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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Paul’s Revolutionaries Stormed The CCRP Citadel – And Won

Paul’s Revolutionaries Stormed The CCRP Citadel – And Won

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It was SOOOOOO awesome to be part of this process is so heartwarming to see everyday citizens working diligently to take our REPUBLIC back from the ESTABLISHMENT NEO CONS.....send this viral folks.....

Paul’s Revolutionaries Stormed The CCRP Citadel – And Won

Posted by Lori Piotrowski on Mar 11th, 2012

(Lori Piotrowski) – On a day when other presidential candidates were tallying up votes from caucuses and primaries, Ron Paul would have been proud of his Nevada revolutionaries. Yesterday, they took control of the Clark County Republican Party executive board by winning the commission district seats, all of which were up for the taking.

Paulists stood and cheered at the outcome, met with a deadly silence from other conventioneers. “We’ve lost the party,” commented one attendee.

“Not a single incumbent won,” commented another.

But the day after the victory comes the hard work, and now the newly elected must push the pedal to the metal to keep the momentum.

So, far, only a few Paulists have shown enough interest in maintaining ties with the CCRP to attend meetings on a regular basis. Whether they can turn this one-time event into the marathon of governing and getting out the vote in elections is still to be determined.

Only a handful of Paulists had been attending the bimonthly central committee meetings since 2008, but when Carl Bunce, who then was serving on the executive board, arranged for the presidential candidate to address the body at the May 2011 meeting, Ron Paul supporters filled the Silverton’s Veil Room to overflowing, some driving from Nye county to hear their candidate.

From then on, more revolutionaries began to attend the meetings, some manning a table with literature and sporting sloganed T-shirts.

Throughout the day, it was obvious that the Paul supporters were easily the most vocal of the attendees, whooping and whistling whenever their candidate’s name was spoken. And some were brave enough to boo when Congressman Heck took the dais for his address, having taken offense at the representative’s vote for the National Defense Authorization Act.

Others were sticklers for following protocol, although some were a bit hazy on just what Robert’s Rules of Order require of a attendees at a meeting.

It will be an interesting two years, or at least a couple of months.

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