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PAO – Update for June 11, 2013

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1 PAO – Update for June 11, 2013 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:27 pm


0 Kayab, 3 Eb, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! At this time our associates
are making the adjustments and orders of scale necessary to ensure that
your abundance deliveries are disbursed as planned. A series of final
agreements and orders of contract are also now being completed. The
moment is coming for these deliveries to be successfully initiated, and
so the dark cabal is being closely watched by a number of Galactic
Federation and Agarthan liaison teams, whose purpose is to see that no
serious violation takes place prior to starter's orders, as has happened
so often in the past. As of this update, pre-launch operations are
underway, and we foresee no impediments which might cause speed bumps or
deviations from the path embarked upon. The many groups we are
associated with have completed their to-do lists and are putting the
required personnel into position. We are closely monitoring this
operation to ensure a formal commencement at a predetermined time. These
actions, once begun, will be the first strokes on a much broader canvas
which is intended to change your reality out of all recognition!

Millennia ago, an ill-starred realm was
brought into being which has been your lot for far too long. This realm
crushed your grand potential, enfeebled your Spirit, and allowed those
in power to ride roughshod over you. This realm is ending. Each of you
is to be set free and encouraged to freely pursue your contracted life
path. This objective will thrive once the dark cabal's ubiquitous agents
are removed from authority. Quite quickly you will be liberated from
the droves of obstructions and burdens with which you have been saddled
since birth. To assist you in grasping the significance of the
opportunities enveloping you so fast, the Ascended Masters and the
Agarthans have come up with a curriculum of teachings to bring you up to
speed on what is happening, what you need to know, and how best to
adapt the new knowledge to your individual circumstances. These
teachings will be only guidelines that you can use to get a better
understanding of what your new world can look like. Armed with these
basics you can gain a broader comprehension of how your consciousness is
changing and a clearer appreciation of the work that you and your
individual Federation mentor will be doing together.

Imagine for a moment what an enormous impact
this mentoring program will have on you! Each one of you on this planet
is to be assigned your own personal mentor who will be responsible for
leading you gently and Lovingly out of the fog and confusion of a dark
and dying world, and into the increasing brilliance of a Lighted realm
which many do not consider possible even in their wildest dreams! What a
lot to take on board in such a short time! This is why you need a
personal guide at your side 24/7 who can inform you about so very many
things and who will be able to answer all your questions and concerns as
they arise. More stunning by far than the changes to your planet and
solar system are the changes happening within you and where this will
take you. To give you a small indication: you have an expression, 'rags
to riches,' and yours is to be the mother-of-all rags-to-riches
transformations happening on many levels, especially the spiritual one.
Such a prospect can quickly put you into overwhelm, and this is why you
will need wise and Loving mentors to reassure and inform you as your new
world unfolds.

As your new environment blossoms around you,
you are to rediscover who you were created to be, and why you incarnated
in this particular part of physicality. Once you have successfully
surmounted the massive watershed which is first contact, you can turn
your attention to understanding the 'bridge' that you represent. You
will be living in two worlds: your present limited-consciousness one and
the full-consciousness realm that you are rapidly moving into. Here,
many new concepts are to become everyday realities, like your life
contract and what this signifies, and the Four Laws and their role and
implication in galactic society. With this data you can begin an
increasingly informed exploration of what you want your own galactic
society to look like. Your experience of straddling two worlds provides
you with unique wisdom, and it is this that is to be used by Heaven to
spread the Light. Many beings in physicality are in need of acquiring a
Lightbody and your unique experience in this area will be invaluable to
them by substantially shortening their path to full consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
These are most auspicious days! Many things are happening which herald a
great change in your most limiting reality. Affairs on your world are
set to explode (but not literally!). A new range of possibilities has at
last appeared which promises to create opportunities for us all. Your
world is mired in the throes of a struggle that is hatching a new
spectrum of existence; in short, a whole new era and wholly new ways of
creating our lives. It also means that we can come among you again to
teach what we know from our experiences of becoming immortal. To bring
you these truths is a most longed-for pleasure for us! What you may not
realize is that you possess within you an invaluable wisdom that needs
to be brought forth, and this is where we come in: it is our task to
complete what the great spiritual teachers did millennia ago. Then these
divine truths can at last be clearly recognized and properly esteemed
by humanity.

These great truths will form the living heart
at the core of your galactic society. Each of you is a grand and unique
aspect of the Creator, and together we form a beautiful collection
which is part of the unity that is all life. We each have duties and
activities that we perform in concert with the immediate whole, and this
in turn correlates with the wider whole like a massive symphony. This
magnificent harmony is to bring joy to Heaven and all who pause to
listen and to observe its sacred effects. Spirit is pouring out her Love
and care for this reality and we are committed to bringing you some
sense of what is coming, and to prepare you for this truly spiritual and
physical first contact. We are pledged to shift this reality, and then
to deliberate deeply about what it all means. We are standing on the
very brink of a wave of activity which will eternally transform our

We come, therefore, full of joyous
anticipation and brimming over with Love. We deeply feel the
responsibility of explaining to you something of what is to manifest in
your lives. This land has not seen the likes of what is coming in over
13 millennia! Heaven is thoroughly resolved to transform each of you in
such a way that Gaia is enfolded in a reality that is a true
dispensation of Heaven and a grand decree of AEON. Furthermore, there is
no hint of the haphazard in this undertaking; the intent of the divine
plan fills our hearts and informs all that we do. Be therefore open to
receive miracles and watch as your present dark realm flees before the
incoming radiance of Love. Over the years we watched the world slowly
awaken, and now the gathering momentum is such that the long-promised
changes can start to appear and begin to make a difference! The moment
we have so long awaited is upon us now! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued with our messages. We
thank you all for your Love and dedication to the cause of the
consciousness transformation that is the divine Will of Spirit. The time
for the great shift in humanity is nearly here. This will be the path
that leads all of us to first contact and full consciousness! Know, dear
Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven
are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be
One! and Be in Joy!)

Thanks to:

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

2 Re: PAO – Update for June 11, 2013 on Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:57 pm

Herb Lady

Thanks Purps!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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