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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR SCAMMERS EXPOSED FOR WHO THEY ARE » Benjamin Fulford » rumor of "something" to happen In the next twelve days

rumor of "something" to happen In the next twelve days

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rumor of "something" to happen In the next twelve days
Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 12-Mar-2012 21:49:27

We have seen lots of rumors about the next few weeks, including the one about an artificial quake in LA. Well, here's another log for the fire...

Reader M says:
There is an fourwinds10 link (you probably can't mention the site so make sure you don't infringe on copyright), but it says a prison was informed to stock up on 6 months of food, medical, and other supplies because of something to happen March 13-23.
And there are all the links about March and astrology and major Ben may or may not be communicating to/for the right faction. There's the Rumormillnews article about March 12
Astrology of March someone posted inside a rumormill link
March 14 Earth Trine and a guy predicted it in Nov 28, 2010 and he predicted the re-election of Putin and Putin being the Anti-Christ, but that's going far, I haven't made any decision about feelings of the days, times, or predictions. .


I read something about a 188 cycle of major earthquakes, so to expect something big on the 24th - 28th. To keep up on seismic activity around the globe I go to
Very awesome site!


Herb Lady

Thanks ymoilman2! I think stocking up when possible would be the smart thing to do!


Ben Fulford said there will be an announcement on the internet on March 13 that will be shocking. This is tomorrow so we will see!

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