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"Most of these currencies(IQD/IQN, VND, and IDR)are coming out at rates that will surprise a lot of folks"

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Latest RVs Update found at

6-11-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 What all my sources tell me is that we are holding pretty firm to the values for the IQD/IQN, the VND, and the IDR as they are released internationally. I won't post those rates here, but suffice it to say that we are in for a blessing! Most of these currencies are coming out at rates that will surprise a lot of folks! [post 4 of 4]

6-11-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 It is critical to all of us to look beyond Iraq and the political events taking place there. It is also important not to place excessive weight on the in-country violence. Without minimizing what is taking place in Iraq, let me see if I can say it like this. The Dinar plays an important role in what is unfolding, but it is almost insignificant in terms of the global picture. We have a total of 198 currencies being restructured. The IQD/IQN is a lynchpin in this.
[post 3 of 4....stay tuned]

6-11-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 The point here is that the IQD/IQN is doing all of these things at the same time.Let me spell it out: (1) The three zeroes get lifted. (2) The IQD gets redenominated at 1:1 in country. (3) The IQN (the newly reinstated Iraqi Dinar) is then released to the rest of the world for trading as part of this first basket of currencies. These events can either flow sequentially over a period of hours or a few days, or they can flow seamlessly as a single event. [post 2 of 4....stay tuned]

6-11-2013 Newshound/Intel Guru Eagle1 We've talked about the reinstatement of the IQD being part of this first basket, and people have asked how in the world the IMF can go from a program rate to a reinstatement of its original value to an international release without first doing a redenomination in country. The question misses the fact that all of these events can happen virtually instantaneously... the "authors of the plan" knew that a swift and systematic process would result in the lifting of the sanctions and bring the rate to a tradeable and functioning position in country. [post 1 of 4....stay tuned]

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