and
programs designed to restore your planet to her natural pristine beauty
and perfect functioning. Under these new conditions, the collective
vibration of humanity will soar, and this will forge your wings
necessary for your ascension into the higher realms. This is the plan.

Some of you have voiced your confusion about why so much emphasis has
been put on your new financial system if you are only months away from
ascension into the higher realms anyway. You now understand this, as it
is hoped that your collective vibration will spike when so much of your
worries and hardships are lifted from your shoulders.

Your new system is now very close at hand. Many have dedicated much
of themselves to the design of this new system, and many walls had to
come down that were preventing its implementation. We ask you to show a
little more patience as your new system is being rolled out, and we also
ask you to demonstrate confidence in your new system to allow others
who are not informed to follow your lead and support it. Your new system
will be based on fairness and equality with each person throughout your
world possessing an equal share in the collective wealth of your
society. No one will be worth more than any other, and no one will face
lack as a daily burden of their lives.

Your new system is being prepped at this time for it’s unveiling, and
its initiation will soon follow the media coverage of the many arrests
of the members of your criminal Cabal. Much rides on these arrests, and
upon witnessing them for yourself you will know that the time has come
for the implementation of the many positive changes for your society.

We again wish to enlist your support to inform your brothers and
sisters of what these arrests will mean, and what your new financial
system will mean to your people. There will be those who fear your new
system and believe it will be detrimental to the wealth they have
legally accrued. We ask you to explain to all who will listen that your
new system is a system of abundance for all, and no one will be losing
out no matter how much wealth they have accrued throughout this
lifetime. As the quality of life quickly improves for everyone around
you, your life will too improve. We ask you what good is having so much
wealth if others around you are suffering through lack of what you have
been blessed with. When everyone can share equally in the wealth created
by a society, the society is then free to blossom to great heights,
unimagined by many of you at this time.

Just think of what you can do together once the obstacle of financial
limitation is removed from your path. Some of you will not be able to
picture this as you have never known true wealth, and most, if not all,
of your previous incarnations have been lives of hardship and struggle.
This was seen as necessary for your advancement, and you will soon see
how all of what you have gone through is worth the prize that has always
awaited you far down the path of your journey. You have finally reached
that point you knew existed, and now you are to be showered with all
you have worked so hard on achieving. We say congratulations to all of
you for your efforts to persevere and reach this point, and tell you
that you are all much greater for your experience through the hardships
of lack and scarcity. These limitations will now be lifted, and you will
be freed to live your lives in your natural state of abundance.

This has always been the plan for you, and the groundwork has been
laid for your new system for years now. Much effort has been put into
the construction of this system, and many courageous men and women
deserve much gratitude and recognition for their work. Some of these
members of your human family will be introduced to you upon the
unveiling of your new system, and we are confident many of you will show
them how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated. This will
be another aspect of your new world, where the efforts of all of those
who strive to improve the lives of another will be recognized and
celebrated. No longer will the personal achievements of a few of you be
celebrated as humanity’s shining moments. Your proudest moments have
always been when you came to the aid of another of your human family,
and we see this as your new celebrity in the days ahead.

You will all be greatly rewarded for your efforts to assist one
another, as we have said, when one benefits, all benefits. This will be
one of the greatest changes to your society, and we see so many of you
relishing these new opportunities to help another on their journey while
contributing to your worldwide communities at the same time. What a
liberating experience this will be for many of you.

It will all begin for you upon the arrests of the members of the
criminal Cabal, and that is why we say to you that celebrations will
certainly be in order. These arrests will be witnessed by you very soon
in the days ahead, and we tell you this event will merely be the
beginning of the many changes that will come your way. We say to you to
stay alert and prepared for all these events as they will come rapidly
once they begin. This is how it must be as much needs to be done to
prepare your world for ascension.

There will be other challenges for you in the days ahead, and you
have many friends here to help you with these tasks. This is what we do,
and we look so forward to being able to assist you, our family, in this
way. Allow us to do what we do best by demonstrating your trust for us
and showing us that we will be safe in your world. This is a necessary
step towards our working relationship together. We have the tools and
the experience that you will find necessary for a smooth transition in
the days ahead, and we are eager to share what we have with you.

There are many of you at this time who are experiencing fear of us,
and we say to you your fears are unfounded as we come not to harm you in
any way. We are your family from long ago, and would never wish any
harm on you. We have been here on your planet many times for many long
years. Our footprints are everywhere, visible in the ancient and
mysterious ruins of your ancient worlds. We did not come to conquer then
and we do not come to conquer now. We come only in love and service to
others throughout this universe.

