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David Icke Explains the Occult Timing and Location of the Bilderberg Meeting

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June 8, 2013

David Icke Explains the Occult Timing and Location of the Bilderberg Meeting

David Icke has an article on his web site explaining the hidden
reasons for where, when and why the Bilderberg group planned its latest
meeting in Watford, UK for this June 6 – 9. Nothing the Illuminati
plans is done by accident—not the date, the place, the moon… any of it.
The same applies to their false flags. It’s all very strategic and
nothing is left to chance.

The Dark Moon Goddess and the Enchantment of Bilderberg

This time last year, I wrote about Chris Street’s work in
exposing the huge animal giant earthworks that surround London, the
Lion and the Unicorn. I concentrated on the solar Lion because the land
which he stands guardian over was where the Olympics were about to
take place, and the river named after him runs into the Olympic Park.
(For more on that, see The Enchantment of the Olympics).
Now that Bilderberg is well upon us, I want to concentrate on the
Unicorn, because this is the other side of the enchantment; the yin to
the yang. As we now go into the three days of the dark moon, it appears
that the influence of the moon goddess is being petitioned and
employed to protect the site of the Bilderberg conference.
The Lion, guarding the east of London

The Lion with his crown

Of course, we’ve already noticed that where the conference is taking
place, the Grove Hotel, could possibly be named as such after the
groves of the Druids, especially as we know the globalist occultists
that plan and design these events like to meet at Bohemian Grove in
But there’s much more to it than that. Where they are in Watford,
north-west of London, they are meeting on what they consider to be
sacred, enchanted ground, as most likely did the Druids before them.
This is an extract from an article by Chris Street called The Guardians of the Sacred City which is in Anthony Thorley’s book, Legendary London.

The Unicorn

Like the Lion, the Unicorn has an outline defined by a combination
of roads, pathways and rivers, The horse-like back and mane is defined
by the A410 Uxbridge Road, and the rear end by the parts of the A1 and
A41. It’s especially worth noting that the tip of the short horn is a
place actually called Horn Hill, near Maple Cross, and there is a
small, pleasant Victorian chapel dedicated to St Paul.
The head of the unicorn is defined by the rivers of the area,
principally, the Colne and the Ver. In mythology, the Unicorn has a
special relationship with the virgin moon goddess. One legend states
that the unicorn rests it head on the lap of the goddess, and so on
the London landscape it actually does. The head of the Unicorn rests
upon the course of several rivers with distinct goddess association.
To our remote ancestors, all rivers were perceived to be living
entities inhabited by deific spirits, mostly feminine river goddesses.
Sabrina, for example, was goddess of the Severn. The Ver takes its name
from a little known ancient British goddess. It is believed that her
name relates to the old Welsh word, fair (there is no ‘v’ in old
Welsh), which today means Mary. Llanfair, for example, means sacred
place of Mary. So it appears that the Virgin Mary and the goddess Ver
are connected.
Like the sacred waters rising in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor, the River Ver
has a red spring and a white spring, which rises at Redbourne and
Markyate respectively. The Ver runs into the Colne north of Watford and
stretches along the entire west side of London through Rickmansworth,
Uxbridge, Denham and finally into the Thames at Staines.
So the whole of London is enclosed by sacred rivers. On the north,
north-east and east, the river (Lea) is of the sun god Lugh, the Lion.
On the north-west and west are the goddess rivers of the Unicorn.
Of course, they both join the Thames which carries both polarities,
since on old maps it is shown as Thames-Isis or Tamesis. This name
reflects the principal god and goddess, Tammuz and Ishtar (Isis) of
those inveterate mariners, the Phoenicians, who were known to have
travelled these islands.
The Lion and the Unicorn stand either side of London as they do on the Royal Coat of Arms.

Interestingly, though, the only time that they appear the
right way round is when the Coat of Arms is shown in Scotland. I
expect the Scottish Rite laddies see to that!

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