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Elizabeth I and Her Unacknowledged Offspring

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Elizabeth I and Her Unacknowledged Offspring
Posted By: CGI_admin [Send E-Mail]

Date: Saturday, 8-Jun-2013 16:46:20

The British newpaper, The Daily Mail is running a story putting forward the theory that Elizabeth I was actually a man. The link is here:
The reason I find this interesting is that I believe it is part of a larger psy-ops program to bolster the claims to legitimacy of the current Queen Elizabeth II and her forthcoming great-grandchild. The House of Windsor has great hopes that the child of William and Kate will sit on the throne as a female antichrist, overseeing the covert Satanic theocracy's entry into the light of day as an official state religion. They wish to create a nightmarish New World Order that would act like the Fourth Reich, but would be organized along Satanic "religious" principles.
The difficulty with this scenario is that there is a Tudor bloodline still in existence by way of Francis Bacon, the biological child of Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester. (I actually, don't believe this bloodline is a viable threat to the Windsors' throne, but they are a paranoid bunch and in this age of DNA testing, it would be fairly simple to prove that there are other heirs with a stronger claim to the British throne.)
Background on Francis Bacon's royal lineage is here:
It is interesting that another focus of The Daily's Mail She-man article is the takeaway "We can't exhume her body because it is unprecedented and disrespectful."
Actually, her body has already been exhumed. In the late 1980s, she was dug up and the major finding trumpeted across newspaper headlines was "The Queen Was No Virgin!" The forensic doctors looking at her body had found a syphilitic sore on her genitals. I remember this because it was the subject of a long, gossipy discussion in one of my English lit classes at university.
Though now, apparently, in true "1984" form history is being revised, that autopsy is now scrubbed from the official record and no access to her body will ever be granted in the future. Ever.
In any event, I think the whole story reflects the stupidity and narcissism of the Royal Brain Trust. They don't realize that it doesn't matter which bloodline parks their rumps on the throne. We don't want any of them.

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