We are also not the only organization here, as other peaceful
alliances are here as well. All that are here are peaceful and are here
in service to humanity at this time. You will know this in the days
ahead. Help us help you, by laying the groundwork for our arrival. Many
of you are members of the Galactic Commands, and part of your
assignments were to live amongst the people of Earth so when the time
came the people of this planet would see some of us as some of them. We
are all one in the greater picture, and we ask our Lightworkers to help
your brothers and sisters see this and help calm the fears that surely
are, and will be, more evident in the days ahead. We know you can get
the job done, many of you have done this before, and after your work
here is completed you will be welcomed back to our fold as members of
the Galactic Federation of Light.

We will leave here for a while, and return when the balance here has
changed. There is normally a place open for everyone, but we will make
sure we make room for those who help us in our cause and show a
willingness to accept us. There are many changes in store for humanity
in the days ahead, and we do wish to work with as many of your world as
possible smoothing your transition to the higher dimensions as much as
possible. There may be a few bumps in the road ahead, and this is one of
the reasons we are here. There are those of you are showing a
propensity to be frightened of us and a non-willingness to accept us. We
feel even the most diehard of detractors will quickly change their mind
once they understand better what our mission entails. There will be
need for us, and there will be need for our many ships. We are here on a
mission of service, and all of you will soon find out what we mean when
we say we are here to assist you. There is no need to be frightened of
any of these changes to come, and we will, with your assistance, do what
we can to make the road up ahead as smooth as possible for your
transition to the higher realms.

The details of what we will need to accomplish together will be fully
explained in due time. We feel it is important to focus on the present
tasks at hand, and you should know by now that this is the arrests of
your criminal Cabal and what you must do to prepare as many as possible
for this worldwide event. After that, we will begin our disclosure plans
which will entail working relationships with some of you who we feel we
can trust and that will be a benefit to our disclosure efforts. What is
hoped for is for those of you who begin a working relationship with us
to bring back and readily share evidence of this in the form of photos
and video of your experience with us. It will be asked of you to share
this evidence and your story with as many members of the media as you
can, as we hope for worldwide coverage of this relationship.

We are initially looking for those who will not shy away from the
media spotlight and for those who would be good speakers to more
effectively share your story. We are not requiring you to be
professional caliber orators, but we feel a certain level of ability is
required to fill these positions. After we feel we have recruited enough
of those who we feel are qualified for this role, we will then begin
recruitment of all those willing to work with us and who do meet certain
qualifications, and these will be fully explained to you at the proper

We do have a code of conduct policy in force, and we would ask you to
review it if you would. Once accepted to begin working with us, you’ll
receive orientations, counseling, and training sessions with us before
you begin your assignments. There are many different assignments that
will be available, and for the most part, you will be free to choose the
field you would prefer to work in. All the tasks we will be working on
are important at this time, and we will need to fill every needed
position, but we do not see this as presenting any problems.

Once your on the job performances can be evaluated, we will discuss
with you more permanent career opportunities with us. Not all that will
be working with us in our service to your planet will go on to become
full members of our organization, but the experience you will gain from
working with us may be valuable to you in future endeavors, and there
may be other opportunities to work with us in the future. Time
permitting, we will speak to all of you at length about all the
opportunities with us, and you can then decide if a career with the
Galactic Federation of Light interest you.

As a member of our organization, your lives will change radically
from what they are today, and we feel many of you will relish the
opportunity for a new adventure. We do have many different types of
beings among our crews, and many of you may be interested in meeting
many different beings from throughout this universe. All members of the
Galactic Federation of Light are ascended beings, and as such, a certain
level of professionalism, intelligence, and kindness can be expected.
Do not, however, expect all beings to possess identical personalities,
and this goes for members of the same races as well. Some of you
following our messages sent through our channels seem to believe that
all of our members who send these messages would exhibit the same
personality traits. We assure you that this is not the case, and ask you
to look upon how many different personalities make up the human race.
The beings who make up the forces of our organization are no different,
and a very beneficial talent for those who may consider working with us
will be your ability to work well, communicate effectively, and get
along with, many different personality types.

Language will not present an obstacle as we have methods that will
allow you to effectively communicate with others no matter what language
they use to communicate with. We will introduce you to this technology
when we begin working with you, as it will be important for you to
immediately and effectively communicate with many different beings, as
well as members of your human family who may speak a different language
than you.

All in all, we see a very exciting experience ahead for many of you,
and we look so forward to speaking with you more personally about
opportunities with us. This day is approaching rapidly, so we ask you to
prepare yourselves for changes to your daily routines. Events are
moments away from unfolding, and many more important events will quickly
follow. From now until the end of this year will certainly be a most
exciting and challenging time, and every day will see a flurry of
changes and activities as we help you restructure your world in time for
the grand finale, which will be your planet’s ascension into the
Heavenly realms.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles.

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